Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Folsom Fair Weekend - Recap

It took me some time to recover from it.... but I'm ready to download on my weekend of debauchery. Reliving the moments, I did everything I possibly could in a short period of time.... Lots of fun, hanging with friends, and doing shows.... Still have to round up more pictures, but it was definitely a blast!
Okay... so my weekend started on Thursday with the 'Lick it!' event at Powerhouse. I did an appearance as part of this bootblack event, and did a couple of raunchy shows on stage. Thanks go to my co-stars Travis and John, for making it fun! I wasn't really planning on much that evening, I don't think I was even planning on drinking.... but some how I ended up tipsy, and fisting a guy from Denmark. Oh well! :) The next day involved a lot of running around, and getting things prepared for the rest of the weekend. A friend of mine from New York was going to be in town, so I also had to pick him up from the airport. We had some fun hanging for the day... PUFF PUFF... as well as fucking around. Later we got ready for my event at Truck. It was a cool event.... no shows, just some cool promotion and meeting fans, and hanging with friends having drinks. It was nice to have the down time, before going ballistic for the rest of the weekend. I had thought about going to meet up with other friends at ChiChi's 'Pop goes the zipper!', but also thought it would be better, to get some rest.... didn't want to look like crap on Saturday night.

Saturday, was my day to spend with my friend from New York, Mac. He'd never been to SF, so I got to be his tour guide. We shopped around the Castro and the Mission, and then went over the Golden Gate to hike the Marin Headlands, and check out Black Sands beach. It was a fucking beautiful, and hot sunny day... so we had a blast by the ocean. The only spoiler.... my car got broken into while we were at the beach. Luckily nothing was broken, and the only thing taken was Mac's backpack. For some reason we had some luck as we drove back, and slowed down to see some park rangers arresting a guy.... and in the guy's car, was Mac's backpack! Definitely good karma following us that day.... and we got everything back that was stolen. Later after dinner, Mac and I headed to Magnitude. I got to say I was extremely impressed with him.... no experience at a sex club, and he got on stage with me and did a sex show..... Is it called corruption or coersion?

Sunday morning I had to get up early, for my volunteer shift helping to set up the Bare Chest Booth, and then my full day was filled with getting flogged and beaten on the stage, and playing Naked Twister (Twisted) on the Steamworks stage.... Definitely the most fun of the day is getting to play a game, with my hot friends Dak Ramsey and Tony Aziz! You couldn't ask for it to get any better than that at Folsom... the place was packed, and everybody was having a great time.... Capped the night off with dancing the night away with Mac at REAL BAD.... and that was my whole weekend..... FUCK!!! That was a fucking marathon. :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

All these men to fuck you, and nothing to wear??

Don't worry child.... Porn Fashionista is here to rescue you! Brought to you by the fine items at Mr. S. It's only days until Folsom Street Fair, so here's an item you might want to pick up.
It's a dark evening, and you've had most of the cum milked out of you from a night at the Citadel; but in the alley you notice a trio of rugged, muscular men, with hungry looks that bore into your posterior. Not feeling tired, and giving into your 'sexual enthusiast' urges.... you figure, why not? A triple penetration might be fun! But as they grapple and molest your body, they find it impossible to get any leverage on your sweaty and slimy torso, and keep slipping out of you..... Awwwww.... You wouldn't have this problem if you had the 'English Bulldog Harness'. Both stylish enough to not mask your strong pectorals, but sturdy enough for the raunchiest gang bang.... you'll never have to worry about guys not being able to ride your ass, like the bucking Bull you are! Growl... big doggy! GRRRR! Good boy... and you look Fabulous too!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SUPER OINK ALERT! Dirty! Now available on DVD!

Hey you raunch, and vile piglets... it's finally here! The Dirty! DVD you've been waiting for all summer, is now available at your neighborhood porn store, or online at Falcon Studios website. This has got to be my new favorite scene of all time, so if you want to see me, when I'm REALLY having fun.... get this video! The scene starts with Ty LeBeouf and I spraying beer, and devouring each other's hard cocks. Soon, I spit some more beer on Ty's ass, before I lick it up and suck all that assy goodness! From there, it's an ass pounding of epic proportions, fucking Ty stupid as we crescendo, finally showering each other with beer and cum. If you haven't seen any of the footage yet, you can view the trailer, here. The film also stars, Scott Tanner, Blu Kennedy, Max Sinclair, Luke Riley, and Tony Aziz..... You've never seen a trailer park, with this much testosterone! What are you waiting for? Click on the movie link on my sidebar... and GO and blow a wad right now!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

... and away we GO!!

Leather Pride Week officially kicked off yesterday, and most of my leather pals and I... were right there for it. Went to hang out with my buddy Lance for brunch yesterday, and met up with some others from the leather family at the Cove. Then a couple of shots of alcohol, a flag raising, and the Leather March began! Perfect weather in San Francisco right now... you couldn't ask for better. Sunny, and not humid, with a slight breeze.... aaaaahhh! Love it here. Some sweet tunes were played on the walk, as I marched down with fellow leather pals Samuel Colt and Tony Aziz. Decided to call it a day, and only stayed at the Eagle afterward for a short while... didn't want to over do my week (kids, there is such a thing). Gonna spend the next few days, organizing my outfits, lubricants, etc. for the Folsom weekend to come.... Mmmmm.... OINK!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Oink Alert! The Pickup on

It's been a long week, and what better thing to pick you up, then new masturbatory offerings on It's the Friday Pickup! We went so far as to even title it that. Check out the new story and b-roll video now available on YouTube, as well as the x-rated video available on!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Folsom is cumming... are you READY???

