Saturday, February 6, 2010

The LIVE Event!

I'm happy to say that last night's Nasty battle, couldn't have been better! Who knew all these fucking people wanted to see me fight in person, the bar was packed wall-to-wall! YES!!! Kudos to Graig Cooper for giving me a fucking slamming fight. Yeah, I got beat, but we raised tons for charity... and that's all that really matters. Lots of friends came by to take part in the event, as well as spectate... I was overwhelmed by how many people dressed up in their own singlets. Off the fucking HOOK! Thanks to Suzan Revah, for referee-ing, and almost getting knocked down a few times. Steve Satirycon for MCing, and Drag Queen Extrodinaire, Donna Sachet for being our "Round 2" sign girl! You guys are awesomy-awesome!

Okay on to the next live event, which is coming up tomorrow. My first time in Raging Stallion's studio to
shoot with, was well received. So they booked me to come back as soon as possible. Tomorrow night, I'm live for your pleasure. Just go to (Sun. Feb. 7th at 8PM PST), if you want to ask me any questions before I blow my load for you. :)