Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Smells like Teenage Spirit mixed with Starbucks.

This seems to be the year of traveling for me. New York, Cologne, Amsterdam, Chicago, and now Seattle... and while I love reviewing the architectural features of airports, I'm getting a little tired of living out of my suitcase. Oh well, pays the bills bitches! Can't complain too much, especially when I get to spend time with Felix in Europe. On deck is Seattle, home of Starbucks, Jimmy Hendrix, and alternative style. I'm shooting a Fetish Force feature directed by my bud Tony Buff. Fucking love that guy! Plus, getting to work with my buds Alessio Romero, Leo Forte, and Chris Yosef, is gonna be sweet too. Get ready Seattle, and hold on to your skim-milk lattes.... Fetish Force is coming to town!

This little piggy squealed... OINK ALERT!

Hey Piglets, I'm proud to announce the second installment of Edger9 on DVD is available... "HARD EDGE!!!" Starring myself along with Wilfried Knight and Mark Williams... this shit is hot! I mean steaming! I get fucked by some massive dick on this, as well as fuck some fresh meat for your pleasure too. Also, available for those of you that need a helping hand of more filth, 'cause your appetites just ain't satisfied... is my new fisting flick "Fist My Gaping Hole". I have a wicked cool scene fisting European fist bottom Ashley Ryder. Man, it was cool cramming my arm up that little guy... I felt like Jim Hensen! Check it out on the sidebar to buy... or at your neighborhood smutty-filth store.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I know the heading is annoying... but trust me piglets... if there's ever a scene that you want to have, and know when I'm enjoying myself sexually beyond anything I've ever done before.... this movie is the one to buy! Truly. No joke. This is the one. I mean, what proves it more than the fact that my scene is with the beautiful and talented Felix Barca, who is now my boyfriend. I never want to watch any of the scenes I shoot usually... It's a weird thing to watch yourself, because you become overly critical, and start pointing out things that you could have done different (like that orgasm face). But with this scene I can't help enjoying it... because I'm totally thinking about how great it was to have sex with my man for the first time. Anyways, enjoy me falling in love on camera... and buy "Get Me Off!".

The Best Dressed Award

Hey Piglets, just got back from the Grabbys... and I had tons of fun, hanging with my porn peeps. I won Best Ethnic Movie for Steamworks.... YAY! Which is pretty sweet, since none of us working on it, thought of it as an ethnic movie. Now piglets.... because you know I'm a fashion whore, it's not surprising that I took the opportunity to get a fashion designer friend of mine, to design something slutty for me.... and I'm glad I did. People really liked my take on slutty-english-gentleman... which others described as Slutty Clockwork Orange, or Slutty Cabaret.... Whatever. They liked seeing me show my ass! Which surpisingly enough was the only ass that was shown off that night. Chicago's decency laws are so weird. Especially taking into account people can ride motorcycles with no helmet. I mean, where the fuck is the decency in heads squashed like melons on hard pavement in a traffic accident? HUH?? Anyways, here's some pics from the weekend (Grabbys photos courtesy of T-ball). Enjoy!