Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012: The Pursuit of Happiness

It's been my new tradition to recap my year, and make sense of it all, as I go into a new one. Which surprisingly as a writer, is not an easy task; as perhaps writing about sex, politics, or anything else in this topsy-turvy porn world we all encompass. However, I will try for you. My friends. My piglets. To make sense of what was the year 2012, and what is yet to come for 2013.

My year started out while I took a very extended vacation in Europe. I don't know about you, but for me long vacations are more about the internal journey, than they are about the experiences and the people met along the way. There is something that happens to oneself, when taken out of the daily grind and schedule of everyday life. It allows me to be closer to who I truly am, and not what my family, peers, or anyone in my regular company, have come to expect me to be. The experience of being alone in exploration of the world, allows a great deal of reflective thought. When I wrote last year's New Year entry... That's exactly where I was. Deep, in thought. Even though I seemed to be having a very fabulous time, with shoots and hot hookups in London, exploration of museums and art in Paris, and a crazy cool dance/fetish scene in Berlin... There was contemplation of what I was truly missing in my life, and what connections I really wanted to have with others on a deeper level. A transition in my life was necessary. It was that contemplation, that set the stage for the past year.

When I got back from Europe, I realized that there were friends I had... That weren't really my friends. If I wanted a deeper connection with friends, I would have to let my walls down a bit. I also would have to do more exploration of the pain and hurt I had in my life... If I wanted to let more happiness in. Ugh (eye roll). I took a trip to my hometown Toronto... And made a point of spending a great deal of time with family, both blood and chosen. It helped to center me before embarking on a path of a new me. My focus changed from playing the "Pornstar game", ie. networking, being fabulous, fucking a lot... To focusing on my health, both physical and mental, as well as communicating more with my family, or the friends I considered family. Apparently that inward change, started to be noticed by people outwardly... As photographers such as Mark Henderson shot me for a book, I was re-signed as an exclusive for Raging Stallion Studios, and I met a new friend who un-expectantly became the closest thing to a twin brother I've ever had. Something was happening, but I knew I still had more work to do.

I started psychological therapy in the spring, to exorcise some of the demons of my past. Mental-health is a taboo in this country, for some strange reason. Even though most of us could use it in one way or another... But unfortunately, the stigmas associated with mental-health don't help us as a nation to move forward; and the lack of services available make it worse for those who really need it. I never believed I was in a dire situation to really need it, but there was definitely trauma from my childhood I wasn't dealing with, which had given me some behavioral issues and a lack of trust of others. These were deeply rooted, and if I wanted to pursue a happy life... I had to dig deep, really deep.... To unearth them. I'm very lucky to live in San Francisco. A city that recognizes the importance of mental-health, as well as physical, and therefore provides these services for minimal costs or sometimes free of charge. Therapy started slow, but once it began, the inward growth happened fast. All allowing for stronger communication with family and friends, as well as giving me the strength to get rid of negative people and influences in my life. I realized who the people were in my life that truly loved me... And that restored faith in love made me decide to follow my passion for fitness, and begin my studies in the field of Personal Training / Physical Therapy. By mid summer, my life and how I regarded the people closest to me was completely different. And that's when it happened. I found him.

He is the partner I always dreamed of, but never thought was real. It made me understand that all the other times I thought I was in love before... I really wasn't. We both shake our heads on a daily basis on how fortunate we feel to have found each other... After both of us searched our entire lives for the other. I now go into this year with faith restored in love for my friends, and in true love being possible and reflected back to me. To be in love with Thomas, who is, in essence, everything I could have ever asked for, is nothing short of amazing. He makes me happier than anything or anyone I've ever known.

So, this has been my journey. This has been my year. And all the pain, anger, frustration, sadness had a reason... If it all helps in the pursuit of happiness. It's amusing to me. When people I've known for a long time on the street, express how happy I look, or that "you're glowing". All I can do in reply is thank them, and smile. A fan wrote to me recently, who asked how I do it. How do you motivate yourself? How do you go for the things you truly want, when mired by self-doubt? How do you not stand in your own way? It might seem from the outside that I've never been plagued by this problem. But I assure you. I have. It's tough to do it, but you have to dig deep. You have to envision the happy place that's there. The place you feel most at home. The place where you feel strongest in your abilities. Cross that threshold in your mind, and sit in that happy place.... And have faith that you and only you, can get you there. Everything that is in the way, is only an obstacle... A problem with a yet to be discovered solution... And YOU can find a way around it. You CAN get there. You can find happiness. The journey might be long, and definitely hurtful along the way... But it's there. Waiting. For you. Happiness. All you have to do is pursue it, and have faith along the way.

