Friday, May 29, 2009

The reviews are in! XXX 'Highly Recommended!'

Well, I was right in my interview with Steve Cruz.  People like the chocolate fuck scene!  There's a great review on regarding XXX.  YAY!  My first scene, and I didn't come across looking like a deer in headlights!  :) 

Extraordinarily built and lusciously engaged Race Cooper and Scott Alexander provide a torrid contrast in black porn expressionism that begins almost immediately as the lithe Race takes the fat straight bazooka sticking out from Scott's major black bush and just sucks it to a stunning stiffness. Topped by a fat red head, Scott's cock is a major all-day sucker which has little competition -- except for the whopper between Race's legs, which Scott encounters when he slips him onto a high-rise bench and tries to swallow it. Not much luck here, but Scott is not willing to accept defeat and soon conquers the upturned log with sloppy attention and eventually larynx tickling action then attacks his asshole with his tongue, spit and full mouth in a prolonged rim. They move into their flip-flop fucking routine powerfully, first Race and then Scott bottoming in pounding -- and rafter rattling -- noisy fashion. It ends with Scott sitting on the platform and spilling stream after stream of his cum over Race's body and face as Race sweeps his cock into mad explosion.
To check out the full review, go to Steve Cruz's Blog, or to

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

IML/Grabbys Weekend Part 2

The morning after a very long and hedonistic evening is a tough one.  But for some reason I was able to wake up, go to the gym, and arrive to work ready for action!  More friends were in town for that Saturday, and stopped by to say hello at the Steamworks booth, so the time flew by, and I was only partially exhausted.  But let me cut to the chase of what made my day... getting to go to the Grabbys!  I knew I wanted to see what it was like.... curious I guess.  However, didn't know how about to get tickets, or who to go with.  One of the things you have to figure out for yourself as a non-exclusive, while trying to build your own website.  Sister Roma stopped by the booth that day, and told me that she'd check with people and get me in.  As usual, Roma Rocks!  

There was only one other thing to do.... figure out what to wear! I wasn't nominated in anything, so there was going to be no reason for me to go on stage.  However, I did want to be photo friendly!  It's called FREE marketing! I didn't have much time to get it together, but luckily the leather market in the hotel provided all. Went to the Slick It Up Booth, for a new pair of pants, add a white leather lapel collar from Off Ramp, a leather tie from Northbound Leather, and white suspenders from Recon.  Utilized my leather cap and boots, and leather
 driver it is!  

The Park West Theater was packed when I arrived, and the awards were already in progress.  It took me some time to scan the audience to figure out a place to sit.  Luckily Roma is highly recognizable, and I sat with her, Steven Scarborough, Brent Smith, and Kyle King at the designated Hot House booth.  Felt very lucky to sit with them, and enjoy the rest of the awards as Kyle and Ethan Wolfe presented, and Hot House won awards for best comedy, Steven's Lifetime Achievement, and Kyle as best newcomer.  It was interesting to say the least, gave me hope to be nominated in something next year!

After the awards, I hailed a cab in my slutty outfit, and was joined by Steve Cruz, Bruno Bond, Steven Scarborough and Brent Smith to share it going back to the hotel.  Was planning on going to the after party, but wasn't sure how much energy I would have after dancing at the Onyx party.  Got to tear up the dance floor for awhile, and my slutty driver's outfit made an impression on everyone there.  Afterward I was toast.... a full day, a lot of cool memories, and I went to bed exhausted.  There would still be more to do, at the Steamworks booth the next day, and the finals of International Mr. Leather. Time to get some much needed piggy rest! 

OInk Alert! Nick Moretti on!

We've posted the hot new video of my friend Nick Moretti and I, on Edger 9, and boy is it fucking hot! I mean it was actually hot, that day when we were fucking in an abandoned area on some electrical equipment...  but the scene was sizzling too!  I have the burns to prove it!  :)  To see Nick fuck the hell out of me, and make me cum loads.... before we got busted by security, click here. 

Monday, May 25, 2009

IML/Grabbys Weekend Part 1

It started off with high expectations, and did not disappoint me as I began my porntastic weekend! I knew that there were some people expecting to see me here... but I had no idea the amount of free marketing I already had!  I've had a great relationship with the general managers, directors, and owners of Steamworks for a number of years.... but, WOW!  MY ASS IS ALL OVER THE PLACE!   The ad (shown here), not only is seen in just about every gay mag during IML weekend, but there are banners and posters of me all around!  Fucking A!!!  I got to feel like a celebrity as soon as I got to our hotel in Chicago, with that feeling lasting all day Friday of this weekend.  

