Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mixing it up with Naked Sword

It started out innocently enough.... me and Mr. Pam talking about industry stuff, while I was giving her a personal training session. She was interested in exploring the idea of, what happens when gay families meet, in the transition to a gay couple getting married. I thought it was a great idea!

-"Race, if you're interested in it... I was thinking of you playing a pretentious gay friend in it."
-"Yeah, Mama?.... That's cool. Where is it being shot, in the city?"
-"Nope... We're booked to shoot it up in Guernville..."
-(Gasp!) "But wait... that's not even in NAPA!?!"
-(Laughter) "Ok, you're perfect to play that role."

To be honest, I wasn't surprised she would think so... but I was surprised how original the concept would be, and how great the casting along with filming went. I have to thank Mr. Pam (GayPornMama) for giving me the opportunity to "play" a pretentious black bitch.  And....To my co-stars... ChristianWilde, Felix Warner, Blue Bailey, Conner Habib, Connor Maguire, Angel Rock, and Jake Farren.... Wow. You guys rocked it in every scene! Also, major kudos to Leo Forte's camera work, and Silvio's exemplary organization while on and off set. It made all the necessary pieces for a great romantic comedy, that's also a porn movie, come together. Bravo!

Usually for me, I'm really critical of watching myself... and was ready to cringe at the final cut of a movie I'm in... agonizing about how contrived porn scenes can be... but this felt almost... natural. WTF??? Mr Pam, are you a witch?? Did you cast a spell on this movie to make me like it that much? Anyways piglets, you catch my drift... if you really want to see me at my best, you don't want to miss "The Mix" on nakedsword.com, premiering December 18th!


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