I found my happiness this year, reflected in the people I cared for the most. They have been my faith. By sharing my problems with them, they in turn by just being themselves, helped me overcome obstacles.... and finally, find happiness. However, my pursuit is far from complete, even though 2012 is almost over. The clock is chiming, and it's time for me to follow my bliss some more. Some serious writing perhaps. But... Let me leave you with this. I've never been one to really believe in resolutions, but I am a man that believes in wishes coming true. So I wish joy and happiness for everyone in 2013. May you all pursue what makes you whole and brings you to the end of your journey. Let's make the new year.... A very, very, happy one.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Oink Alert: Tied to a kitchen table and serving it up.

My piglets... the newest installment of 'oink fantasy', a la Tony Buff and starring myself, is now available for your pleasure.  Shot in Seattle during this summer, I'm in two scenes for the movie... "Save My Hole"!  I get tied up on a butcher table, and my hole fisted expertly, by the talented Leo Forte; but then have another scene where I get to turn the tables (so to speak), and shove my arm deep, into the magically endless cavern that is Boyhous! OINK!!! Please enjoy the many carnal delights of this cinematic masterpiece, by picking up the DVD from your neighborhood slut-o-rama, or just click on the movie on "My Movies" sidebar list, to order direct.  Cheers!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Doing Good, by being Bad Ass!

It's one of my birthday wishes that everyone I know in San Francisco be at The Powerhouse on Friday, November 30th... Why?  Because it's my birthday celebration night, but also because it feels good to give back in some way.... And on this night, I get to kill two birds with one stone!  When my good friend Suzan Revah, asked me to host and coordinate the successful SF fundraising party - Nasty, I couldn't say no.  She told me to do whatever I wanted to please the piggy masses.... and I thought... wrestling.... dirty, sexy, rough, wrestling. And by giving donations there, I get to help raise money for Project Inform.  A non-profit, specializing in information and advocacy for those affected by HIV/AIDS. Connections to legal, housing, and medical support is provided by this great charity, helping countless names in the bay area. I hope that you all come out to support a great cause, and watch me wrestle, as well as many other hot and horny men on stage for this event. It will be fucking LEGIT!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Birthday wishes!

On December 5th, I turn 39. There. I said it. It's the last year of my 30's... and I have to say, I feel pretty blessed.  I have an amazing boyfriend, and amazing best friend, and an astounding chosen family, who loves and supports me. All of this positivity that I've put out to the universe, has finally come back... and I couldn't be happier.  Usually, I don't ask for anything for my birthday.  But this year.... I think, why not? I seem to be on a roll. So, I'm gonna make some birthday wishes. It's all about positive vibes being sent out!

Birthday wishes

#1 - A medium size t-shirt with JJ from "Good Times" saying... "Dy-No-Mite!"
#2 - Everybody I know in SF to come to the Nasty fundraiser I'm organizing at Powerhouse on Nov. 30th (kinda like a b-day party, but more interested in raising money for AIDS charities) I'll be wrestling!!!
#3 - A new snowboard (had the same snowboard for 13 years, kinda need an update)
#4 - Flight or buddy pass to see my bf in Boston over Xmas
#5 - The Giants to win the World Series. ORANGE OCTOBER!!
#6 - Enrollment for National Academy of Sports Medicine, to get certified as a personal trainer/physical therapist
#7 - Beats Headphones (white)
#8 - Membership on Spotify

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hustle to Berlin!

Is my life actually like this? Am I really going to Berlin for the third time in a year? I keep shaking my head at how lucky I am...  Yes, Euro-piglets! I'll be touching down in Berlin once again for Hustlaball's 10th Anniversary Blowout! I'll be on stage, getting nasty, and spreading the dirty love.... before autographing for the fans of Europe. I'll be joined by fellow American porn stars.... Landon Conrad, Michael Brandon, Ryan Raz, Ricky Sinz, and Spencer Reed. I hope to see you there.... It's gonna be clutch!!! Also, looking forward to re-connecting with friends that I've acquired in Berlin, London, Paris, and Barcelona.... Peeps put on your heels, fire up the smoke machine.... we are gonna dance all fucking night!!! :) For more information on the Hustlaball event and schedule... click here.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oink Alert! Back in the RS saddle!

