Monday, March 30, 2009

Holy Fuck! GAYVNs should be its own holiday!

Just came off an amazing weekend!  I didn't go to the actual awards show, but then again... I didn't really need to.  There were so many tailgate parties on the Friday evening, it felt like a giant blur of events in the Castro.  Got to meet up with a whole bunch of porn buddies on the way to one (pictured above).  It was interesting for me to know everybody in porn, but the fans not knowing me as much.  I kinda got to have all the fun, and none of the responsibility!  Yeah, for ME! Other than that, hangin' with my good friends Nick Moretti, and Conner Habib (pictured below) was awesome.  We had a number of laughs catching up about our weekend antics.  Got to meet Van Darkholm at the VIP after party at Wunderland, and he recognized me right away.  Said he was looking forward to my upcoming scene with  So fucking cool!  The highlight of the after party, beyond the amazing music by DJ Sammy Jo; was when I was in a corner humping a friend of mine, and Bruce Valanche started spanking my ass!  I feel like I've been blessed to do more porn now. 

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