Started my shift at the Steamworks booth in the leather market, and got to meet a lot of fans and people that wanted to take pictures with me.  It was fantastic! Got to give kudos to
 JC and Curtis (pictured here with me)
 for making work at the booth so much fun.  My abs were hurting from laughing all day!  That evening was the SF Party in the Grand Ballroom of the hotel, and the organizers asked me to go-go dance for it... which is always good... because I love those guys, and I would have been dancing at it anyway.  Ended up doing a lot of drinking in the lobby that night, and somehow in a room filled with hunky men having sex until the break of dawn.  Good times!  Nice start to the weekend.  Will update soon on the other parts of my weekend soon, especially the GRABBYS!  

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Racing at the speed of light.... going to Chicago!

I've had a lot to get done this week, but the week is going by sooooo fucking fast!  Today, I have to pack for my trip to Chicago for IML, and make sure that I get everything done today.  With trying to get the new content on the site, checking out how to market Edger 9, figuring out what leather stuff to bring, and shooting with Bound Gods yesterday, I've had to pack every last detail into today before I leave.  I'll probably have to write out a list after this post.  The good news is, I think my work is starting to show....  Two blogs featured me yesterday, and two today with pictures from my Slick It Up shoot, and recent stuff from my blog! HOT! and Queer Porn Nation even commented on my hard work as a newcomer on the porn scene.... how cool is that?? :) Rod 2.0 Beta and Queer Me Now quoted my interview with Papi Chuloand I also got a request from to fill out information on my porn profile.  As the icing on the cake yesterday, I got confirmation on the next Falcon/Mustang video to star in opposite Ty Lebeouf!  Ultra fucking sweet guy, and definitely in my top 10 of guys I wanted to work with! Okay, I need to calm the fuck down now... and get ready for my trip.... but this ride is getting faster by the minute.  I just have to try to sit back and enjoy it.  Hold on.... lemme just get this out of my system.  YAY!!!!! There, that's better. 

Bound Gods... the exciting conclusion!

Arrived yesterday morning at's building ready to finish my scene with Tober Brandt.  I hadn't seen Tober since we started the scene two weeks prior, and it was probably for the best.  Had I done that, probably would've had to have sex with him immediately.... This way, we got to continue our attraction and save it for the camera.  Oh, what we porn stars do for porn! (Sigh)

I sat in the empty green room, quietly listening to the female chatter from make-up, and simultaneously searching through the DirectTV to see if there was anything amusing on.  I stopped at the Sci Fi Channel out of reflex, but then thought of changing should Tober walk in and think me a complete geek for watching a show on animatronic dinosaurs. I flipped some more.  CNN. Nope. HGTV. Hmm.... nope. The visual of the familiar 1960's living room, with the mother that looked like a drag queen, and the gay uncle arguing with the 'Bewitched' star, popped on. Hmmm... not bad.  I started contemplating as I watched the subtext of the episode, and imagined what would happen if they actually had Samanta's mother played by a drag queen,  and Paul Lynde had been an out homosexual.  Probably, pure comic genius! 

Tober walked in and stopped just inside the door frame.  He smiled at me with his sunglasses on, and a cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich in hand.  I smiled back, "There's the sexy man!"  I stood up, and greeted my dominator with a very long kiss, and then made small talk as he finished his breakfast, and we both watched 'Endora' bring out what would be classified as a Diva, in present day television.  It didn't take long before we were making out on the sofa again, and stripping off each other's shirts.  I could hear other people in the room, but didn't really take my eyes off of Mr. Brandt..... God, he's a good kisser!  Made the hour of waiting to be on set fly by....  we hardly noticed the time.  

When we got to set Van Darkholm greeted us, and apologized for the wait.  They had to figure out where they last left off... apparently a whole bunch of productions had happened during the time of our previous part 1 videography, and today.  I got naked in the hallway, and Tober began putting on boots and a leather hat for the scene.  His haircut had changed since we last shot.  Van explained to me what we would do for the scene.... We'd start with me getting flogged for awhile, until I screamed for mercy, and then shackle my legs and arms to the hooks above, so that Tober could fuck me as my own human sling.  Then after that we'd change to another position to of me bent over, for Tober to fuck me more.  I was ready.... man, I don't think I've ever been so ready to be brutally fucked before. 

Tober and I began kissing as the crew got the equipment ready for our scene.  He whispered in my ear, "I can't wait to be inside you." And my dick became instantly hard.   The position of the human sling was difficult, but I didn't really mind it.... because the fucking was sweet, especially the rougher Tober got.... he stroked me as he sent shockwaves up my spine, and it wasn't long before I came.... HUGE!  We changed to the secondary position with my body bent over a cement wall window frame, ass to Tober, and my arms chained behind me and drawn upward.  Tober inserted the hook in my ass, and played with my whole a bit more, before he fucked me hard again.  Then he came around to the other side of the wall, and shoved his cock down my throat, fucked it, and came on my face.  I got finished off with a nice hosing down, to clean up my piggy mess.  I was completely spent, and a little dizzy at the end of it.... but I couldn't stop smiling.  Yeah, I must be a pig. Oink.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Photos... Mark Grantham style!