Hey piglets,  my first releases as a long term exclusive have been released by Raging Stallion. First up is an awesome scene in the movie 'Stripped#1 - Make it Rain'.  The scene was with long time friend Josh West. How long have we been friends? Well, let's just say that when we told our friends that we had a scene together, people jokingly said... "INCEST! You're fucking your sister!". Oh well, Josh and I are professionals... and good buds... so we knocked it out of the ballpark with this one. Check out this hot scene... as West, fucks my ample booty with his thick, massive cock. Yum! Incest is best!

Next up is a movie that Raging Stallion / Falcon president Chris Ward had to talk me into..... my first ever sounding video. I'm featured in 'Sounding #8', directed by Chris Ward... and even though I was apprehensive at first... I actually enjoyed it. It's a very intense sensation to massage your prostate through the inside of your urethra... but not as intense as when you cum after. HOLY MOTHERFUCKER OF GOD!!!! I think the whole building heard my scream... and I'm sure the editor who had to edit my scene went deaf.... Oh well.  Movie magic at its best! To check out these movies, just go to your neighborhood smut store, or click on the movie in 'My movies' sidebar.  Enjoy!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oink Alert! The last Titanmen flicks.

So, usually I would keep people abreast of my goings on for flicks as they got released... but taking a break from writing, lowered this as a priority for me. Nevertheless, for you... my minions, my piglets... I offer to you the last of my Titanmen movies!  'StudFinder' was released probably two or three months ago... but was a fun shoot to do with European newcomer Stany Falcone.... Gotta love that uncut Euro cock. Mmmmmmmm! Felt good getting fucked over a carpentry work table.... How do real carpenters get any work done?? Well whatever, it's no concern of mine...  More recently in the past month, 3 movies were released by Titanmen, featuring myself. 'Special Reserve' features me getting fucked by long time friend Tristan Jaxx.  It's funny since working in the industry as long as we both have, we never fucked... even more interesting that I was his first black guy. What you say?? Shocking... isn't it? Yes, I am the 'gateway to jungle fever'. Secondly, is 'In Deep' where I starred in a rare three-way with David Anthony, and Keiron Ryan.  Three-ways are hard to navigate in real life, even harder to have chemistry with everyone on camera... but we had no problem.  In fact, there's lots of BTS shots of us not stopping our play once the cameras stopped rolling. Rejoice! Hot shit! That was a fucking awesome shoot! As well, I got to meet and be directed by Joe Gage (love his work), a true visionary when it comes to steamy and sultry movie seduction. Lastly, it got raunchy in 'Shove It!', my last fetish movie with Titan. Newcomer Lance Smith, was my sub, caged and hungry for cock.... So, my dominating side had fun, teasing and fucking his hole open, before switching to some big toys, and then doing simultaneous fisting/ass play, before shooting a huge load. Oink! I hope you enjoy these flicks, they were awesome to make... and I had a great time with everyone I worked with at Titan. But now onward to more dirty, raunchy, action at Raging Stallion and Falcon Studios! Check out any of these movies at your local smut store, or check out 'My Movies' sidebar to order direct.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Back on the Porn cart! RSS long-time exclusive!

Well, it's the latest news... have you heard piglets? Not that 'Here comes Honey Boo Boo' has been renewed for a second season.... but that I've re-signed with Raging Stallion Studios long term.  Yup, back as an exclusive for Raging Stallion Studios.... and I couldn't be happier! :)  Always felt more akin to working with everyone at RSS, since I'd already worked alongside everyone from the PR department to the studio assistants.... It actually feels like I'm coming home in a way.  They seem to like me too, and are used to my crazy shenanigans.... So, there's that too. I'll keep you abreast of all the titles that RSS and Falcon Studios has in store for me.... but I'm still pretty focused on fitness and physical education. 2012 has been a monumental year of change, and I'm stoked for the future.  Thanks everyone for all of your support! Check out the RSS press release.... here!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The evolution

