Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Full Nelson: Back with a Vengeance!!

Get ready for it... it's coming... Boom. For all my wrestling fans, who like it rough... I invite you to my second installment of my charity event, "The Full Nelson" at San Francisco's The Powerhouse (1347 Folsom Street).  On Saturday, August 24th from 10pm - 2am, join myself and friends, as we grind it out on the mats, while raising funds for Magnet (San Francisco's fantastic free testing clinic and community center). There will be tough guys from wall to wall, wearing singlets, and jamming to "Meaty Beats by Juan".  Get it boy! It's coming soon... so get ready for it.... Sweaty, sexy, man on man action... wrestling hard, and giving their all for a well deserved charity. If you're in San Francisco, suit up!