Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Pride Download..... Snigga Love and Mr. T!

I can't believe it.... as my buddy Mike Dreyden, likes to say..... It's OVAH! I truly went into Pride this year in hopes of having fun with friends... and I truly did! Pride started on Friday evening for me, with the Folsom Friday. There were chartered busses all over SOMA, shuttling people from the various bars during the night. My buddy Samuel Colt aka Mr. San Francisco Leather, put on an event at Mr. S. Even though I already had plans to make an appearance for the the Bare Chest Calendar Launch at Powerhouse, and had my own appearance at Chaps.... I didn't want to miss all of the leathery goodness that was Sam's event. Glad I didn't! Most of my leather friends were there in full effect.... after watching my Snigga Tony Aziz get love tapped by a flog (dude, you truly got the light touch).... I decided it was my turn. I gave Daddy Doug a workout as he whipped my back and ass to a frenzy..... Hey, what can I say? I have a high pain threshold. I also couldn't help myself by cracking a 'Roots' joke while I was getting whipped. Still high from the whipping, or was that the alcohol kicking in??....my friend Tamara started recording me doing my Mr. T. impression....

After hanging with friends for awhile, and promoting the Edger9.com event at Chaps, it was time to go. I walked the block over to Powerhouse, to be just in time to present the vest to Mr. July 2010 for the Bare Chest Calendar. Someone, asked me if it was a sad thing to give it up.... I replied, "Are you kidding me?" That vest couldn't fly off my hands fast enough!! I kid. It was great seeing all my boys from the calendar..... Unfortunately, I couldn't stay long, and got ready to do a strip-tease at Chaps. So.... There's presently some nudity laws in effect in SF, so can't show you much.... but I did a nice tribute to Michael Jackson with "Smooth Criminal".... and I'll leave it at that. The rest of the night was filled with hot men, getting to meet some great fans, and loads of shots..... Fucking A!

I didn't have much on Saturday during the day to do.... so I helped my friends Kyle and Billy set up The Disco party, they promoted for that evening.... Afterward I went to the gym, and battled the clusterfuck of traffic, that only Pink Saturday, can provide in the Castro. Went and met up with my buddies Tony Aziz, Samuel Colt, Alex and Tamara at Pink Saturday, and we had a rip roaring time!.... Getting our drink on, in the streets. I think we whipped our dicks out for something.... can't remember what... but I have a pink cock ring! After more than a few drinks, we stumbled down the street, to take the subway to Stud Bar. Somewhere during that stumble... A crack lady said, "DAYUUUMMMM!!" to us!
Leading our hunk-posse to SOMA, we got into Stud. I promised to do an appearance for TATOO Saturday, and knew that TheSword.com would be there..... Gotta get my free press!!! I'm sure I said a few foolish things, while I was getting interviewed by Scott Tanner, but hopefully the bloggers won't keep that against me....
Left Stud after our brief press conference and stumbled over to Sam's place to have a couple more shots, and "Where are the blacks? Oh yeah.... POT!", before heading to The Disco. We probably danced all night.... because I remember getting home around 4 a.m. and having to set my alarm for 6:30.
Yeah, I know.... I'm an idiot for volunteering to set up a booth.... but I have a soft heart. After set-up in the morning (God, that sucked!!!) I took a disco nap... and then got ready for a chill day of walking around the Pride festivities with friends and drinking..... Gotta give kudos to gpcrush aka Tamara for all the Folsom Friday and Pink Saturday pics..... and the last photo from my buddy Patrick. The Pride smile says it all..... SNIGGA!!!

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  1. WOW! SF has "nudity laws?" Say it ain't so! I thought it was like Mardi Gras in NOLA, where they do fisting on car hoods in the middle of the day. (Ya, I have pictures.) Oh, well, another illusion shattered. Raace, you look great and that smile really does say it all. Thanks for sharing, virtually speaking.