Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I honed my cocksucking.... uh... acting skills at Julliard.

Awhile ago I was contacted by a producer in Atlanta who was interested in me for a future project. The project turned out to be a potential drama television pilot for HBO. It was curious that he was asking me to be involved in the project..... Pornstars are rarely known for their strong acting skills. Cocksucking skills, yes! Acting.... not always. Regardless, my ears perked up and we discussed the project at length. It would be a gay drama set in Atlanta dealing with racism and sex in the gay community. However, he needed to see if I had the chops to pull off playing the part. So, I flew to Atlanta and auditioned for the new series "Skin Deep".
I actually acted a great deal in college. So, I wasn't exactly going in cold with no experience. However, I was still nervous whether I could deliver the dialogue in a way that would bring justice to the character that was written. But after going through the audition, and performing dialogue with a number of other actors... I realized I still had it. I'm sure you're not surprised piglets.... Race Cooper has always been a theatrical persona. Yes, and as you might have guessed. I got the role.

Now, this is where you can help in spreading the word about this pilot, and hopefully driving sponsors to the project that will move me from the porn screen to the tv screen. Click on the link here at, and donate to "Skin Deep"! Or just repost this to your facebook, twitter, ass, whatever... just spread the word. I've never been so excited as I am about being an actor. I will give you more details as the project continues, and as we get ready for filming. Thank you, piglets... Thank you!


  1. This is so cool for you Race! I have long admired your talents and thought you were undervalued. I will post this tomorrow for you. Meanwhile, I gave you a super review for Dominus:

  2. Congratulations! Now I can start the next chapter of my autobiography..."I Nutted With Him Back When..." LOL! Serious, best wishes!

  3. Dude, you got it! Mainstream America is ready for your badass! Truly believe that.

  4. That is sooooo awesome Race! I'm rootin' for you from #HugeFan


  5. I'm so incredibly proud of you. You are so multi-talented.
    You've come a long way since the days of us washing cars together! :-)