Wednesday, June 3, 2009

There's nothing wrong with self-love! Nominate me bitches!!!

So I didn't realize until today that this is even possible.   After going to the Grabby's and parties for the GAYVN's, I've decided that it would be stupid of me not to try to get nominated for stuff this year.  And guess what?  The first opportunity for that to happen is with the public!  The Blatino Awards are happening this fall, put on by Flavamen, and you can nominate me for a plethora of catergories.... Best Blog, Best Black Website, Most Notable Porn Star, Best New Website, Best Bottom, Best Top, Best Versatile....  Hell, nominate me for best Latin Club if you want.... just do it now! got the jump on you already.... god I love those guys!!! They even wrote a sweet article about it!  So, what are you waiting for?  Get your own ass in gear and nominate me, go to


  1. As Wanda would say, "I got you!"

  2. Not trying to be shady, but have you ever worked for a black or latino company like Flavaworks?

    Also,most (not all) of your scene partners are white.

    Don't try to take away awards from guys (Brieon Diamond,Sexcyone,etc) who work with black and latino models and work with/for black & latino companies.

  3. I've actually been booked to work with Flavamen for a photo shoot next month. As for scene partners, yes most of my scene partners have been white.... but that's because as a model, I don't always get to choose my scene partner, and because I've only been working in the industry for what.... like four months? Also, I'm hoping... and this is just my hope.... that these awards are about the individual effort in the promotion of blacks and latinos.... I think for the four months I've been doing this... I'm not doing too badly ;-)