Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: Transitioning Race Cooper

It's not an easy task to sum up a year, especially one with so many changes. 2011 was the year I became known as much for production management and casting in porn, as I did for modeling. Therefore I connected with fellow models, and porn insiders in a whole new way. It gave me the opportunity to submerge myself even further into the 'image industry', while challenging me to maintain a sense of self, and try not to lose the connections with the people I cared most about. A very difficult thing for those brethren who work behind the scenes in porn, or for any type of media position that puts you in the middle of the 'beautiful people bubble'. It is all consuming, and it is impossible to not take your work home with you. No regrets though. It elevated me in the eyes of my peers, and gave me a new sense of confidence I hadn't had
before. I could talk to anyone, no matter how arrestingly beautiful, or no matter how powerful.... Like they were my buddy from high school.

That confidence allowed me to take more risks with the brand that is Race Cooper. I didn't say no to opportunities that presented itself this year, when my stock started to rise. A new DVD line for Edger9, great! A sponsorship with a lube company, awesome. A new monthly Hot Nerd party at a bar, FAN-fucking-tastic! All would dissolve in one way or another... But I felt the train of transition speeding up in my life, and I went along for the ride. It all felt good, and they were necessary experiences. Especially when considering that to fail at some things, it's preparation for what comes next. Again, no regrets.

This marked the year I fell in love with another model. Something I swore to myself before I'd never do. But as my life was getting faster, and my ability to stay connected to my friends and family became waned, the train ride was becoming lonely. I ultimately wanted someone to share my life, someone that would understand the amount of crazy-fucked-up I would deal with on a normal basis. Someone to support me, and for me to support back. But starting a relationship in such a public way, always amounts to the sum of it's parts. A relationship that seems more for show, and less about a deep connection between two people. I have no regrets about being with Felix. He's a sweet man, and he will always be dear to me. However, breaking up has given me the ability to enjoy the single ride ticket I'm on right now, and more than that use the energy that I would towards trying to maintain a long distance relationship, and direct it towards forging stronger ties to family and friends.

This year. This train ride. Has been a transition. Not just of the journey from point A to B, but of the journey to C and D and E, with a regular stop at F. But I feel the the train of transition has made all the stops it's going to for the next while.... And that 2012 is now going to be a monumental shift. I'm changing platforms, and getting ready for the Express. All the stops and starts before, are preparing me for the fast speed and long journey ahead. I'm on my own now. Modeling, acting, performing more than I ever have before. I'm traveling internationally... Not constrained by a position at a company, and not tied down to a boyfriend. When new ventures present themselves, I will question more whether they take more time away from me, than provide monetary gain. Time is a commodity you can't get back. It's worth more, piglets. I'm alone... But not lonely, as I now seem to be driving this speed train, and I'm bringing you all along with me. Get ready 2012... All aboard. Next stop. Race Cooper 2.0.

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Location:London, UK

Sunday, December 11, 2011

When London is Calling....

When London is calling.... make sure to tell 'em the Queen Bitch sent for ya. Yes, piglets.... It's time for an epic adventure this winter. I'm due for it. I'm packing my bags and off to London UK for some fun this week. I've always wanted to visit this city, and now I have the time and resources to do it. I'll be taking some short trips to Berlin and Paris while I'm there.... but the focus is to explore the history, architecture, clubs, bars, restaurants and the disciples of the Queen. Can't wait, it's gonna be bloody BRILLIANT!

I recently turned 38, and this trip comes at a time where some quiet reflection is necessary... before the big 40 rears it's ugly head. Plus, since Felix and I broke up last month, (long distance is not easy) it's a good time for me to discover men in foreign lands without the constraints of a relationship. Wish me luck, as I look to shag blokes in loos everywhere! :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Can-African Revolution... by Jose Guzman Colon

Some very sexy fashion photos from my friend Jose A Guzman Colon.... We had a blast shooting last night, so I could update my online profiles a bit. Enjoy!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

From Raging Boy to Titan Man

I'm presently in Palm Springs on a warm late November day. Checking the tweet a friend sent me, with an image of myself, in a full page magazine layout. As I switch between apps

on my iPad, and glance occasionally at the pool, palm trees and mountains that beckon me to escape the air-conditioned great room.... I wonder. Is this really my life? Nah. Couldn't be. Must be a mirage.