I recognize the time I've taken away from blogging.... but my piglets, you must understand.... that sometimes even I, who loves to write.... needs a break every once and awhile.  And this break came at a good time.... Not only in mourning the loss of Erik Rhodes, but for me to make some decisions about my own life and where I wanted to go, and the person that I want to be. Now, don't stress.... I'm not out of the porn game yet... but I am pulling back to reset things and change focus. For too long I've been putting porn as a priority... and while it is highly entertaining to be in.... it lacks the ability to strengthen bonds and make healthy relationships with the people around me. Too much flash, not enough substance and meaning. So, I've decided that in conjunction to continuing porn work on occasion.... to embark on a new journey. One that I hope all of you will join me on. I've enrolled to become a certified personal trainer, and to hopefully help others reach their fitness goals. I mean for as focused as I've been on my body over the years, and the benefits that having this body has given me... it's time to pay it forward. Well, so to speak. Obviously I'm not training for free... LOL! But I do believe that anyone who has the determination to change and evolve.... CAN.... and I'd like to help. That is all piglets.... be happy... be healthy!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Of Death and Dying

When I heard the news that my colleague and friend Erik Rhodes aka James Naughtin had died, I was in shock. This couldn't possibly be true. But nevertheless, I clicked through my twitter feed, and a few blogs... before realizing that it was. And my heart... sank. He was only 30 years old.

As a writer and porn personality myself, there were few in the industry that commanded my attention, such as he did with his writing. He had a way of being brutally honest, self-deprecatingly humorous, and charismatic in his approach to all questions and admonishments flung his way. But that wasn't the Erik I knew, I knew James. Who was kind, funny, intelligent, and observant about all things and all people that orbited around him.

It's a funny thing.... this world of porn that both myself, and James existed in. Although, I can only imagine that the pressure Mr. Naughtin faced, was ten times the amount of myself or anyone else. Still, to prevail in it, is to be commended. To talk about it openly, is nothing short of inspiring. Because no matter what people such as Erik Rhodes posted, regarding his faults, his demons, his trials or tribulations.... He posted what he wanted people to see. So, to base who James was as a person on his blog, or public musings... is foolish. You were never going to see him for all that he was, because he was only portraying a fraction of himself. He was a very bright star.  Bright enough to know the divide between porn persona, and real person....  and I for one... will miss him greatly.

I started writing this morning as a way to deal with the heartache that I feel, for him and for all of us.  We as a gay community set a standard for physical perfection, that is almost impossible to maintain or achieve.... yet Erik did for so long. So, why are all the stones being thrown? Why are people tearing down a person with disgusting comments, not even 24 hours after he died? It certainly can't make them feel better about themselves, can it? Saying that he brought it on himself, with no true understanding of being in his shoes.... seems callous. Almost inhumane. Therefore, I will refuse to believe that James' legacy is reduced to bitchy tweets, and blogger comments of disdain. He was  a guy that went through life, and documented to the best of his abilities, his experiences. Instead, I will remember his insight, his fearlessness at attempting to overcome his fears, and his penchant for living life to its' fullest. An intense performer, a respectful colleague, and a kind person. It's no wonder, that with someone who burns that bright, many will choose to tarnish any way they can in the aftermath of his death. But know this.... no matter what you say, or do.... A brighter star, there will never be.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I'm an All-Star!

When I got asked by "Just Us Boys" to do an interview for an upcoming magazine issue, I had no idea what it was for.  The magazine recently came out, and low and behold... there I am.... in the issue titled "All-Stars of Porn".  That was a pretty sweet compliment, and unexpected.... So, I have to say thank you to "Just Us Boys" for putting me on the list. You can pick up the magazine at a variety of gay bars and establishments across America.... or click here to see the online version.  Here is an excerpt from my interview....
Has the porn industry affected your dating life?

It's impossible for the porn industry to not affect your dating life in some way. There are those who will never understand what it is you do, and have a lack of respect for it. Alternatively, there are those that are attracted to you because they imagine that the person you are in real life, is the person that they've seen on screen. It makes navigating possible suitors very tricky.  And if things get serious, conversation about continuing work in porn gets on the table. It's tricky. Just like RUN DMC says. 
What is your guilty pleasure?

Fucking hot red heads... love the gingers! Those soulless hotties can hop in my bed anytime. 

What is the most positive thing that has come from your work in the gay porn industry?

