Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let's get ready to rumble....

Brutal is in stores now.... and to celebrate me and Ricky Sinz are throwing a cock fight on Jan. 22nd at Club 8 for Pornstar! Seriously, no fighting will be allowed, but there will be plenty of cock. I'll be performing onstage with Ricky Sinz, and DJ Derek Monteiro spinning some serious melodies.... boy knows how to tear up the vinyl! Check out all the dirty details here.... and while you're surfing on over there, open another window tab and fucking go buy 'BRUTAL'! It's fucking amazing.... no lie.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Porn Star's B-day week

Wow! That.... was amazing! Truly and utterly amazing. It started the weekend of my birthday, and didn't end until this past Monday. Thanks for the love, from fans, friends, and colleagues... this was definitely a birthday week to remember. Last weekend started the festivities by going snowboarding with friends, at Alpine Meadows in Tahoe.
Fantastic.... Me and my BSP (Black Snowboard Patrol), piled into my SUV and jammed all the way to the hills. Great conditions, lots of laughs, lots of alcohol, lots of weed..... Great times. Then when I got back to SF, a number of friends took me out for lunch and dinner... at some fantastic restaurants throughout the work week. Saturday, was the Pornstar Birthday Party, with friends coming in from all over. Chi Chi LaRue DJing, and Sister Roma spreading the love to me and my fellow B-day pornstars celebrating; Samuel Colt, Chris Porter, and Spencer Reed. Also, had lots of other friends show up, like Conner Habib, Element Eclipse, Nick Moretti, Logan Scott, Wilfried Knight, Alessio Romero, Tony Vega, Morgan Black, and Roman Wright. Didn't go as hard on the tequila as Chris Porter did, but it took me awhile to recover..... Thanks everyone for an awesome week! Looking forward to next year..... For more pictures of the Pornstar Birthday Party.... click here.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A B-day of Epic Proportions

Tequila will be flying off the shelves when myself (Dec. 5), Samuel Colt (Dec.6) and Chris Porter (Dec. 11) celebrate our birthdays on Dec. 11th! If you plan on being in San Francisco during that night, you probably don't want to miss out. DJ ChiChi LaRue will be spinning, with Sister Roma blessing our drinks. I don't think I've ever done a party like this.... but I'm sooooooo looking forward to it. My best bud Tony Aziz will be there, as will Spencer Reed (celebrating his b-day too!), and good friend Alessio Romero. This is gonna so be fucking OTC! Held at The Lookout, in the Castro... from 10:30 pm... until we send ChiChi home in a cab.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

RSVP Race Cooper #4

It's been some time since I last answered your questions.... and the questions keep coming! Sweet. Even better, your questions are like fuel for my soul. Thank you guys, piglets, followers of the Can-African movement for asking such wonderful and thought out questions. Okay, enough chit chat....

1. Will you work with Ty LeBeouf again? Your scene in "Dirty" was like.... DAMN!!!!

I would love to work with Ty again! He's a very cool guy, and a total professional... plus, fucking HOT! I'm not sure if he's actually doing videos anymore, but if he ever wants to do another... I'm right there.

2. Your bondage sessions from are HOT! Was there video shot to be released in the future, or just pictures?

Yes, there was video shot of those scenes. I'm not sure of when EbonyD will release it. Actually working with Sam Swift was the most fun I've had doing bondage! Would do it again with him in a heartbeat!

3. Some of your incredible abs must be genetic, the rest hard work. What is your abdominal routine like?

You're correct that it's partially genetic. But I have been working on them for a very long time. To explain what I do, you'd have to watch me for about a week. I work on my abs every day, and I change it constantly. They are a mixture of weighted crunches and leg lifts, explosive boxing movements, and core holds. Don't ask if I'm going to do a training video, my friends already want me to.

4. Do you have any degrees?

I have an applied arts degree... and before you roll your eyes on how useful that is... I'm one of the few who actually works in my field of study. I did Media Arts, specializing in film, video and digital art. I went directly from school to working in Television and Film.... now I do porn. So, it's all in the family!

5.Have you ever been to bed with someone transgendered?

I have not. Am I curious to? Yes.

6. Do you have a religion?

I don't have a religion. I grew up Pentecostal, but I'm pretty much agnostic, bordering on atheist. I think religion has done more harm then good. However, everyone needs some sort of spirituality in their lives.

7. Do you think you will ever have a family?

I hope so. I've always wanted to be a dad. Kids make me laugh a lot.... and for some reason they seem to listen to me, and like me too!

8. Do you ever do photos with dress socks on?

I have not.... but that's a fucking great idea for a photo shoot!

