Friday, January 7, 2011

Mr. January

Happy New Year, piglets! We made it through another year together. Woohoo! The holidays were good and restful for me.... hope yours were too..... But now it's back to the grind, making more slutty cinema for you to release your love juice on. Things have been ramping up in production at Raging Stallion, especially with the merger of Falcon Studios... so lots of stuff is happening. On a personal note, however... I'm getting crazy busy! The DVD for Edger9 will be released soon.... and am starting to plan for upcoming shoots to add to the DVD sequel, as well as to Got to put on my writing hat again... and come up with new scenarios. It'll be very exciting, now that RS is behind me. Stay tuned. Also, 'Brutal' is almost ready to come out on DVD, and I've started getting booked for new appearances and interviews... Not to mention that my new piss movie.... 'Drenched in Piss County' is on deck. Hella cool! (It's an SF saying). However, the best part of this new year, is that MOC Blog named me 'Man of the Month'!!! How cool is that? I feel extremely honored and humbled.... you have to read the post here. So far, this year is turning out great!!! Keep bringing it.... I'm having fun!