Thursday, June 3, 2010

RSVP Race Cooper #1

I've already had some questions from you guys..... on my "Ask me Anything" box..... So, now I can answer a few things.

1. What is your favorite thing to do during sex? Are you a top or a bottom?

Favorite thing is sucking cock, or rimming. Always gives me wood. As far as position. I'm pretty versatile. Tend to go more on the top side, 'cause I'm lazy when it comes to douche preparation.

2. What is the biggest dick you had in your ass?

I think this is a question of who, but I get it. When it's that big... You're like... WTF??? Cutler X. He's sometimes on Dude, is cut like a toddler's arm.

3. Who has fucked you the best and hardest?

A guy I met recently at IML. Name is Glen from Fort Lauderdale. My friend and I nicknamed him the 'Ass Doctor'. He has the cure for your hungry hole.

4. You are so sexy. Gonna dream good tonight? Have you ever been to the UK?

Thank you. I rarely dream, or remember my dreams. As far as the UK. Never been. Want to go badly! Love the music, the bars, the people.... Someone get me there!