Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oink Alert! Naked Kombat Fight!

Hey guys, my scene for Naked Kombat is now available! Go check out all the great fighting action, as I mop the floor with Dak Ramsey. Click here! I gotta say that Dak did not go down easy. He fucking fought me hard, every step of the way.... Good thing I have more endurance, and could tire him out. Looking forward to the next match, but until then I should stock up on 'Tiger Balm", so I won't be so fucking sore after. ;p

C'mon surfers.... NOMINATE ME!

Hey dudes and dudettes! Cybersocket is offering once again, for you guys to nominate your favorite porn star site or blog! So, guess what? You gotta do me a solid, and nominate my ass! It's my first year being elligible for awards, and I'm not passing up any opportunities... Give me some love, huh? Surf over to the Cybersocket Awards page, and nominate now !

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A lot can happen in six months...

A little over six months ago, I had only just booked my first porn shoot with Mustang Studios. I had only a small inclination to what I was embarking on, with being cast for my first scene in a major porn movie. It was about at this time, that my friend Bo Matthews introduced me to Bryan Slater, and my soon to be scene partner, Scott Alexander. Both Scott and Bryan were in town shooting for Titan, and Bo thought it would be a good time for me to meet them, and maybe have a little fun. We ended up having a hot foursome, and both Bryan and Scott were astonished that I had yet to be filmed for anyone.... Fast forward six months later, and I've hired Bryan to be in a scene for my own website, Crazy, huh? As you can see, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with Bryan. He's a really cool guy, and has been totally supportive from the very start. Plus, he's freaking HOT!!! You can check out more of the very hot Bryan Slater, on his blog too!

Monday, July 27, 2009

West Coast meets East Coast

I'm starting to think that my travel bag is going to get more and more use soon.... I've started booking promotional and work trips now as a Porn Star. I knew that at some point this would happen, but really didn't think it would be happening this quickly. Afterall, its only been about 6 months since I started. Still, I'm excited to get out on the road, meet more people, promote Edger9 and hopefully make more connections for work with studios and photographers. In late August , I've booked a small promotional tour in New York City, and then in early September have a work/pleasure trip in my hometown Toronto. Being raised on the east coast, it's going to be a familiar feeling dealing with the hustle and bustle.... but now that I've grown up, settled down, and calmed the fuck down on the west coast... maybe the experience will be different. If you see me out, say hello.... can't wait to hang out with my peeps on the east!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gettin' NASTY!

Worked on a photo concept with my girl Suzan Revah (original fag hag), for the fundraiser she produces once a month here in San Francisco. The event is Nasty, and I had a wicked idea of doing something in a corporate restroom involving urinals.... you can see the final product here. Can't wait to see people's reactions of this poster on the street. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Photos from Mark Jenkins!

I shot some black and white photos with the photographer Mark Jenkins at the end of May, and have finally gotten some proofs to share....
Mark is an expert in lighting.... Damn, that fucking looks goooood!!!! Many usually wonder what's my connection to photos.... I mean for someone who's just started in porn... I seem to have a good idea of what my best angles are. All I can say is, thanks to my older brother... I've gotten a ton of experience in front of the camera (he studied photography in college, and forced me to be his subject matter). Yet, even though I've been modeling since I was 17. There's always more to learn.

This was my first shoot with water indoor.... and while that may seem like an easy task..... It can be difficult to keep
constant eye contact with the camera, while you try to breath through water and lights are blinding you. I'll post some more pictures at a later time.... but I'm glad I understand composition from my own study of art, film and video in university... Otherwise, I wouldn't have the patience for trying to push myself in every photo experience. To check out more of Mark's photos,click here. Oh BTW, Today I'm officially at my 6 month mark of doing porn... and things have been fucking awesome! YAY for me!!! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Porn Star Advice: Read the fine print.

I'm not really surprised by this.... 'cause you half expect it when you sign releases for stuff that you do with other studios. Your likeness will be used in a variety of ways! Just got to see an ad of myself for Mr. S., running in the recent issue of Gloss Magazine. Probably as part of a working relationship with Hot House. It's one of the things that you know will happen once you sign on to doing porn.... your ass (or in my case face) will be everywhere. Glad it's being used for Mr. S though... have always liked the people that work there, and their leather gear. :) Just remember for those of you aspiring porn models.... read the fucking fine print. Keeps the surprises to a minimum.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Do you really care what he likes to fuck?