The most positive thing is the connections you make with so many people, and the doors that start opening for you because of it.  I've made great connections in the industry as far as sponsor deals, and I also made some of my best friends in my life because of the connection of porn. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

RSVP Race Cooper # 7

Piglets, friends, followers of the Can-African movement... I have ignored your questions for too long!!! So, it's time for another edition of RSVP Race Cooper! You set up the questions, I knock 'em down. Let's do this!!!

1. Race I really found this site by chance and I think your so hot, would you have sex with big bear types?

Yes. Yes, I would. But it depends on the bear.... Muscle bears like Bronson Gates! Grrrr! Fuck yeah!

2. When did you want to work with Issac Jones again?

Whenever I'm back in London :)

3. Hi Race I'm a big fan of yours. Which top would like to work with again? and with which top you would like to work with whom you havent worked before?

Just worked recently with Tim Kruger, he fucked me GOOD!!!! Wouldn't mind riding on it again. The only top.... or rather vers person I'd like to work with that I haven't... is Francois Sagat.

4. You are so super vers, how did you become that way, I consider myself supervers too, but people can't hang!! love your work.

Hmmmm... how did I become super vers.... I think it's really an openness towards trying new things, and not being afraid of challenges.

5. Do you do my age, I am 19

Sorry, kid. I tend to like my guys between the ages of 27 and 50.... not set in stone, but I do have strong affection for being able to enter a bar with the guy I'm presently fucking.

6. Hey Race I did see your last movie in Menatplay... man you are hot especially in your sheer OTC-socks, want to know if you do like sheer OTC socks and why you do like these socks.... and will we ever see you also in a a hot scene wearing pantyhose or stockings?

Thanks man! The sheer OTC socks were very comfortable and luxurious.  However, I'm mostly a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy... so dressing up really isn't much my thing. Unless it's a costume party.  As for doing a scene wearing pantyhose or stockings.... don't know. Not up to me, but up to the director in charge that casts me. I'm not opposed to it, though.

7. What makes you very hot is the fact that you have that guy next door look. Have you ever considered surgery to modify any part of your body like we see many porn stars do?

Really? Guy next door? I thought I was a bit edgier than that.... Oh well. Thanks. As for surgery, it's funny... 'cause I was just talking about that with one of my best friends just a few days ago.  There's really nothing that I would change about myself. I've worked very hard to get my body to where it is, and have grown to appreciate all my features. So, no.... NO need for nip/tuck here.

8. Do you work with other black actors? I've yet to see you with one.

So, I'm guessing you're not really a fan of my work. Otherwise you would've seen the large number of black actors I've had scenes with... starting with my very first shoot. Please, take a moment and look through the "My movies" sidebar on my blog..... and then come back with more appropriate questions. It'll save us both a lot of time.

9. What do you eat on a daily basis, to get toned.

Normal stuff. Oatmeal in the morning, sandwich at lunch, big dinner.. snack a little bit, but try to avoid stuff with added sugar, and gravitate towards foods high in protein.

10.  Are you into armpits?  Would like to see yours being licked in a scene.

I am.... and I've done that in a number of scenes, but that part doesn't always make the edit. Can't remember which scenes I've licked pits in. Sorry.

11. Hey can I chat with you thru Facebook?

Sure. Like my fan page on Facebook, or subscribe to my updates on my personal Facebook profile.... But be warned, I don't have a great deal of time to chat. Prefer to answer messages, so that I can get to communicate with all of my fans.

12.  How deep can you take it?

Deep. Watch my fisting videos. Next question.

13. This answered my own question about Atlanta, but another question... would you come back for a tall beefy Atlanta man like me? Greg Allen

Yeah, tall and beefy are good.... but it depends on the individual.... Refer back to question #1.

14.  Where can I get an an autographed picture of you man?

Just have to email me at

15.  I'm a guy. Would you let me give you head?

Of course. I get head from anybody with a penis between their legs, no matter how carnivorous a cannibal they might be, or crazed psychopath.  I just can't get enough of it. No need for physical attraction, having something in common personality wise, or needing a pulse. Step right up!

16. Are you single?

Yes, I'm single.... and enjoying it!

17. What male/female celebs would you make a sextape with?

Well, first of all... wouldn't be a sex tape, because I'd want to get paid.... but the male celebs I have crushes on are Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.... Grrrrr! That would be the ultimate superhero threesome... and I would be in the middle with a villanous boner!!

