Friday, May 28, 2010

IML ready, IML set.... Let's fuck.

Finished my two day shoots in Toronto, and am now on my way to Chicago. I'll be hitting the ground running as soon as I land. After I've checked into the hotel, have to hightail it to the Steamworks Booth in the leather market. I'll be there today and tomorrow between noon and 4pm. But all work and no play, is not why I'm at IML.... let's face it. I'm a horny fucker, and have a lot of fucking to do. If my dick isn't dry from cumming, and my ass isn't a cavernous hole that's been skewered by huge cock, by the end.... I won't be happy. If you see me around say hello, or call me "hooker". Whatever. It's IML weekend, and I'm ready for some fun!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pain Piggies Unite.

One of the things I miss about Toronto, is being able to sit on any front stoop, and within 5 minutes seeing someone I know. It's great on summer days when there's nothing to do, and all you want is to people watch anyway. I was going over ideas in my head on what Sam Swift and I could do for our scene, and within the span of looking at my iPhone to check the clock, Sam Swift walked by. I called out to him. No response. Shit, fucker's wearing his earbuds. I jumped off the steps, and grabbed his backpack. He spun around, looking like he was ready to hit a crackhead, and then smiled when he saw it was me. We walked over to the shoot location, and by the time we walked to the end of the block, had a rough plan for our shoot. Both of us agreed the director/cameraman didn't have enough experience in BDSM to script the scene out, so it was up to us to do it. Boy, did we ever! Gut-punching, choke holds, nipple clamps, fucking against the window class, and all over the bed, with a release of feeding me a boat load of cum. More than that, we got to joke around during the shoot, and finished in 2 hours flat. Love it! Sam Swift (pictured here) is not only one of coolest dudes in Toronto, he's turning into one of my favorite scene partners to work with. Plus, he's off the chain HAWT!!! Afterward we grabbed a beer, and hung out with his girlfriend (also very cool) at a patio nearby. Others passed by to say hello, including one of his girlfriend's deaf friends... who taught me sign language for "Fuck Off" "Asshole" and "Pain Piggy". Couldn't have asked for a better shoot..... seriously. One more to go today, with Mark Williams and another dude..... But it's gonna be hard to top yesterday's. Oink!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You've been warned!

Little piece of T.O.

Sipping on a Frappuccino in a Starbucks, I listen to frantic movements of the barristas, and the calls for more chilled drinks. It's a hot, humid day in Toronto, and I have some time to kill before my shoot today. It's another one with, and working with Sam Swift. Love working with that dude! Whips me and beats the fuck out of me, and then fucks me so hard I forget my name. Always a good release working with him. :) It's a strange juxtaposition for me. Watching the guppies line up for their little piece of chilled heaven on Church St., while I blog about how I'm going to be raped in a BDSM scene in the next couple of hours. I've been living in the U.S for close to 4 years now, and the longer I stay.... the more I feel removed from being a Canadian. I can tell I talk differently now. I have my Californian accent down pat. I don't get as worked up about social issues as I once did. The onslaught of the daily news cycle, showing how fucked up things are, kinda drains me. I can no longer yell at the TV screen. It's futile. But there's a part of me that wishes I could take a part of Toronto home with me. Just to remind me on a daily basis where I came from. The frigid winters, humid summers, chimes of the transit subway, and pleasant smiles from store clerks, that I don't get in my new home.... Want to put it in my pocket, until it bores a hole through my faded jeans. I just want a little bit of my hometown, that's all. Watching this city through facebook updates, and videos online... just ain't the same.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Piss in my mouth and tell me that you love me...... Mmmmm.... tastes like golden sunshine! If you've been waiting to see me in a watersports movie.... wait no longer. It's here. It's wet. It's nasty..... and you're gonna love it! Raging Stallion's Code Yellow is available for order, and the trailer is hot! It stars myself with my scene partner, Drake Jaden in a hot flip-fuck, soaking each other down and then drowning in piss. Seriously, may be my favorite scene to date that I've shot. The movie also stars my dirty friends, Alessio Romero, Josh West, Scott Tanner, and Paul Wagner. The release party should be coming up in a couple of weeks, and I'll be sure to post pics from that. Until then, I'm looking forward to hearing from all you sick fuckers on how much you like to see me drink my own urine, or get showered on and slurp up other peoples' yellow streams. To order your copy, click here!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

With props to Sister Roma

I hate make-up. Always have, always will. It feels weird on my skin, but with being a model... It comes with the territory. You have to get used to it. A friend of mine asked me recently to do an art project. He's the make-up director for 'Wicked', and although it's not my favorite thing to do, I decided to let him glamorize me. The photo should be available to see at a gallery in NYC, in the fall. Took an hour to put it on, and forever to take it off. But I looked very 'Priscilla'! There's a lot of time and effort that goes into looking this gay. :) Gotta give props to Sista Roma. How the fuck do you do this all the time???

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Silly faggot, Porn Stars don't read!

I'm in a book! I mean, there's a number of them to be released that I'm in.... but here's the first! Rising Starz by Owen Keehnen, includes a number of porn stars new to the industry, including my friends Austin Wilde, Bruno Bond, Conner Habib, and others.... check it out. Read all our dirty secrets, and then tell us about it when you see us. 'Cause we all know, we don't like to read things for ourselves.... Available at and your local gay bookstore!

To Blog or not to Blog

Lately, I've felt like the frequency of my blogs could be in a word.... More. For some reason over the last few months I didn't want to really blog as much. Well, let's just say I didn't want to blog for no reason. Unless there was something interesting to write about, I mean what's the fucking point? I'm a writer. Having a point, or taking someone on the journey is part of making your craft better. But..... in a porn star blog, that's not always what you get. So, I'm going to try harder....for you, my readers, to give you everything that's going on. In my life, in my brain.... captured on camera. May be daunting.... but we'll see. Speaking of capturing on camera, just got the proof for the cover of the documentary I'm in.... Should be COOOL! Thanks DBM!

Monday, May 10, 2010

SF Porn Posse paints the town!

It's become the new Friday night ritual for Tony Aziz and I. Having drinks together on Friday night. But this past Friday we were joined by Luke Riley and Leo Forte who were in town.... TROUBLE!!! Beyond gettin' nicely "coated"... Our new word for being slightly intoxicated. We ended up hitting four bars in total, and laughing our asses off all night. Good times! Proof of our intoxication is in the photos, shown here.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brand New T's!

I'm always on the lookout for cool t-shirts. I guess you could call it an addiction of sorts. Got hooked when I started going to second-hand stores in my college years. There's nothing better than finding a t-shirt that no one else has, and is the last in stock. Better than that, is the reaction from people passing by, who either smile, or look slightly appalled. It's like food for the soul! Got a couple shirts as of late, that I'm happy to post pics of.... One from Paris, France, and one from here in SF. Gotta love 'em! Gotta thank my buddy, Remi for getting me the "Hardcore" from Europe. As for the "Jackson" T-shirt. I know exactly what I'm wearing on the anniversary of MJ's death. Yay for me! I'm promoting the "Jackson 4" Tour..... What are their names again?.... Ah, doesn't matter anyway. They'll be suckling off Michael forever. UPDATE: Tony Aziz is pissed, he didn't receive credit for his photographs here. Jezus. ;p