The past few days I've been getting things organized for the Folsom weekend. Even though it's still 10 days away, it's feeling like that time is going to fly by. With the Leather Walk happening this weekend, and the flag raising on Sunday.... the time of leather and debauchery is at hand. My other hand is busy stroking the hot guys coming to town. ;-) First up in my appearances, is a fundraiser for the boot shining community called 'Lick it!' It's at the Powerhouse on the 24th. Look out for me doing a raunchy show there. Mmmm.... tastes like a well worn boot. Next is an appearance sponsored by, at Truck! It's a meet-and-greet, so I can sign people's body parts, as well as photos, and show upcoming scenes on A very cool night, you won't want to miss! Magnitude is on Saturday night, and rather than just sit on the sidelines, or have anonymous sex in the dark corners of the dungeon, I'm doing a sex show in the balcony..... Hope you like me getting my freak on under lights, 'cause I'm bound to bring it with the hottie I'm paired with! It's gonna be HAWT! Lastly on Folsom day, I have two appearances.... with on their stage (Be prepared to see me served some delicious pain), and then 'Naked' Twister on the Steamworks stage.... Wow! That seems like a lot, doesn't it? Oh well, gotta go hard or go home... this is Folsom.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wiped out.... but clean!

I'm a bit tired today from all the work on the Tighty Whitey Car Wash... I think we managed to pull in a couple thousand dollars, which was great..... Would've definitely pulled in more, if it hadn't started to rain at the tail end of it.... but all in all a very good time! Had a blast, and got to meet some great people. The legendary Michael Brandon stopped by with my good friend Andre Shannon.... which was totally cool! I'll definitely get more pics and post them to the Facebook Fan page when they come.... Thanks to everyone who took part. You rock! If you'd like to send any extra donations to AIDS Emergency Fund, or Positive Resource Center.... go to Thank you. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tighty Whitey Car Wash Today! Make your ride shine!

Today will be crazy! Tons of fun and cleaning to be had at this second annual event.... if you're in the hood.... (The Castro) bring your car and your camera. We're gonna have a blast! I'll be Twittering from the event all day.... so be sure to check on stuff here.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crushin' on GPCrush

I have one more shoot in Toronto this evening, but I'm pretty much ready to be back in California. More than that I got a post from my SoCal-girl Tamara, making me feel even more homesick. "On Race..." she gives 6 reasons why she loves me.... How fucking sweet is that?? LOVE YOU TOO, GIRL!!! XOXOX

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oink Alert! Dirty! Director's cut now online!

Hey, you swines of swill and merriment... the director's cut of my scene with Ty LeBeouf in Dirty! is now available! You definitely don't want to miss this, as this beer/watersports fuckfest has already been toted as GAYVN worthy!! Reviews are pouring in (excuse the pun), and they're fucking sweet! "While they drink beer off each other, they also practically devour each other, moving from deep hard kissing to deep-throated blowjobs. The natural flow of passionate sex leads to Race Cooper topping Ty LeBeouf--deeply but not mechanically nor dispassionately. As you watch the scene, you may find it hard to believe these two aren't a real couple." - Jack Manly. Holy SHIT!!! To check out all that "DIRTY" action go to Falcon's site.... That's fucking sweeter then the beer off Ty's ass!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Chocolate with a hint of maple syrup

I've made the Can-african jokes for awhile.... but now I have to stop and get ready to make more American jokes, as I start packing for my trip to Toronto tonight. This will be my first time going back to my hometown, since I started doing porn... I'm not sure how my friends will react, but since they are MY friends, they probably won't blink (at least they'll blink less than Sarah Palin). This is my third trip in three weeks, and its getting a bit tiresome.... looking forward to staying in California for awhile after this, and focussing on more upcoming projects with studios and Edger9. Speaking of Edger9, I'll be in Toronto shooting content there, working with some Canadian models, as well as Marc Williams.

Some friends have asked me, how Canada sees America. Canadians don't have a hatred like a lot of other countries do... just a familiar, yet exhausting relationship. America is like Canada's big brother. You love him, but it's a bit tiresome when he fucks things up, and has to sleep on your couch after his divorce. You wonder.... when will he learn and put his wife health care, first? Yeah, too much analysis on my end.... That's being Canadian. We think a lot, but we end up making jokes about everything. :) It'll be nice to be back on the hometown, turf.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mark the date, you filthy fuckers! Oops, I mean you wonderful people!

Tighty Whitey Car Wash is fast approaching, and I'm going a bit crazy getting everything organized for it today... We're calling on the gods for sunshine, and scantily clad boys and girls to help out.... So, if you're free to volunteer, and would like to help a porn star raise some money for charity.... go to, and login for AEF's Tighty Whitey Car Wash as a volunteer. The other way to help is to get your car down to the event, and give us money.... we promise to make your car shine.... and give you that extra loving you deserve. The kind that you won't get at a Chevron. Mark it on your calendar.... Sunday, Sept. 13th, 2009!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fleshbot's Sexy Summer List

I really appreciate how much love I get from the bloggers, but I have pure unadulterated passion with! It must be a slow news cycle in the porn world, but hey if it works in putting me on 'sexy summer' lists.... I'm all for it!! Check out some of the hot new meat that Fleshbot recognizes as the next best studs to come to gay porn, including myself! BTW - I'd give my left nut to work with Junior. :)