It's been fun working with TitanMen for the first time, and working along some very cool and talented fellow performers. Really looking forward to seeing the final edits, for the sizzling hot scenes I'm shooting with Brad Kalvo, Jaden Grey (pictured left), and Jessie Coulter (pictured top and below). Plus getting to hang out with new performers Trenton Ducati (pictured left), and Jordan White has been stupid-fun!

I would have expected by this amount of time (almost 3yrs) being in the industry, I'd be done... But modeling work is as busy as ever. I feel like I'm constantly re-inventing myself, and there is still so much to explore... Just something to share piglets. I'm feeling grateful.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Art that's Awesome!

My bf makes fun of the fact that I use 'Awesome' in my vocabulary a lot.... Well, what do you expect when you live in California? Besides, this time it's necessary. I had a photo shoot the Friday before Folsom with Al George of Awesome Images... and the pics turned out great! Check 'em out!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Jose Guzman Colon makes Race and Felix pretty.

During the time that my man Felix Barca was in SF, we coordinated a photoshoot with Jose Guzman Colon. I've always been a fan of Jose's work, and love the artistry and sensuality that he brings to photos.... I was elated when I asked if he was available to shoot us, and he jumped at it! :) Check out a sample of the pretty pics here.

OINK ALERT! Institutional Encounters and Rugburn!

Hey there piglets... two new DVDs for you to get your grubby little snouts into are in stores now.... On one hand, is Tommy Rawlins getting pounded by my fist, and beaten and fucked by me in a jail cell... on the other hand Shay Michaels and I flip fuck each other hard in a gym with our urban hats and kicks.... Whatever your taste, these videos are hot!

Working with Tommy Rawlins was a pleasure... that man can fucking take it! I fucked him against the bottom bunk of a jail cell, ramming his head against cement blocks. After I came, I then took him to the play room, where I proceeded to ram my arm up his ass to the elbow, and fuck him mercilessly on a gurney. HOT FUCKING TIME!

With Shay Michaels, we couldn't stop fucking each other... even between takes.... That boy has one of the meatiest asses in the business, and I loved being all up in there. :) Plus, he fucked me back pretty hard too.... so much that I came three times during the shoot. Steve Cruz was none too happy with me the first time I came... but he settled down when I had two more gushers... So, check these videos out in the Movies sidebar, or go to your local video gutter store to buy... 'Institutional Encounters' and 'Rugburn'!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I honed my cocksucking.... uh... acting skills at Julliard.

Awhile ago I was contacted by a producer in Atlanta who was interested in me for a future project. The project turned out to be a potential drama television pilot for HBO. It was curious that he was asking me to be involved in the project..... Pornstars are rarely known for their strong acting skills. Cocksucking skills, yes! Acting.... not always. Regardless, my ears perked up and we discussed the project at length. It would be a gay drama set in Atlanta dealing with racism and sex in the gay community. However, he needed to see if I had the chops to pull off playing the part. So, I flew to Atlanta and auditioned for the new series "Skin Deep".
I actually acted a great deal in college. So, I wasn't exactly going in cold with no experience. However, I was still nervous whether I could deliver the dialogue in a way that would bring justice to the character that was written. But after going through the audition, and performing dialogue with a number of other actors... I realized I still had it. I'm sure you're not surprised piglets.... Race Cooper has always been a theatrical persona. Yes, and as you might have guessed. I got the role.

Now, this is where you can help in spreading the word about this pilot, and hopefully driving sponsors to the project that will move me from the porn screen to the tv screen. Click on the link here at, and donate to "Skin Deep"! Or just repost this to your facebook, twitter, ass, whatever... just spread the word. I've never been so excited as I am about being an actor. I will give you more details as the project continues, and as we get ready for filming. Thank you, piglets... Thank you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Folsom / Castro Street Fair - Recap!

Hey my piglets... another Folsom Street Fair and Castro Street Fair has come and gone.... and once again, this year... trumped the previous year! Fucking amazing! So good, I needed some serious recovery time. But now that's it's all over I get to share with you my adventures....

