Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009: The year of Race Cooper

It's funny that it's almost been a year since I began my foray into porn. It was exactly around this time last year, I began speaking to Steve Cruz about performing. He didn't pressure me in any way, and we had become close friends, so I felt at ease with asking him questions regarding performing in a medium that was strange to me. There was one conversation that we had at the gym, that tipped the scale of pros and cons. "YOU, should probably do it.", Steve said as he lifted the large plate onto the bench press bar. "Why is that?", I smirked, curious as to what he was eluding to. "Because...", looking directly at me in a serious tone. ".... you're curious about it, and those that are curious about porn will always wonder 'what if', when they don't." He had a point. Surprisingly with all of the questions I was asking him, it hadn't occurred to me that I was already making up my mind, about my foray into the porn world. "You're absolutely right.", confirming what was the last pro to change my judgement of porn. With that he cast me in XXX, my first porn experience, that would be shot in January.

It's been a wild ride this year, and I have absolutely no regrets. I've done some traveling, met a lot of wonderful new friends, and received recognition for my performances and work that I didn't expect at all. Steve Cruz, forever the greatest mentor for me... put me as his hottest discovery of 2009. All I have to say is any recognition I receive, I have to share with him. You're the best Steve! Jack Manly, who has been a great support in the industry as well, recognized me yesterday as one of the stand out newcomers of 2009. Fleshbot, who always gives me some love, tops it off with putting me on their list of top-10 crush-worthy-objects-of-affection. Which is a fucking honor when you look at the list of guys I'm included with! I've shot with some amazing photographers this year, been included in a few books, had a documentary shot of me, coordinated a fundraising event, made appearances in New York and L.A., and of course, created Edger9.com. Nominated for a Cybersocket Award! (vote now!) If Steve had told me all of this would have happened within a year, I totally wouldn't have believed him... but he did say, right off the bat, "I have a feeling, you're gonna be a star."