9. Race, are you a male escort too?

No, I do not escort. However, I have many friends that do. I think it's great if you enjoy doing it, and can make decent moolah.... but it's really not for me.

10. I heard you mention that you are married. Does your husband (or wife) share your sexual appetite?

My husband does not. However, our marriage isn't based on sex. We're open because we know that one person can't always be everything you need physically. I'm very lucky to have someone in my life who let's me be as freaky as I want to be.

11. Which of these do you enjoy more? Being given head, or being rimmed... and why?

Hmmm.... so many conundrums. I love when someone chokes on my cock, and I can fuck their throat until I cum. But getting my ass rimmed by a bearded man, can do weird things to my body (multiple orgasms). Do I have to choose? Really? Okay.... I'll go for skull fucking. Because it's always a good start, and a good finish when someone gives you head.

12. If you have a husband, then I guess it puts an end to all the ladies. No more bisexual then?

Not at all. My husband and I are open... which means exactly that. I've had a girl fuck bud for a couple of years during our marriage. I do love fucking the females.

13. Do you like when a guy drinks your cum?

??? What? Who doesn't? I pity that person.... truly and sincerely.

14. You more top or bottom, and which makes you cum harder?

This is almost like the getting head, versus rimming question. When you're really versatile... you can't judge which one makes you cum harder. They just make you cum different. Both make me cum hard.

15. Would you ever take a fist?

Yes, and I have. With a fuck bud a couple of years ago. If I ever did it again, it would be with someone hot, that I trust.... who had small hands.

16. So in your heart, which is sexier and more powerful to you emotionally? Beating a man, and making him your bitch, or being beaten by another man and being made his bitch?

Both are very sexy.... but since I have a high pain threshold, and I get turned on more with pain.... I'd have to chose the latter. Now, does that mean men can start lining up to whip me, spit on me and call me a faggot... No. Has to be with someone I trust.

17. Have you ever been gang-banged? Will you do it on film?

I've been gang-banged. It was a group party that somehow, ended up with a lot of guys taking turns fucking me. Very HOT! Would I do it on film?.... Mmmmmm.... YES!!!

18. How come I don't see more blacks with nine inch cocks, and beautiful asses, being spanked in videos?

Have no idea. Let's ask another question I can't answer now.... Why are there fat personal trainers? Have no idea, again. If you can figure those two questions out.... I'll be happy. The more the merrier, I say.
19. Are there any black men in the business you'd like to work with? Not thugs. I agree that the whole thug look has gone into overkill. Black men can have hot sex without "acting" a certain way. Which is why I think you're mad cool.

I've pretty much worked with the ones I wanted to. Ramon Steele (aka Malik) and I did a live web show together... so he's still someone that I'd like to do a movie scene with. We got mad chemistry.

20. Will you be doing anything else for your website, Or are you totally devoted to Raging Stallion? Either way, I'll be watching!

Cool. Glad that you're a good disciple. Well, it's definitely in the works to produce more content for Edger9. We haven't set any dates yet, however. Presently, the existing content is going through a revamp as a DVD release under Raging Stallion. I definitely have some ideas for continuing the Edger9 story... stay tuned. Getting nominated for a second year, from Cybersocket is getting my brain working overtime! In the meantime, there's tons of me on Raging Stallion to look forward to... I'll let you know, what's coming up.

21. Having done what you have done, where do you go from here?

I'm not sure. I do know I have my sights set pretty high. Doing what I've done so far in porn has been great, and a fantastic ride. Is there room in this industry for me to stamp out my own brand?... sure. But the industry is changing, none of us really have a fair grasp of what it will become. So, my thinking is to go beyond it... bring porn to the mainstream in some way. Because... I looooooooove a challenge.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Brits like me too!

Awesome day for seeing my mug in magazines.... QXMen Magazine in London, UK has me featured in their November issue! That's cheery enough news to get british drunk on... no? Click here, for the whole interview... but I'll give you an excerpt.

What do you do to relax?

Smoke weed... Seriously, when I look to relax I go hang with my friends, and we go to the beach and get really retarded. It's the medicinal cure that cures everything!

Do you have a boyfriend?

I have a husband, and lovers... Can't live on one dick alone.

If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you rush out to do?

I don't think I'd rush to do anything... Although I would make sure that everyone I loved, knew how much they meant to me, and how much they affected my life. Then I'd go to a hilltop and grab some weed and watch the chaos. It would be the best show in the world!

Sexy Halloween outfit

Change course this year... decided to make a costume that didn't push buttons. Just sex buttons.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Socket to me!