Saturday night of Folsom Fair was off the hook, with two parties that Felix and I went to. Twisted was packed wall to wall with pornstars and porn industry insiders. It was the first time that Felix and I went out as an official porn couple, so there was no shortage of photos of us taken.... Then it was off to Magnitude where we danced, sweated, met lots of friends, danced and sweated some more.

The next morning was the Fair, and it almost looked like it was going to suck with the forecast calling for rain... but luckily the heavens parted, and all piglets rejoiced in their slutty city surroundings. This year we both dressed as superheroes, and looked fucking awesome together at the Falcon/Raging Stallion booth. A testament to how much of a hit a costume is, was how many people kept stopping us to take our picture. As well as the Huffington Post running a main story pic on Folsom Fair with me in it.... Fucking A! You can't get better marketing than that. After the fair, Felix had a Hard Friction shoot with Morgan Black, and afterward we went out to dinner foregoing Real Bad.... We were wiped.

The next few days were filled with sunny days at the beach and Dolores Park (as well as fucking a few guys together). But we were back in piggy (or piggier) form for our Fetish Force shoot on Thursday. That's right piglets... you get to look forward to a very intense fetish scene with Felix Barca and I coming soon. Trust me when I say, this was monumental. You will soak yourself in cum from watching it!

That Friday, we went bowling. Yes. Bowling. My man wanted to experience something American. So, we got the gang together, and watched him sink gutter ball after gutter ball. Laugh Riot! The rest of the weekend was filled with a couple of b-day parties on Saturday, before the Castro Street Fair on the Sunday. It was a blast running around with my man, and actually getting some time to hang with friends. Both of us agree this was the most fun we'd ever had in our lives. Check out all the pics below.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Porn Star Advice.... Uncle Sam likes gay porn too!

I was a little surprised by the reaction I got, on the last time I posted on my 'Dear Race'. Seems like not only did fans love it, but models, and some industry insiders. Both TLA, and Gay Demon wrote some wonderful articles on my porn advice blog post! Thanks guys! You rock! :) Best part is, the questions keep on coming from models.... So, let's get to answering one.

Hey Race,

I'm curious as to how I go about filing taxes as a model, any advice?


Dear EO,

Good on ya for thinking ahead, and not waiting until the last minute on this one.... Because Uncle Sam will get you one way or another. A 1099-Miscellaneous form will be mailed to you from the studio or studios that you work with. Will usually arrive in the mail at the end of the taxation year or the beginning of the new year. Hold on to these forms for when you are about to do your taxes. Whether you are using QuickTax or H&R Block, as a model you will file the income from these forms as an independent contractor, and specify the occupation as 'model'. Now, it's important to remember that as a model, you are entitled to make deductions on things related to your work. Gym memberships, clothing, supplements, haircuts, travel expenses for appearances.... I can't stress enough for you to SAVE THESE RECEIPTS!!! These will help in the long run, and will add up to large deductions from what you may owe Uncle Sam. The best thing to do is have a basket by your desk, and drop these receipts in there whenever you've made a purchase. Organize the receipts before tax time in folders for travel, gym membership, supplements, clothing, food, and cosmetic, and enter the totals for each folder into the deduction lines of your tax form. You should save a great deal on what you owe, or possibly get funds back! Yay, for you! More shopping!!

Christmas for Piglets... comes only once a year!

Hey Piglets, it is that time.... the time when gag-balls are tied to the salivating pig-boy with care. Large parcels of fisting lube, and play sheets arrive from the magical UPS man.... and everyone delights in singing the praise of Nasty Pig. Ahhhhh..... Folsom Fair!!!

Okay, so it's time to give you the low-down on where I'll be and what I'll be doing.... but firstly... I'm on the cover of the Gloss Magazine Folsom Fair program guide. Awwww.... Yeah! My second magazine cover! I guess my mug is going to be all over the place this year.... fuckin A! I'll be starting off the weekend when my man Felix arrives in town.... so, don't plan on seeing me out much before Friday.... wink, wink.

