Monday, March 30, 2009

Holy Fuck! GAYVNs should be its own holiday!

Just came off an amazing weekend!  I didn't go to the actual awards show, but then again... I didn't really need to.  There were so many tailgate parties on the Friday evening, it felt like a giant blur of events in the Castro.  Got to meet up with a whole bunch of porn buddies on the way to one (pictured above).  It was interesting for me to know everybody in porn, but the fans not knowing me as much.  I kinda got to have all the fun, and none of the responsibility!  Yeah, for ME! Other than that, hangin' with my good friends Nick Moretti, and Conner Habib (pictured below) was awesome.  We had a number of laughs catching up about our weekend antics.  Got to meet Van Darkholm at the VIP after party at Wunderland, and he recognized me right away.  Said he was looking forward to my upcoming scene with  So fucking cool!  The highlight of the after party, beyond the amazing music by DJ Sammy Jo; was when I was in a corner humping a friend of mine, and Bruce Valanche started spanking my ass!  I feel like I've been blessed to do more porn now. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The only thing that makes me wet, more than porn....

I'm a geek, and I know it.  I love sci-fi and comic books, and I guess a part of me never grew up.  
But then again... why the fuck should I??  So, I've been looking at the new Star Trek movie site all day... and shit does it look good.  I'm not one for waiting in line at the movie theatre much.... but THIS is worth it!!!! OMG!!!!  

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Awards shows are boring.... but the parties aren't!

The GAYVN's are coming to San Francisco this week.  Hmmmm.... I'm not terribly excited about the event, since I don't really have a reason to be there.  I'm not nominated in anything, and although a few of my friends are nominated and I'd like to be there to support them... I find the prospect of sitting through the entire event an ordeal.  Why do I find them boring?  I guess it comes from my background of working in television.  While working my way as a lowly assistant to television producer, I always thought that the self-congratulatory "pat myself on the back" system of doling out awards didn't make any sense.  Inherently if you're getting awards from those in your own industry, and not from the fans, you fall prey to a system of politics and backroom sucking up.   I'm not saying that's what happens at the GAYVN'S, but in my experience of producing awards shows, and working awards shows, it seems to be the running law of the land.   I also, can't say there are any awards moments that stand out in my memory, as changing society or society's views of celebrity as well.  Maybe I've always felt that if you going to put out a pulpit, then maybe that pulpit should be for honoring the fans and public, rather than yourself.  I'm betting, I'm not the only one who feels this way....  So, I'm passing up the opportunity to sit through boring speeches, and instead joining my friends Nick Moretti, and Conner Habib at the tailgate parties.... I'm sure the three of us, and some other friends will get into loads of trouble. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Time to get some air....

I'm off to Tahoe for the weekend.  Haven't gone snowboarding all season, and I'm jonesing!!!  Most of my friends are headed to the Black Party this weekend, but not me.... I need some snow.  I guess it's one of those things that got engrained in me from Canada.  I love living here in California, but every once in awhile I need a Canadian fix that can't be supplied by watching hockey and drinking beer. :) 

Monday, March 16, 2009

Uh Oh! The cats out of the bag now...

I had a few friends tell me that they'd seen my scene for Ass Pigs, but had no idea how that happened.  I've hardly told anybody.  Not that I'm ashamed, but because I don't really think it's that big of a deal.  Then I logged into Manhunt for some strange reason.... and there it was.  The Ass Pigs banner....  I look like a mean motherfucker! 

Friday, March 13, 2009

Holy Crap! I'm a porn STAR?

I've always wondered.  When do you become more than just a porn model, and actually become a porn star.  I've met a number of people who've used the term liberally.  Maybe they did one movie, or maybe they've only done stuff online.  Either could probably give you a "star" status, provided you've been entrenched into the porn zeitgeist.  However, I haven't even had any of my movies released yet, and I've already been described as a porn star by friends who work in the industry.  In normal TV or film standards, I wouldn't qualify myself as a star by any means, unless I had top billing in a production or had been interviewed and heralded by a major news source. So, am I a star in the making?  I have no idea yet.... but I just got to see myself on the cover artwork of the 'XXX' DVD.  So, I'm hopefully on my way....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The weird thing about porn...