For a short while when I first started playing with boys, I identified myself as bi-sexual. Then I met my first husband, and since we were monogamous, it made more sense to identify as gay. This was despite most of my friends being straight dudes, and tending to have closer relationships to my dudes, then my gay counterparts. After I became single again, I couldn't deny that I was still attracted to girls, and started dating and having sex with women off and on. However, I never told people I was bi. Somehow, I got the feeling that by saying 'gay', both straights and gay friends would feel more comfortable. Don't know why they do... but it seems to be echoed in the gay porn industry. Which I gotta say is pretty fucking confusing, considering all the attention that 'gay-for-pay' straight dudes get.

The only other guy I know who is out about his bi-sexuality, as a porn star is Dak Ramsey. Even though there's more than a few of us out there... including myself, and Nash Lawler, we constantly feel compelled to check 'gay' on our applications when working for gay porn studios. There's a language that gay guys understand, and feel comfortable when talking to other gay guys; and PUSSY is not a part of their vocabulary. But in an industry where masculinity and
perceived 'jock' personalities are put on a pedestal, why is there still this apprehension towards being bi? Dak and I have talked about it at times... and neither one of us can figure it out. We're not confused about our sexuality, so why is everyone else seem perplexed by it? Maybe it goes back to high school. Where everyone could talk about who they were boning, except for the gay guys. Now, able to be fully absorbed in a world of gay intercourse, I find whenever I talk to my gay friends about my female fuck buddy.... they want to change the subject. Are they reverting back to the locker room in their mind, where they don't have the ability to share in sexual exploits, no matter who the conquest was? If we as a queer community, and a queer porn industry really value non-conformity, and want everyone to enjoy whatever 'floats their boat', when people are paying for only the fantasy... why can't we talk the language of bi? Why do we give a fuck, who he's fucking?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just so there isn't any doubt (on what I'm good at), the t-shirt says it.

One of my best friends is starting a new t-shirt company, which I'm totally stoked to help him promote. One of the good things I guess about this recession, is that it allows you to re-invent yourself and start new ventures. Just like this one.... check it out here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hot fuckin' JULY!

There are good things with working from home, and there are bad. The bad is trying to stay focused on your work, when people know that you work from home. It's a hot one today, and all my friends are taking "a mental health day" to go to the beach. Which sucks for me, 'cause I have to work on marketing for and the latest scene edit with Tony Aziz. But it's not all bad.... the scene with me and Tony and is off the hook!!! Fuck, I'm getting a boner just watching it all over again (good thing I'm at home.... wank!). The Edger9 site is starting to evolve into this great in-depth story line, that seems to be the new thing in porn, according to the New York Times. Glad I'm cutting edge! That makes me feel pretty good, as I sweat over my computer..... definitely have to take a break outside and have a cold beer after my work is done today. Stay tuned as we get ready to launch the bios of characters, and stories of Edger9.... especially when cars, sex, and plot lines collide!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Instant Replay - Naked Kombat

So I know you're all wondering what happened.... So I'm going to sum it up for ya. When I asked Van Darkholme to find me someone who could fight.... he certainly did. Dak Ramsey is one tough motherfucker! We're evenly matched in strength and power.... so there were a lot of dead locks in the first round. By the second round, I started to have to hone in on a strategy to either tire him out, or get him into really tight holds to punch his gut (He had eaten a sandwich earlier, and was taking on a lot of water from his bottle). Round three - I got him on the edge, with some leg squeezes and full nelsons, that made him tap out twice..... after that Dak's ass was mine.