Saturday, Sept 24th I have two events.... I'll be at Mezzanine for Twisted - Falcon / Raging Stallion Men of the Year Party! DJ Ricky Sinz will be spinning, and I'll be there with Felix from 8pm to 11pm.... and if you wanna be a part of the fun, click here! Afterward, we go from there to Folsom Fair's Official Magnitude Party. Woohoo! Sunday Sept. 25th, is of course the Folsom Fair, and I will be at the Naked Sword/ Falcon / Raging Stallion booth with Felix Barca from 1pm to 2:30pm.
Come by and say hello, or bare some skin for me to autograph your private parts. After the day of enjoying the fair, I'll be going to Real Bad..... to dance the night away. :) Look forward to meeting and seeing all of my piglet fans.... Can't wait! The countdown has begun!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Porn Star Advice: Dealing with the Haters

Every once and awhile models ask me for advice. I have no idea why. I guess it's because I'm a good listener, and I've worked for a long time both in front and behind the camera. I recently got an email from a model, and after I answered him, I realized this might be a new thing to blog about.... Granted, I don't believe I'm a guru in any way, but I do have the ability to not get bothered by much, and to make light of a bad situation. So here it goes piglets..... Porn advice via Dear Race.
Dear Race,

Hey... I have a question and I was wondering if you can tell me what you think. I've had a few blog posting comments sent to me from some people, and I've read a few on my own and I'm noticing more and more how people are ripping me apart on these blogs and forums. I'm getting some good feedback, but other times I'm seeing people being complete dicks and criticizing me for everything. Is this normal? Has the same thing happened to you in the past? I'm trying not to take it personally, but I can't help but wonder if this is reflective of something I am doing (or not doing) in the scenes I have done. What do you think?


Dear LV,

I'm afraid to say it's very normal, unfortunately. Blame it on the anonymity of the internet, whatever. It's the double-edged sword from being in the industry. Fans will put you on a pedestal and treat you like a god, others will make snarky disgusting comments that they would never do to someone, face to face. You have to take all comments, the good and the bad, with a grain of salt. Don't waste too much time listening to any of it. Say thank you for the good comments, ignore the insults. There's nothing worse that you can do (for your porn career), but to answer back on some piss-ant fucker who writes bile, just to see their words in print. You can never win an online war... so the best thing to do is just ignore them. Otherwise they know they've gotten to you, and it helps promote and elevate them, and their useless and hate filled vitriol even more.

It happened to me a great deal, when I first began.... Not as much anymore. Once people notice you have a thick skin, they seem to give up. This has absolutely nothing to do with you, or what you are doing. Let me make that clear. It's really just... sour grapes. Don't write about or reply to comments. Don't bring anymore attention to them. It's their 15 minutes, and it's sadly all they have. Listen to your friends, they know you more than anybody.... and they'll probably say, that you're doing a great job, and are nothing short of fabulous. :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hey Piglets! I'm excited.... not just because my HOT NERD night is taking off, but because the buzz is happening faster than I can hype it myself.... God bless the internet, and all the godless things that are on there! Today I got a surprise that I had to share.... a friend of mine who loves hot nerds, told me that his brother had a clothing company in New York that produces HOT NERD t-shirts....Fucking RAD! So, this morning I got my very own HOT NERD t-shirt thanks to friends at! Also, I'm having a blast making new images for HOT NERD, they keep getting better and better as time goes on.... Major thanks to Michael Smith for all his hard work on them.... And Piglets... if you're in SF on the first Saturday of the month, you don't want to miss HOT NERD... It is in my humble opinion.... fucking amazing ass shit!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Oink Alert! Dog Fight makes me a... very bad puppy.

WOOF! I mean.... Drew Cutler, eat your fucking heart out. Piglets... I've never been into puppy play, but Tony Buff has made me into a convert. And what better way to bait me, then with the sexy ass meat of Wilfried Knight! Truly, this is a scorching hot scene.... one of the best of my career. And I gotta thank Tony for coming up with a cool scenario for fetish.... Acting like a bad-ass dog was fun, wearing a dog tail butt plug was fun, and fucking the hell out of Wilfried Knight... was over the top!!! Check it out , here... .or on the sidebar under movies. Grrrrooowlllll!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

J'adore Paris!

