Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Folsom Fair Weekend - Recap

It took me some time to recover from it.... but I'm ready to download on my weekend of debauchery. Reliving the moments, I did everything I possibly could in a short period of time.... Lots of fun, hanging with friends, and doing shows.... Still have to round up more pictures, but it was definitely a blast!
Okay... so my weekend started on Thursday with the 'Lick it!' event at Powerhouse. I did an appearance as part of this bootblack event, and did a couple of raunchy shows on stage. Thanks go to my co-stars Travis and John, for making it fun! I wasn't really planning on much that evening, I don't think I was even planning on drinking.... but some how I ended up tipsy, and fisting a guy from Denmark. Oh well! :) The next day involved a lot of running around, and getting things prepared for the rest of the weekend. A friend of mine from New York was going to be in town, so I also had to pick him up from the airport. We had some fun hanging for the day... PUFF PUFF... as well as fucking around. Later we got ready for my event at Truck. It was a cool event.... no shows, just some cool promotion and meeting fans, and hanging with friends having drinks. It was nice to have the down time, before going ballistic for the rest of the weekend. I had thought about going to meet up with other friends at ChiChi's 'Pop goes the zipper!', but also thought it would be better, to get some rest.... didn't want to look like crap on Saturday night.

Saturday, was my day to spend with my friend from New York, Mac. He'd never been to SF, so I got to be his tour guide. We shopped around the Castro and the Mission, and then went over the Golden Gate to hike the Marin Headlands, and check out Black Sands beach. It was a fucking beautiful, and hot sunny day... so we had a blast by the ocean. The only spoiler.... my car got broken into while we were at the beach. Luckily nothing was broken, and the only thing taken was Mac's backpack. For some reason we had some luck as we drove back, and slowed down to see some park rangers arresting a guy.... and in the guy's car, was Mac's backpack! Definitely good karma following us that day.... and we got everything back that was stolen. Later after dinner, Mac and I headed to Magnitude. I got to say I was extremely impressed with him.... no experience at a sex club, and he got on stage with me and did a sex show..... Is it called corruption or coersion?

Sunday morning I had to get up early, for my volunteer shift helping to set up the Bare Chest Booth, and then my full day was filled with getting flogged and beaten on the stage, and playing Naked Twister (Twisted) on the Steamworks stage.... Definitely the most fun of the day is getting to play a game, with my hot friends Dak Ramsey and Tony Aziz! You couldn't ask for it to get any better than that at Folsom... the place was packed, and everybody was having a great time.... Capped the night off with dancing the night away with Mac at REAL BAD.... and that was my whole weekend..... FUCK!!! That was a fucking marathon. :)


  1. If you're ever in Ireland and looking for an Aussie to fist......... lol let me know