There are bound to be some that are going to look at this fight, and not get why we're deadlocked a lot...... The only analogy I can give you is that it was like two rams with locked horns. With Dak holding 15 pounds over me, a massive frame for 5'9".... it was difficult to get any tactical advantage, when he equals you in strength and is ruthless from his time in prison. I really had to rely a lot on my high school training, and my very tough coach's
lessons on trying to stay focused. Which I got to tell you, isn't easy when you're tired,
sweaty, and your muscles are sore from having to fight. This wasn't that fake WWE shit. This was real. There is no script. I gotta give kudos to Dak for being a great competitor. He really gave me a run for my money, and more than that....he's an awesome guy to talk to. Now that I'm 1-0 on Naked Kombat..... I'm ready for more. BRING IT!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who's the Predator, and who's the Pussy?

Today I get to get on the mat with Dak Ramsey for Naked Kombat..... Hardly slept last night trying to remember, my training from my coach in high school wrestling, as well as my training from my dojo in martial arts, and my boxing trainer. The boxing probably won't be very useful today, since I'm not allowed to hit his face, but the martial arts should be. A friend asked if I was nervous about it.... and I'm not really. But I do want to prove to myself, that I'm not that scared nerdy kid, that I was when I was younger.... It's got to be a 'guy' thing. What is about fighting that signifies to other males that you aren't a pussy? As an adult, no one measures your success by your fighting ability... but it always comes back to the animal confrontation, horns clashing, and scrapping in the schoolyard, that's supposed to signify that you're the bigger man. I'm trying to stay conscious of the fact, that this is just a scene being played out.... to have fun with it. But part of me can't help to want to win. Part of me wants to growl loudly, and part of me... wants to smack talk and say, "Hey pussy boy, I just dropped the gauntlet.... wanna pick that up?" It's going to be a challenge to keep myself centered while I'm in the match, and not lose sight that intellect and skill, goes just as far in a fight, as strength and power. Hopefully, using all of my skills will help me win.... and get to fuck Dak's tight little ass..... GRRRR!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On the Hot List.... without resorting to rants!

I've gotta thank Jack Manly for including me in his half-year review of 2009's hot performers! That is fucking awesome! Being new to the industry and of color, I half expect to be looked over. I know, I know.... things are changing. I was conscious of the reason I picked 'Race' as a first name, and since porn is part of the image industry... Race is what everyone seems to zone in on, first. So, it's a pleasant surprise when someone sees beyond that, and actually looks at the performance and performer, instead. Reading some other blogs today, I also became slowly aware that people tend to air their dirty laundry out on the bloggosphere... a lot. It's something I've tried to avoid; but in the effort to be truthful, intellectual, and allow fans some insight into your life that isn't all rainbows and lollipops.... sometimes it's inevitable. Knowing this however, I don't want to make rants the driving force of my blog... nor do I want to write posts to comment on some inane and ignorant comment on me. I'm just not sure that it does anyone, any good. Except for maybe add to the drama.... and I'm the kind of person that can't stand the DRAMA! I'll even make a point to keep an arms length away, from those 13-year old little girls, that try to spread it. Hey, if that's your bag.... go for it. All the power to ya. I'd rather build my success on trying to stay positive, make fun of funny situations, and lift people up whenever possible. With that in mind.... again I have to applaud Jack Manly's blog.... he seems to stay positive, no matter what the situation. They don't call him 'Manly', for nothing. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Don't know much about biology.... but I know DNA!

A friend sent me a picture, and sent me information that I'm in the latest DNA mag. Cool! I've always loved the photography of this magazine, and would give my left nut to be on the cover.... I'm not sure in what context my photo appears, but the shot was taken at last year's Folsom Fair. Not a bad picture, but I've definitely grown in size since then.... Hopefully if anyone from DNA reads this.... I'm available for a re-shoot! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

I usually forget that it's a holiday in my homeland.... because it's been so long since I was actually there on the first of July. However, to all my Canadian blog readers, or any of my friends in my hometown Toronto who may be reading this.... I haven't forgotten you. Have a big swill of beer, and enjoy the fireworks.... It's your day, EH? :) This also marks the month of the Bare Chest Calendar that I was on for 2009. It was a lot of hard work, being on that calendar, and raising money for HIV and AIDS programs, but well worth the experience. I joined a group of guys, who are still my best friends. If you want to find out more about Bare Chest, click here, and order a calendar.... or come out to an event, and donate. It's important to support charities like AIDS Emergency Fund and Positive Resouce Center..... especially in this economic climate. Cheers!