It's one of those things that shouldn't mean that much.... but for me it does. Ya see.... I've been doing the porn thing for two and a half years.... been on lots of DVD box covers, had articles written about me, been on radio, modeled for stores, promoted my own party, won awards.... but have never, had a magazine cover. Until now. So.... I have to say a really big.... Merci Beaucoup to Wank magazine in Paris..... Love you guys!!! Tu es magnifique!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

RSVP Race Cooper #6

Holy shit, piglets. Has it truly been that long since I answered your questions??? Well, shame on me.... in fact feel free to call me a good-for-nothing-lazy-whore.... I mean it won't affect me, and i've been called worse by family, but you might feel better! Now... to extend those good, happy, vibrations... let's get going on answering your questions. Here. We. Go.

1. Was BoundGods your only BDSM bottom experience on camera?

To date... yes. Most of my BDSM on camera has put me as the dominating force.... guess it's just typecasting. However, I have been talking with Tony Buff a great deal to shoot another scene in which I'm the sub. Stay tuned!

2. You are a very handsome man. Do you ever travel to Chicago??

I do, and thanks. At least once a year for IML/Grabbys on Memorial day weekend I visit the windy city. I was just there, where were you?

3. Barca is your "boyfriend"? I thought I read that you were domestically partnered with someone else at some point. Did I miss something? GGT

Hey GGT... it's correct that Felix Barca is my boyfriend. And you were also correct that I was married. I just didn't mention it on my blog when I got separated and filed for divorce... because break-ups are hard enough, without everyone on the internet commenting on it. Although I love sharing my life with my fans, there are some things I am adamant about keeping private. Which includes the people I care most about.

4. Do you ever do any escorting?

Hmmm... you know I tried it for a short while this year. But can't say I liked it too much. It's easier to connect with someone on a sexual level when you're attracted to them. Don't know if I'll ever do it again... but at this point.... I don't think it's for me.

5. You need some pit action in your vids, are you ticklish? Any movies with your pits licked?

Really? I thought I had a lot of pit action going on... I'm sure there was licking of pit, in a great deal of movies. But I can't remember at this point which ones have it, and which ones don't. Also.... Not ticklish at all. Sorry.

6. I saw a movie with you enjoying piss. Is that something that you enjoy in your personal life, and can your participant in these activities kiss afterwards with no problem?

Watersports is something I definitely enjoy in my personal. And I never have a problem drinking piss and kissing afterwards... nothing like swapping spit and piss at the same time.

7. I would love to see you play Space cadet from Patrick Fillion's Boytoons... that would be f-ing hot.

Great idea! I'm all for it!

8. When will you do another performance at Nob Hill?

Have yet to book another appearance at Nob Hill... but I'm sure I will do it again. It was a great time, and everyone there was great to work with! :)

9. How often do you shave your balls?

Once a week... like to make them look smooth. Like eggs.

10. What is your favorite thing to do on a Friday night?

Smoke weed with my buds.... watch a movie, or go to the local watering hole for a drink. It's usually something low-key with my buds though.

11. How do you maintain your physique?

It's pretty much working out for an hour and a half, five to six times a week. I have a personal trainer who pushes me hard now, and luckily for me, my body responds because of my genetic make-up.

12. What can I do to have a BIG and long dick?

Surgery. But I'm no plastic surgeon.... so I'd have to defer to my friend who is one..... Oh, he says I'm right. Surgery.

13. Do you like German guys?

Yes, I like German guys.... They seem to like black guys a lot, and I can get away with anything when I'm with them.... those little German piggies are relentless!

14. Hey Mr. Cooper, my name is Coolcab out of Brooklyn, NY. I was wondering when are you going to be in the NYC area? I would like to meet you, if possible.

Usually make it to NYC twice a year. I was there recently in March for Black Party. Hopefully I will be there again this year for Hustlaball... stay tuned!

15. I'm a proud citizen of Durban, South Africa. You seem to be fond of weed, so I had to ask if you've ever tried some Durban Poison? Also, your body is stunning; what, and how much cardio do you do? Paul

Hey Paul! Thanks for so much for the compliment! I don't do a great deal of cardio. I'm lucky because my body has a fast metabolism... and I also tend to do a lot of running around work wise. As for the Durban Poison, never tried it. I sampled a lot of stuff when I was Amsterdam earlier this year, but Durban wasn't on the list. I'll have to try it at some point..... love my weed!