18. How old were you when you lost da v-card to a female/male?

I was 19 when I lost my virginity to a girl, and 21 when I lost it to a guy.

19. Hello, do you rub your cum on your nipples?

No. I rub other people's cum on my nipples. What sort of a narcissistic asshole do you think I am?

20. Beyonce gave birth last nite and named the baby either Blue Ivy Carter or Ivy Blue Carter. Anyway how do you feel about the name?

Um... it's kinda irrelevant to me. It's not my baby. I think that baby is pretty lucky to have two parents that seem pretty grounded, despite their fame....  and as long as that baby is loved, that's all that matters.

21. Do you ever have sex with any other people than people in porn?

Of course. My sex life would be pretty boring if all I did was have sex on camera and no where else.

22. Wats yo favrite thing to do when you have down time from skool/work?

My down time consists of hanging with friends, cooking, or writing at home.... very easy going, and low-key.

23. God your the best and so hot would be heaven to feel you.... can i fantasize about you forever?

Sure you can. But you might get tired come the year 2078. Just sayin.

24. Will you ever do a bisexual or str8 scene?

Again. Not up to me, but the directors that cast it.  I would like to.... I enjoy females almost as much as I enjoy males. Getting both together and getting paid would be a fantasy come true! :)

25. Hello tell me are you happy?

Of course I'm happy. Now, what about you? Are you happy? Nevermind. I don't really care, and it's none of my business.

26. You are stronger than Brenn Wyson & Jack Hammer, but they are more aggressive & faster than you. Do you think that you need to be more aggressive or you are trying to win but in a clean way & without injuring any opponent?

Yeah. The fights for Naked Kombat are pretty tough... but throughout, I'm pretty focused on fighting clean, and not giving into being overly aggressive. After all, it's a production focused on fighting and sex, and broken limbs are not sexy.

27. You performed 3 scenes with Sam Swift and in all these amazing scenes you were a slave. Do you always like to be dominated by Sam?

It's just the way the director sets it up with me and Sam. I have a high pain threshold, more than Sam. It's not about what I like, it's about how we perform together better.

28. Please don't think I'm racist, but it seems to me that black men have more muscular bodies than white men in general. And I LOVE those bodies.

Okay. It's hard not to think that's racist. Saying black men have more muscular bodies is a sweeping generalization. Just as much as saying that black men are good at sports, or have bigger dicks.... It's not always the case. I'm glad you appreciate the bodies of black men, but all races have something to offer when it comes to muscular and defined male species.

29. What did you do before your career in porn?  What do you plan to do after your career in porn? How much longer do you think your porn career will last? How long have you been in porn? You seem like a cool guy -- in and out of your videos.

I've been in porn now for 3 years. At this point, I'm pretty much considered a veteran porn star.  I have no idea how long it will last... I expected to be out of it, within a couple of years. I'm just going along with things, and appreciating the luck and support that I'm getting. Before working in porn, I worked as a television producer/director.  I'm not sure if I will return to being behind the camera, in that medium... but ya never know. As for what I'm focussing on in the future, it will most likely be some aspect within media. Possibly as a writer, or model agent, or fitness instructor... or all of them at the same time. Stay tuned.

30. First, I'd like to say that your enthusiasm makes your scenes SUPER hot, and I especially love that you delve into the more experimental. With that in mind, have you ever considered sounding? I've never done it myself, but it seems intense. Mike

Thank you very much! I just recently completed a sounding video for Chris Ward at Raging Stallion Studios.  It was the most intense, prostate play, and cum shot I've ever had.... and yes. I'd do it again!

31. Do you like eating cum?

Yes. I thoroughly enjoy it. It's the best way to show someone you love them, without having to say the whole "I love you" bullshit.

32. When you listed the best "bubble butts", did you omit Derek Reynolds by mistake?  I saw a scene you did with him and that guy has to have the finest "bubble" I've ever seen!

You sir, are correct. It was an error on my part to overlook Derek.  He has to date probably the finest bubble butt i've eaten and fucked on camera, next to Shay Michaels and Ty LeBeouf.

31. Hey, Race just wondering if you've dumped the piercing?

Yeah, it was time to let that go.  It kinda got in the way with the kick-boxing training, and the occasional Naked Kombat fight.... so I removed it and let it grow over. Plus, without it... I tend to have a more versatile look as a model.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The most important vote is not in November...