I just received some more photos from Mark Grantham.  He was the friend that I shot with last weekend during the blur of events shooting scenes for Edger 9, and going to Star Trek.  I still get tingles when I think of Star Trek.  I may just have to see that movie again!  Anyways, the pictures from our shoot was at a rural abandoned building... that we found off of Highway 1 along the coast.... check 'em out, tell me what you think!  

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Photos in SLICK IT UP!

Had a great photo shoot yesterday with my friend Joe Mazza.  We went to some isolated urban locations and took pictures of me in a Slick It Up suit for promo images for Edger 9.  I think they turned out fantastic, especially the ones with me beside the BMW Z4!  HOT! Here's a teaser of me by the Bay Bridge, just to wet your appetite.  Luckily, you couldn't hear the wino from a distance yelling at me to cover myself up. Look for more images coming up by next week, on Edger 9!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Take that, Bristol Palin!!!

I love free shit! Really. I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE IT! I swear I think I got into television for the free swag I would get sometimes through work. It's a nice benefit when dealing with egomaniac stars, crazy stalker fans, or producers that try to screw you over. Didn't think there would be much free shit when it came to porn though.... don't know why I did. Just never thought it would be there. Surprise, surprise!!! I'm getting free shit!!! YEAH! I got some jock straps last week from a fan, and my buddy Andy in Seattle sent me some t-shirts (he knows I have a serious t-shirt collection) from his online store. He got me a few choice selections, particularly one that made me bust a gut! Fucking A! It reads, "If Jesus Loves Me.... He'll Wear A Condom". I think I need to wear this one (pictured above) to church sometime. :)

Have to run around a bit today. Have a photo shoot for promo stuff for Edger9, and have a few meetings too. Also, have to get geared up for another Edger9 scene tomorrow. Other than that, it's a sunny day outside... Remember to smile.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Extensive Race Cooper interview.... by Papi Chulo!

Hey Guys, there's more of me to see on the blogosphere!   I did an interview a short while ago with Papi Chulo... and it's an extensive one.  I get to answer questions about my sex life, porn work, childhood, what led me to porn, and my wonderful husband!   To check it out, click here.  

Here's an excerpt from the interview....

PC: What do you enjoy doing sexually?

RC: Definitely pushing my limits, I'm curious to explore a great deal. Guess that's why my fetish list is so long. I know I'm aggressive both when I'm topping and bottoming, and I definitely can feed off of someone else's Race Cooper (14)energy. When you meet someone with the right chemistry, the sky's the limit. Let's just say, there isn't much I don't enjoy.

PC: Describe one of your hottest sexual encounters.

RC: One of my hottest sexual encounters happened not too long ago. I have a bondage play buddy, who was dating a guy, and we had an explosive threesome with me tied up and both of them taking turns on me. Fuck, I'm getting a woody right now! I was blindfolded the whole time, and was moved from being tied to a chair to hanging with my arms above my head to a door frame. They both Race Cooper - Skuff 4 (8)performed torture on me, fellatio and fucked me, and had pushed their asses on my throbbing cock... Man did I cum good after that!

PC: You have a pretty large piece ... Just how big is he?

RC: He's 9 inches... Why do I feel like I'm talking about my child? I've tried my best to raise the boy, but he has a mind of his own!

Also, didn't get a chance to thank Fairview Sue for posting a blog of me on Thursday, due to my hectic weekend.  Sue you rock!  Have my baby!  :) To check out Sue's blog, click here. 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wrapping up a busy weekend...

When you work in porn, weekends just aren't the same.  Not only are you working usually at a day (normal) job, but then your weekend is packed shooting stills and video for the porn shoot.  The fringe benefits are nice, but boy is it draining.  This weekend was one of those.   With trying to build more content for, I had to schedule back to back shoots for Friday and Saturday.  Usually I'd never do that, because not only do I want to feel well rested, but it helps to give the balls a rest and build up more cum in the scrotum.  If you've seen my cum shots, you know what I mean.  :))  

On Friday we shot a scene in Santa Cruz, where I fucked newcomer Devin Kihlers.  Very talented with a sweet fucking ass!  First fuck scene on the hood of a car too!  Then after that shoot, did some modeling for a photographer friend of mine, at a rural demolished building.... really cool stuff.  Raced home afterward to get showered, eat and changed before I went to meet Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond for Star Trek in IMAX.  OMG!  Soooooo fucking worth it! Then crashed.  

