Wednesday, March 28, 2012

German chocolate is a tasty treat!

Well, piglets... I pack my bags today for yet another trip, to the place where the wall came down.... Berlin! This is mostly just a fun trip for me, but I'll be picking up shoots while I'm there. When you start making your living from modeling, you can't exactly take long periods of R&R without working a bit along the way. It just makes more sense from a financial point of view. I was in Berlin earlier in December over Christmas... and while that trip was fun, I felt like I missed out on all that Berlin has to offer with so many things closed over Christmas. Germans take their Christmas very seriously! It will be interesting to see how they interpret Easter.... I don't imagine they'll be a Easter festival in the downtown with a chocolate Jesus on a cross.... but ya never know! Incidentally, the period that I'm there will be Leather Pride week in Berlin. OINK! So, I expect to get into lots of trouble with some of my piglet followers and friends.... JA!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

New photos from Mark Henderson!!!

Just got back last night from Fort Worth, Texas... and one of the best, if not THE BEST photo shoots I've ever had... with uber talented photographer Mark Henderson! These are some of the amazing photos he took of me, but you'll have to wait until his next book comes out in order to see which ones of me will be published. To get your hands on his recently published book, "Luminosity" go to or TLA!

Who wants my Badonkadonk?

The Grabby Nominations are in, and guess what piglets? I've been nominated for two categories, Best PornStar Website ( and for Hottest Bottom! It's interesting that after all of this time in porn, my bottom skills are getting recognized... Guess I really nailed that fisting video, huh? ;-) I'd like to also congratulate some of my friends that are in my hot bootylicious category.... Christopher Daniels, Marc Dylan, Andrew Jakk, Kyle King, Cavin Knight, Dean Monroe, Craig Reynolds, and Jesse Santana. They are all worthy competition in the butt-off category! Love these guys! To check out all the other categories that were nominated, click here! And don't forget tickets for the Grabbys go on sale, Tuesday April 3rd!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Oink Alert! The Brits have it!

Two sites in the UK have me featured right now.... and you're gonna love them! A hot drenched flip-flop fuck scene with the amazingly hot Issac Jones was filmed by, and then a sizzling sexy scene getting nailed on the kitchen counter, with Jay Roberts for Both are HAVE TO watch scenes... those brits know how to bring sexy back! When I got scheduled to shoot with UKNakedMen.... they paired me with Jay Roberts, and that pretty much floored me. I mean he's fucking hot!! More than that, he told me he had a porn-crush on me for awhile and that I was the first black guy he'd ever had sex with. Thud (sound of jaw hitting floor). Then when asked me to shoot, they asked who I wanted to be paired with.... I didn't expect that they could get Issac Jones, but they did... Holy fuck! He is just as beautiful in person as he is on screen! You're going to love, love, LOVE, blowing your spunk watching these scenes! Check, check, check it out! Fucking Brilliant!!!