16. Have you ever turned somebody out without ever fucking them, man or woman?

Hmmmm.... Not familiar with that phrase of 'turning someone out'. But if I could guess at what you meant... does that mean I made someone fall for me, without fucking them? Yeah, I did. Not intentionally. A married guy I worked with long ago, confessed to me that he later divorced his wife, because he had had a crush on me for a year... and had to come to grips with his attraction. That... blew me away.

17. Would you have sex with an older man.... like 40, 50?

Sure thing. I'm not an ageist.... Hot is hot.

18. Have you ever had sex with a trans?

Nope, never did. Am I curious to? Yep.

19. Do you love bubble butts? Which pornstar has the nicest?

I do love bubble butts... When it comes to pornstars with the nicest... it's a toss-up between Ty Lebeouf and Shay Michaels.... Fucking Deelish!

20. Have you ever had sex in a public place.... unplanned?

Sure thing.... In fact, at Folsom or IML it happened at least 2 - 3 times per day.

21. Which race of men do you prefer to work with, or does it matter?

Race doesn't matter to me. What a coincidence, huh? Race doesn't matter to Race. I like hot guys of all colors... and when it's a work thing, the only thing that matters is attraction, chemistry, and a check at the end of the day.

Super Oink Alert! Jason Adonis' first interracial!

A long time ago... before we filmed this scene... Jason Adonis had mentioned to the bloggosphere, that he was very interested in filming an interracial scene. Had no idea that he meant he wanted to fuck me.... but when I got the call to do it.... I said, "HELL YEAH"! We worked great together on this one, and Jason is truly a great performer, and stunningly beautiful. So, enjoy all that is my scene taking away Jason's 'Chocolate Virginity' in Dominus! I especially love how he says in the scene how he loves to suck big black cock.... priceless! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Smells like Teenage Spirit mixed with Starbucks.

This seems to be the year of traveling for me. New York, Cologne, Amsterdam, Chicago, and now Seattle... and while I love reviewing the architectural features of airports, I'm getting a little tired of living out of my suitcase. Oh well, pays the bills bitches! Can't complain too much, especially when I get to spend time with Felix in Europe. On deck is Seattle, home of Starbucks, Jimmy Hendrix, and alternative style. I'm shooting a Fetish Force feature directed by my bud Tony Buff. Fucking love that guy! Plus, getting to work with my buds Alessio Romero, Leo Forte, and Chris Yosef, is gonna be sweet too. Get ready Seattle, and hold on to your skim-milk lattes.... Fetish Force is coming to town!

This little piggy squealed... OINK ALERT!

Hey Piglets, I'm proud to announce the second installment of Edger9 on DVD is available... "HARD EDGE!!!" Starring myself along with Wilfried Knight and Mark Williams... this shit is hot! I mean steaming! I get fucked by some massive dick on this, as well as fuck some fresh meat for your pleasure too. Also, available for those of you that need a helping hand of more filth, 'cause your appetites just ain't satisfied... is my new fisting flick "Fist My Gaping Hole". I have a wicked cool scene fisting European fist bottom Ashley Ryder. Man, it was cool cramming my arm up that little guy... I felt like Jim Hensen! Check it out on the sidebar to buy... or at your neighborhood smutty-filth store.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I know the heading is annoying... but trust me piglets... if there's ever a scene that you want to have, and know when I'm enjoying myself sexually beyond anything I've ever done before.... this movie is the one to buy! Truly. No joke. This is the one. I mean, what proves it more than the fact that my scene is with the beautiful and talented Felix Barca, who is now my boyfriend. I never want to watch any of the scenes I shoot usually... It's a weird thing to watch yourself, because you become overly critical, and start pointing out things that you could have done different (like that orgasm face). But with this scene I can't help enjoying it... because I'm totally thinking about how great it was to have sex with my man for the first time. Anyways, enjoy me falling in love on camera... and buy "Get Me Off!".