Saturday, January 30, 2010

My bro Samuel Colt

Words can't express how proud I am of my bro Samuel Colt, for being UnZipped/Men Magazine's Man of the year. He's honestly a cool dude; beyond being extremely intelligent, honest, funny, and incredibly sweet. I'm not sure if that's the criteria in which UnZipped uses to decide, but if it is, glad that Samuel got recognized for it. You fucking rock dude!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fight Club!

Having the feeling like I'm going to need to start training more often. I mean I already work out 5 times a week, but with Naked Kombat happening so often, and the upcoming Nasty battle, I'm starting to look into more wrestling, boxing and jiu jitsu training. If anyone has connections to a good trainer in SF, give me a holla! Speaking of 'Nasty', the event is coming up soon (February 5th).... if you haven't RSVP'd for the event, do it now.... It's going to be a fucking throw-down show-down!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Jack Manly Interview / Pornapalooza weekend

Just finished a great weekend hanging out with a whole bunch of porn stars. Saturday night, went to the Upper Floor Live porn Party for, with Alessio Romero. Had some fun, fucking some subs.... if you missed it, I'm sure you can go check out the site to see the archive. Right after that, Alessio and I hightailed it to the Pornstar Party, where I go-go danced with fellow pornstars J.R. Matthews and Tristan Jaxx. Had a blast! Next day had lunch with my buddies Nick Moretti and Alessio Romero, as well as new friends Drake Jaden, and Tyler Saint... Sometimes I have to pinch myself, when I'm hanging around all of these hot guys...... WTF???

Today, I woke up to see that the interview with Jack Manly had been posted on their blog. Sweet! It has some great quotes on my thoughts of the industry, after my first year. Here's an excerpt to enjoy:

JM: It looks like you have fun on the site and in your movies and other website appearances. Totally uninhibited & sexually joyful. Would you say that's an accurate reflection of you in real life?

RC: Pretty much. I learned a long time ago that life is short. So, I try to enjoy it to the fullest, and when I'm being filmed in the moment... I'm there. I've always been a sexual person, and kinda crazy when it comes to leaping head first into stuff sexually. So, after knocking down the porn door, there's really no stopping me.

JM: There's a definite energy in your work. In Dirty! you & Ty LeBeouf look like you had such a good time. How does a scene that turns out so well work? Was there a script or were you just told to go for it?

RC: Steve and Leif gave us a few guidelines for what they wanted in the scene.... but most of it Ty and ad-libbed. I've had a porn crush on Ty for a long time... so there were a few things I wanted to do with besides just fucking and sucking. I think I mentioned to Steve that we should be drinking beer, and that I should have a 40 ounce. I knew sooner or later we'd have to take a piss... and I really wanted to drink Ty's.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bacon Donuts!!!!

Politically it would make more sense for me to be a vegetarian, if it weren't for the fact that pigs were born to be so fucking delicious!! There's a place in L.A., called the Nickle Dime Diner that goes the extra step, and combines that sumptuous bacon with a perfectly glazed donut! A small porn gang of us have been jonesing for them, every since Alessio Romero introduced us to the Bacon Donut on our last visit in Los Angeles. It was definitely worth the wait. YUMMY!!! As you can see, Samuel Colt and I enjoyed our Bacon Donuts very much, as seen below by our bacon donut coma. All I can say is, who ever made this idea up, is a fucking genius! There's been a new trend in cooking, for deserts to be made with bacon; from bacon cakes, to bacon cookies. You can even check out a whole culture surrounded by bacon at! Fucking awesome! Bacon, it brings being a pig to a whole new level!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Inauguration of Race Cooper

I'm amazed that it's been a full year since my first porn experience. The day was full of historical significance with Obama being sworn in, and the juxtaposition of my swearing in, by taking a mouthful of cock on camera, wasn't lost on me. I've posted before my experience of that day.... the reservations I still had even as I was driving to the shoot. However, looking back at it all.... I wouldn't change a thing.