It is NOW! I've been selected to be one of the boys in the Fleshjack Boys 2012 Search! I need the power of my piglet followers to put me in the top three, which will entitle me to have my own line of Fleshjack products! How fucking cool is that??? All you have to do my piggy-piglet is go to or click here, and VOTE for Race Cooper. Spread the word to your friends, by sharing the link on Twitter, Facebook or your own blogs... and let's make it happen! Just imagine it.... I can have my own Fleshjack dildo, and my own Fleshjack, and literally fuck myself! Oink. :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oink Alert! News flash.... I'm a Screamer!

My second time getting fisted on film, was even better than the first.... I got to work with my friend Leo Forte, and he fisted, and fucked me within an inch of my life. Or.... at least it sounds like that. Seems like the fine people at Titan-Rough, were so taken with my audible talent, they even named the movie "Loud & Nasty"! Sweet!!!  Leo has been one of the best scene fetish partners I've ever had.... So, we had an amazing good time while shooting.  If your depraved mind seeks seeing me get, fisted, fucked by big toys, pissed on, and Leo's cock fucking the Crisco out of me.... then this flick is for YOU! Check it out at your neighborhood smut store, or order online at! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oink Alert! Cruising!

My debut with Cazzo Films is available for you Euro fuckers.... Cruising! This was the shoot I did when I traveled on vacation to Berlin late last year, and got to work with the porn star of my choice..... Christian Herzog!! Goddamn he's a hot boy!!! We were pretty inseparable during shooting, always a sign of a hot scene.  The hot scene gets even hotter with newcomer Tyson Tylor getting into it... and we take turns fucking the shit out of Christian.  FUCKING HOT!!!!  The movie also has starring in it.... Felix Barca (trying to ignore my ex, but can't), Malik, and USA bud Troy Daniels. Available at filthy fuck video stores now in Europe, or online at! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oink Alert! Hot Wired!

My second release "Hard Wired" with TitanMen is out now... and it's electrifying! Working with Jessie Colter was a complete pleasure... we laughed, we cried, we fucked so hard we shook the plaster off the walls! 'Hard Wired' also has starring in it, friends Brad Kalvo, Trenton Ducati, and Jordan White. To check out all the sweaty, balls deep, pounding action... go to or check it out on my 'Movies' sidebar!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Calling all dancing PIGLETS!

If you're in San Francisco, Bay Area this weekend.... you don't want to miss me go-go dancing and getting down and dirty at BEAT PIG! It's the party where nasty beats, and funky pigs collide! Takes place at Powerhouse, for those unfamiliar... Saturday, April 21, 2012 - starting at 9pm. Oh yes, and bring some small bills, to ram into my jock strap or other parts of my genitalia. :@)

Friday, April 13, 2012

This lil' pig went wee, wee, wee... all the way to Berlin!

Okay, I'm back. And barring the jet-lag... I'm not too bad still. It was a great ride spending the last ten days in Germany. Met up with some old friends, and made some new ones. What's
more important is that I took time for myself to recharge, reload, and have a blast while I was doing it. First of all, the weather in Berlin sucked. I mean cold sleet, rain and snow, mixed with howling wind... sucky. But nevertheless, I made the most of my situation, by staying indoors at cafes, and walking around to the monuments, and architectural achievements of Berlin, when it wasn't raining shit outside. Shopping on the rainy days made me smile too! :) I also shot with Cazzo Films while I was there, and shot a crazy ass three-way fisting scene! For you mega-pigs out there, you will LOVE it when it comes out. The shoot was with European players Sylvain Lyk, and Ale Tedesco. Closing my last weekend in Berlin, I was joined by friends from Paris (Will Helm & Kriss Aston), Barcelona, Toronto, and Australia, while we danced the night away at the club Berghain. Fucking Amazing! I hope to be back some time soon... I fucking love BERLIN!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

German chocolate is a tasty treat!