So, I've gotten used to some basic concepts about working in porn.  First, it's completely a job.  Sometimes can be fun, but mostly it's just work.  Secondly, your private life is no longer your private life.  When you put yourself out there in such a sexual and vulnerable way, you have to expect that people will assume to know you intimately.  Lastly, you have to sell yourself.... CONSTANTLY!  I'm not just talking about to the porn fans, who watch your every move, but to the porn studios, the directors, the bloggers, the distributors and to the gay community at large.  I'm not used to tooting my own horn too much.  I've always felt that humility is a virtue that is underestimated, and way more sexy.  However, to work in this field, you have to walk a fine line of not coming across too cocky, while maintaining an air of confidence.  Which explains why so many porn stars turn out to be Diva-like.  They have to sell themselves, all the time.... and it's tiring.   The weirdest thing, however is the mind fuck that you go through, when you know you're shit is out there.  That your junk is on display for everyone to see, and there's no going backward.  When reviews come in, to determine what kind of person you are based on your scene... and friends text you to say that they've seen ads or videos of you somewhere.... It's kind of unnerving.  Some how you have to take it all in stride... Some how you have to shrug it off, like its nothing.  Some how you have to stay grounded at the same time that you're selling yourself.  Some how you try not to get too weird about it.... but then again.... Porn is weird.  

Monday, March 9, 2009

3 Photo shoots. 1 weekend.

It was a tiring weekend.  For some unexplainable reason, I managed to book three photo shoots in one weekend.  Two were for fine art photographers, and one was for Steamworks advertising.  I've received some previews from the art photographers already.... and  check 'em out! 
Other than that... decided it was time to spruce up the blog, and try to build on my new fame.  I've starting working with a friend of mine, who has developed some porn sites before.  We're going to start building a vehicle for my own exclusive videos online, as well as a fan site for Race Cooper.  Stay tuned, this should be fun! 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Heads UP!.... Pre-release interviews are a coming!

Hey you porn officianados! Interviews of myself and Scott Alexander for our scene in the upcoming XXX flick are coming your way.  Be sure to go to my sweet ass friend Steve Cruz's blog to check out our interviews in mid-March, as well as behind the scenes footage of Mustang's XXX movie.  I'm sure you'll be enjoying it. Note and bookmark Steve's blog now fuckers!  Click here.

Friday, March 6, 2009

New Hunks Moose and Race Cooper

Holy Shit!!!  My scene in Ass Pigs got highlighted already by QueerPornNation and!!!!  Okay, this is fucking wild!  Especially how they say "Cooper proves to be a master at manipulating Barclay's hole, introducing him to new levels of extreme assplay." That is soooo cool.  When a bottom screams in ecstasy, a devil gets his horns. :) Check out the link below....

New Hunks Moose and Race Cooper

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Getting bored with the rain.

Jezus!!! It's been raining like crazy here on the west coast, especially around the bay.  I mean I know it sounds like a croc-o-shit to be complaining about rain (especailly when most of the country has to deal with freezing tempertatures, and that stuff that makes their shoes dirty with salt stains),  but I'm getting really tired of holding an umbrella or wearing a hoodie constantly.  On top of it, my umbrella broke and I have to get another one.  Today there's a break from it, but there's supposed to be more on the way tonight.  Ugh!   Can't do much outside, and I'm really bored with watching TV.  Had some fun on the weekend for a short bit with friends and went bowling.... but I fucking need some sunshine!!!!  Can you tell I'm a beach person? 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Oink Alert! Ass Pigs Online!

My scene for Ass Pigs is already online.... holy shit!  It's weird for me to watch myself in the preview, and hear my moans.... but maybe you'll get something out of it.  Click here.