I had big plans, and fucking on camera was the sealing of the deal. Things were already being set in motion as Steve Cruz and I started to figure out my stage name the month prior....
We were well into our chest and ab routine, surrounded by the testosterone of the gay gorillas, overhead fluorescents and the Gold's neon lighting. The last few exercises of our workout turned Steve and my conversation from joking around to what my new porn name would be.

- “What do you think of me using Coop Anderson?’

- “But that’s already your name.”

- “Yeah, but it’s my nickname… and I kinda like the idea of becoming something that is the opposite of Anderson Cooper.”

- “What do you mean?”, he strained as he lifted his legs for leg lifts on the bench.

- “Well, I think it would be cool to make a website, that was almost like a television station… with viral videos that I produced, blogs that I wrote, documentaries… just in a more entertaining fashion than Anderson provides.”

Let me just stress that I didn’t come up with the name Coop. An ex-boss of mine named me that because of my last name, and the fact that she thought I was the opposite of Anderson Cooper. I didn’t really care one way or the other, and before I knew it, most of the crew was calling me Coop as well. Frankly, I don’t care much for Anderson Cooper as a host of television. I think he’d be more influential if he came out of the closet.

- “I understand, because he is kinda boring… but if you use what is the antithesis of Anderson, you give people the idea that you’re basing your persona off of someone else. Like you don’t really have that many ideas…. And YOU have a lot of ideas.” Steve had a point. I stopped for a moment weighing what other names would make a possible good porn name that could transpire into a stage name for future possibilities…

- “Okay, you’re right…. "

I paused.

-"What about Race Cooper?”

- “Oh my god! YES!”

- “You think?”

- He nodded emphatically, “Yeah, we’ve tested it with the marketing group and they APPROVE! Where did that come from?”

I smiled and laughed….

- “I met some guy in Sacramento with that name… seems to fit well with Cooper.”, I switched seats with Steve to get ready to do my set.

- “More than that… Race is good because of the edginess of it. You’re not afraid of a challenge…”

It amazes me how Steve can hit it right on the nail like that. To begin this journey with out any masks, is to start to see the challenge in who I can become. I’ve been faced with everything possible that I could’ve already feared. The only challenge now, is to face who I fully am. Race Cooper it is.

Monday, January 18, 2010

For us to live the dream, Malcolm X-rated must die.

Last night I did my first web show for Raging Stallion's MEN Live website. I was a last minute replacement, for my friend Tony Aziz, who was ill. It was only coincidental that it happened to fall on Martin Luther King weekend. One of the people online asked if or how, I celebrated MLK. Which I was pretty much at a loss to express. Although I'm very familiar with Martin Luther King Jr.'s history, and his impact on America..... celebrating his birthday is a whole new thing for me as a Canadian transplant. So, perhaps a blog post about race.... is the best way to honor him.

Some may believe that Canada is this fairy-tale world, where racism does not exist, or that black people as a whole have an easy road. Let me set the record straight. My parents immigrated to Canada from Jamaica, shortly after MLK's assassination. At that time in Toronto, there was a large influx of immigrants from around the world, as the Canadian government tried to increase it's population, so that the country could grow in both national production and economy. Different from America's policy of making a 'melting-pot' and diluting ones culture, Canada set a standard for letting immigrants celebrate their culture as much as possible, with the hopes of making the country more multi-cultural. However, Canadians... as anybody afraid of change.... resisted. My parents could hardly find anywhere to live, except for the slummiest parts of downtown Toronto. Were taunted mercilessly at the unsafe factory jobs they had to take... and endured the physical pains and humiliation for a dream that they had for their children. Myself growing up, experienced a little lesser amount of racism, but still had to work twice as hard on grades.... so that my teachers wouldn't proclaim to be a special needs child, and segregate me with all the other colored children in remedial classrooms. As my peers grew older, the institutional segregation wasn't necessary anymore. We peeled off from hanging out with others that were not in our own racial click, and were taunted by our own community if we chose otherwise. I was definitely one of the taunted.