Woke up the next day to organize for my next shoot with Nick Moretti.  We shot him fucking me at an abandoned building in Alameda (Yes, we got busted by security at the end of him fucking me).  Drove back to the city, to fill up on gas and grab a snack and then went over the Golden Gate Bridge to film the opening of the scene in the Marin headlands.  Drove to the Golden Gate Bridge and took a few snapshots (Nick hadn't seen the bridge in a long time, picture below) and then drove across the city to help Nick acquire his cell phone he had lost that day.  At the end of it, I was beat.... could hardly even stay awake to watch my DVR record of Real Time with Bill Mahr!  

 Slept like a rock last night, and needed it.... because today my husband I drove out to see my mother-in law in Santa Rosa for Mother's Day.  Took her to brunch with the family, and then barbequed at the ranch in the afternoon.  I'm surprised after driving so much this weekend, I'm not comatose.   Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll go to bed tonight with a smile.... we have some really, REALLY hot scenes coming up for, and some sizzling pictures too (as seen here)!  Be sure to check back, as new videos come up every two weeks! Bye for now.... time for bed. 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bringing Trekkie Sexy Back

I've got my tickets for the IMAX of Star Trek this Friday! Wooohooo! Could've tried to do the midnight show on Thursday night.... but really didn't want to stay up that late for it. I love my Star Trek, but I also love my sleep. Went and picked up a new Star Trek t-shirt for the occasion (as pictured here), just so I could feel even nerdier. I'm taking down the nerd a bit by going with my buds Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, so we will probably have a blast! There aren't many movies worth the IMAX, and I'm not one to give into hype on summer blockbusters.... but c'mon!!! You know this one is worth it! YOU KNOW!!!! Go get your fucking ticket, and bring Trekkie Sexy back! :) Click here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fagalicious!!!! Could it get any better?

So, an old friend of mine from my hometown Toronto sent me a link to a blog post.  Turns out all my gay friends in T.O. already know what I'm up to.... (giggle!).  It's a very cool blog called Fagalicious (is that not the best name, or what???).  I am now a new up and coming porn star.  Feels weird to refer to myself as a porn star, but I guess I have to get used to it now.  To date, I've been on tons of blogs, been interviewed for two books on porn, agreed to be interviewed for a documentary on porn, and have made 3 movies, and one online scene.   How the fuck did this happen to me?  Oh yeah.....  I let my freak flag fly!  Yeah, for me! :) To check out Fagalicious, click here.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's black and blue, and sore all over? MY BALLS!!!

Yesterday was my shoot with Bound Gods for  For the most part a very cool experience.  I've never seen a studio with that kind of set-up.... mainstream or otherwise... Holy shit!  I mean it felt different right off the bat, sitting down in the talent department to fill out paperwork, and having girls, guys and trannies walking through constantly.  One of the other female models showed me to where the green room was, where I got to meet up with my scene partner Tober Brandt.  Now, Tober definitely looks mean when you see him at first, but he's a soft spoken person and we connected right away.  Neither one of us really wanted to use the green room computer, or read the magazine with the mistress of Scientology, Katie Holmes, on it. So, instead we cuddled on the sofa and kissed for a long time. 

 When we got to the set, I tried to hide my amazement.  It was a basement like none other... vast and long with a river that ran through it.  We only used a corner of it to rope-tie me suspended in place, but I couldn't believe how big the area was.  Throughout the first two scenes I was, whipped, cropped, flogged, had my balls and nips clamped and tied to a post, stripped naked,  hosed down with water, rope tied to another wall, blindfolded, had my balls tazered, and electric wanded into oblivion.  It felt soooooo goood! More than that Tober kept me constantly hard by kissing me and caressing me.  Then he started complaining about feeling sick from something he ate earlier.  

We took a break, and I went upstairs to shower before he would fuck me... I was so ready for him to FUCK ME!  An assistant came in during my shower and told me they had to send Tober home.... In my mind I was saying "NOOOOOOOO! WHO'S GONNA FUCK ME NOW???!"  Instead, I just said, "okay"..... and asked when the scene was going to be rescheduled.  Walked home with the worst blue balls I've ever had.  C'est la vie. 

Friday, May 1, 2009

I love to be objectified!

I've been email flirting with the associate editor from, and we've been having a lot of fun.  He surprised me today with a post on the blog... how can you not love this guy? :) Definitely a nice way to start the weekend! To check out the post of me on, click here.

Salvation is coming!

I'm online a lot.... checking out cool cars, and sci-fi stuff... so it would be obvious that I'm excited about the new Terminator movie, Terminator - Salvation.  I mean the tag line for this movie should be, salivate... really.  This movie should have come out ages ago!!  But if you see the CG on this, you'll probably agree that this is the right time for McG to come out, and for Christian Bale to be cast as John Connor.  This is one of those movies you have to see in IMAX! The website's pretty interactive, although to it's detriment, doesn't give any information on the characters.  The latest trailer is here for you to see, and if you want to check out more, just click here.