Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Racing at the speed of light.... going to Chicago!

I've had a lot to get done this week, but the week is going by sooooo fucking fast!  Today, I have to pack for my trip to Chicago for IML, and make sure that I get everything done today.  With trying to get the new content on the site, checking out how to market Edger 9, figuring out what leather stuff to bring, and shooting with Bound Gods yesterday, I've had to pack every last detail into today before I leave.  I'll probably have to write out a list after this post.  The good news is, I think my work is starting to show....  Two blogs featured me yesterday, and two today with pictures from my Slick It Up shoot, and recent stuff from my blog! HOT! and Queer Porn Nation even commented on my hard work as a newcomer on the porn scene.... how cool is that?? :) Rod 2.0 Beta and Queer Me Now quoted my interview with Papi Chuloand I also got a request from to fill out information on my porn profile.  As the icing on the cake yesterday, I got confirmation on the next Falcon/Mustang video to star in opposite Ty Lebeouf!  Ultra fucking sweet guy, and definitely in my top 10 of guys I wanted to work with! Okay, I need to calm the fuck down now... and get ready for my trip.... but this ride is getting faster by the minute.  I just have to try to sit back and enjoy it.  Hold on.... lemme just get this out of my system.  YAY!!!!! There, that's better. 


  1. hold on tight! esp. with of my favourites!

  2. A busy guy! I am absolutely loving the way the light is reflecting off the suit on you. Crazy!