Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Socket to me!

The fine editor at Cybersocket asked me awhile ago to write an article in their mag.... and it's now available. In the November issue I get to test out new j/o toys from Tenga. Best part is, I got to keep 'em! Fun. I'm also listed as a porn star blogger to watch out for...... pretty sweet! Check it out here.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hustlin' is a Hellava time!

I needed a day to recover for what was a crazy weekend in NYC. A good sign of how crazy it was, is the hotel room post-party after Hustlaball, went until I had to leave for my flight to the airport in the morning.... No sleep, with pictures of me nude in Chi Chi LaRue's high heels to look back on. Fucking crazy! I have to give shouts out to all the people that made this weekend so much fun.... my hotel roomate Samuel Colt, my party buds, Alessio Romero and Chris Porter. Mike Dreyden for organizing the fuck out of everything! Chi Chi LaRue.... for being Chi Chi! The list goes on.... but I'll mention big love to Spencer Reed, Philipp Aubrey, Rocky LaBarre, Bryan Slater, and Tommy Defendi. You guys rock!!! Pics of my weekend are below....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


New York City. I'm coming back. Breaking off a piece of the Big Apple, never felt so dirty! I'm appearing alongside of a gaggle of porn stars for Hustlaball! I always love going to NYC in the fall... it's the best time to wander through Central Park, or just walk the streets.... and I was already planning on visiting a few friends there, when I got the call to perform on Hustlaball NYC. The nice bonus, is that I'll be joined by my friends Chris Porter, Samuel Colt and Alessio Romero. Awesome!!! To check out all the dirty details of the event, go here.