Well, piglets... I pack my bags today for yet another trip, to the place where the wall came down.... Berlin! This is mostly just a fun trip for me, but I'll be picking up shoots while I'm there. When you start making your living from modeling, you can't exactly take long periods of R&R without working a bit along the way. It just makes more sense from a financial point of view. I was in Berlin earlier in December over Christmas... and while that trip was fun, I felt like I missed out on all that Berlin has to offer with so many things closed over Christmas. Germans take their Christmas very seriously! It will be interesting to see how they interpret Easter.... I don't imagine they'll be a Easter festival in the downtown with a chocolate Jesus on a cross.... but ya never know! Incidentally, the period that I'm there will be Leather Pride week in Berlin. OINK! So, I expect to get into lots of trouble with some of my piglet followers and friends.... JA!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

New photos from Mark Henderson!!!

Just got back last night from Fort Worth, Texas... and one of the best, if not THE BEST photo shoots I've ever had... with uber talented photographer Mark Henderson! These are some of the amazing photos he took of me, but you'll have to wait until his next book comes out in order to see which ones of me will be published. To get your hands on his recently published book, "Luminosity" go to or TLA!

Who wants my Badonkadonk?

The Grabby Nominations are in, and guess what piglets? I've been nominated for two categories, Best PornStar Website ( and for Hottest Bottom! It's interesting that after all of this time in porn, my bottom skills are getting recognized... Guess I really nailed that fisting video, huh? ;-) I'd like to also congratulate some of my friends that are in my hot bootylicious category.... Christopher Daniels, Marc Dylan, Andrew Jakk, Kyle King, Cavin Knight, Dean Monroe, Craig Reynolds, and Jesse Santana. They are all worthy competition in the butt-off category! Love these guys! To check out all the other categories that were nominated, click here! And don't forget tickets for the Grabbys go on sale, Tuesday April 3rd!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Oink Alert! The Brits have it!

Two sites in the UK have me featured right now.... and you're gonna love them! A hot drenched flip-flop fuck scene with the amazingly hot Issac Jones was filmed by, and then a sizzling sexy scene getting nailed on the kitchen counter, with Jay Roberts for Both are HAVE TO watch scenes... those brits know how to bring sexy back! When I got scheduled to shoot with UKNakedMen.... they paired me with Jay Roberts, and that pretty much floored me. I mean he's fucking hot!! More than that, he told me he had a porn-crush on me for awhile and that I was the first black guy he'd ever had sex with. Thud (sound of jaw hitting floor). Then when asked me to shoot, they asked who I wanted to be paired with.... I didn't expect that they could get Issac Jones, but they did... Holy fuck! He is just as beautiful in person as he is on screen! You're going to love, love, LOVE, blowing your spunk watching these scenes! Check, check, check it out! Fucking Brilliant!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oink Alert! Stick it to me.

My first flick with TitanMen, "Sticking Point" is now available! This is definitely a very hot scene, that immensely enjoyed shooting with the very masculine and hot Brad Kalvo. He fucked me so good, I came twice! On camera. :p Sticking Point also has a hot oral 3-way with myself, Jayden Grey and Brad Kalvo. The movie also stars hotties, Spencer Reed, Trenton Ducati, Hunter Marx, and Jordan White. What the fuck are you waiting for? Go to your neighborhood smut store now to pick up your copy! Or, click on my movies side bar to order your now.... and get sticky!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to ye ol' stomping grounds...

Still adjusting to being back from the previous trip... I leave on another trip this weekend. Back to Toronto, Canada.... where Canadians fuck for world peace, and other non-military issues. ;-) Have a few shoots there with, but will be more excited to catch up with family and old friends. It'll also be nice to be in the civilized country, where smoking weed isn't illegal, health care is free..... Oh, and drinking some REAL beer will be nice too! Eh?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oink ALERT! I take my first fist in BACK ALLEY!

Yes, I'm a twisted motherfucker.... no need to announce it really.
It's common knowledge. However, most of my piglets have only seen a fraction of the stuff I'm into sexually... on camera. Well, get ready for more... as I push the limits, and my prostate, and some of my lower intestines to the side... when I take my first fist on camera in BACK ALLEY! I've done some fisting privately, but have never been comfortable enough to do it on camera, until recently. The scene is with my ex, Felix Barca... and he works me over expertly with body slaps, and ball tortures, while I'm restrained and hooded. Then it moves to cock sucking, and drinking piss, before... I lick my cum off his boots, and he throws me over a barrel to finish me off with fucking me open with a dildo, and shoving his fist inside me. Just another well rounded day at the office. To check out the super twisted hot scene.... click here.