Perhaps it was because I read so much growing up, and lacked an ability to be athletic as a child, that I found it strange to associate with those that didn't really like me.... only because of the basis of my skin color. I found those that wished to call me an 'Uncle Tom' for hanging out with white people, completely strange. Especially since I had read Uncle Tom's Cabin, and if you actually read the book... Uncle Tom was the biggest symbol of personal sacrifice to save others. What I came to understand at a young age, is that racial segregation does nothing to move a society or a country forward. It's not lost on me that the porn industry has it's own version of segregation too. Whether from the studios that choose to rarely, if at all hire models of color, or the bloggers who might disparage models for working with them. I refuse to be a Malcom X-rated model that shows anger and frustration over being passed up frequently over being cast, by directors that never notice that they not only don't have any colored models; but no colored crew members either. Nothing is gained if we stay in our opposite color corners, and never try to meet or understand the other side. Nothing is gained if we don't try to understand those in our own culture, who can embrace all people, and not stay glued to the community in which we feel safer. Nothing is gained if we don't take a chance, on living an inter-racial dream. And In my humble opinion.... that's a hot future.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

At the Rec Center

There's a few things I've become accustomed to in my first year as a porn star. You can't count on a shoot until you have a confirmation email. People will look at you differently when they find out about what you do.... and on the rare occasion, you'll get recognized when you least expect it. Yesterday, was definitely one of the latter revelations. I was meeting friends at the local Recreational Center to brush up on my wrestling moves, and get some practice in. I'm a pretty good wrestler, but as I get older, I think I should probably get some more practice in. has been having me back regularly now for Naked Kombat, and with the upcoming Nasty battle... some extra training is becoming essential. My buddy who trains at the rec center brought me in, so we could spar and he could teach me some new moves. He introduced me to the guy who runs the program there, as well as the other wrestlers.... and it caught me off guard when they called me 'Race' without me saying anything. Turns out that the guy who runs the program, and most of his pals are HUGE fans. They actually have 'Race' and 'Brenn' wrestling nights... where they watch us wrestle. Holy shit! Pretty fucking cool.... It was cool getting their take on the whole Naked Kombat, what they liked about it, and what they didn't. And after practice, taking pictures with everyone. It was definitely one of those 'Porn Star' moments to remember.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oink Alert! Brenn and Race on NK!

Hey, all you grappling and fight-club fuckers.... my match with Brenn Wyson is available on Naked Kombat! When I watch the trailer, I can still feel the pain from all the holds he had on me, and annihilating my ass on on the mat. Funny thing is, when you read the comments on the site.... seems like everyone really enjoyed that. Sick fuckers. LOL! Glad I redeemed myself in my match yesterday.... Although, I'm swallowing Ibuprofen today, like it's Tic Tacs.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Incredible Cooper!

Had a great shoot for yesterday, with my bud Tony Aziz, and newcomer Christopher Venice. Tony and I take turns roughing the kid up, and fucking him together. Should be pretty fucking awesome! But that's not the best of it..... As we're shooing in the warehouse I have access to, we got locked in the stairwell. With all of our equipment and stuff, still inside.... the only option we had was for me to try to jump up to a fire escape, and run up the 7 flights to an open window. Was fucking glad, that I'm in shape, and could pull myself up with only having two hands on a low hanging bar! Spidey Power! Crisis averted.

Also, I had a photo shoot on Saturday with friends for the Nasty! fundriaser. My girl Suzan Revah, and her boyfriend Graig, came up with a sweet idea for a wrestling demo night. Once we started hashing it out.... the end result was nothing short of genuis! Check out the poster for the upcoming event, and if you happen to be in San Francisco that weekend, you definitely don't want to miss it.

Speaking of wrestling, I'm on deck today for Naked Kombat. My competitor, is sexy Trey
Turner. The boy has some skills, so I'll have to keep myself sharp.... Glad I've been training lately. Wish me luck! I'll fill you guys in tomorrow on what happened. Right now, I gotta get on the superpower suit..... No rest for the Incredible Cooper! ;-)