The fine editor at Cybersocket asked me awhile ago to write an article in their mag.... and it's now available. In the November issue I get to test out new j/o toys from Tenga. Best part is, I got to keep 'em! Fun. I'm also listed as a porn star blogger to watch out for...... pretty sweet! Check it out here.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hustlin' is a Hellava time!

I needed a day to recover for what was a crazy weekend in NYC. A good sign of how crazy it was, is the hotel room post-party after Hustlaball, went until I had to leave for my flight to the airport in the morning.... No sleep, with pictures of me nude in Chi Chi LaRue's high heels to look back on. Fucking crazy! I have to give shouts out to all the people that made this weekend so much fun.... my hotel roomate Samuel Colt, my party buds, Alessio Romero and Chris Porter. Mike Dreyden for organizing the fuck out of everything! Chi Chi LaRue.... for being Chi Chi! The list goes on.... but I'll mention big love to Spencer Reed, Philipp Aubrey, Rocky LaBarre, Bryan Slater, and Tommy Defendi. You guys rock!!! Pics of my weekend are below....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


New York City. I'm coming back. Breaking off a piece of the Big Apple, never felt so dirty! I'm appearing alongside of a gaggle of porn stars for Hustlaball! I always love going to NYC in the fall... it's the best time to wander through Central Park, or just walk the streets.... and I was already planning on visiting a few friends there, when I got the call to perform on Hustlaball NYC. The nice bonus, is that I'll be joined by my friends Chris Porter, Samuel Colt and Alessio Romero. Awesome!!! To check out all the dirty details of the event, go here.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One hot fuckin' weekend!

It wasn't just that friends from all over the globe, descended on our fair city by the bay... or the fact that every major porn star was in town either.... the reason why it was hot.... was the record setting heat wave... oh, and that everyone wanted to be naked constantly because of it! This by far was my best Folsom experience from start to finish. I had a blast with my best friend Tony Aziz, as well as all my other buds in town.... D.O., Jason Adonis, Alexander Freitas, Drew Cutler, Element, Mike Dreyden, Samuel Colt, Alessio Romero, Heath Jordan, Kennedy Carter, Chris Porter, Rusty Stevens, Colin O'Neal, Tommy Defendi, and Angelo Marconi. Fuck! I have too many friends! LOL! As I might have expected.... Trent Diesel and Phenix Saint wussed out on the 'Ab Off'. But that's okay.... I made my abs look even sicker! Okay, since pictures are worth more than words.... here's some pics from my weekend. Photos courtesy of Marques Daniels, Fairview Sue, The Real T-ball, Miguel Reyess, and Biron.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's like Xmas for Piglets!

Well, it's finally here.... GAYVN/Folsom weekend.... Sex so thick in the air... you don't even need a knife and fork to eat it. Just use your face.... no one will mind. Coming off the Superstar studded shoot in Russian River last week, I didn't have much time to shop and get my outfits ready for this weekend.... but somehow I pulled it all together. My weekend started last night, with having drinks with my buds, Drew Cutler, Phenix Saint, Trent Locke, Mike Dreyden, Leo Forte, Element Eclipse and Nick Moretti. Ran into more porn people on the street in the Castro, like Samuel Colt, Chris Porter, and Logan McCree.... I'm truly excited for this weekend to be porntastic!

Tonight the fun starts with the Prison Break pub crawl, and I'll be appearing with a lot of other Raging Stallion models at Chaps bar. Friday, is the GayVNs... and not only am I nominated for three awards, but I'm presenting. Wow! Can't fucking wait to heckle people.... Saturday is the Raging Stallion "Man Of The Year" party, which will be jam packed, and then Sunday, I have booth signing at the RSS/Naked Sword booth from noon-1pm. I'm fucking tired already! If you see me out, say hello! Unless I'm busy fucking or getting fucked by someone in a dark alley.... then you should just take pictures and video. Oink!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

RSVP Race Cooper #3

It's been a long time.... I know.... and apparently my little piglets haven't gotten tired of asking me questions! Yay! Oink. I was surprised by the multitude of questions lately.... so let's go through all of them.... NOW.

1. Who has inspired you as a writer?

My favorite writer is Isabelle Allende. She wrote a book called the 'Infinite Plan'. She has a way of translating a story, that's both visual and tangible. But more than that, make the story relative to the reader's lives... There are passages in her book that I still quote from time to time.

2. What does a production coordinator do in a porn studio?

We put out fires and herd cats. Seriously, we coordinate talent, communicate with art, production, and sales departments to meet deadlines, scout locations, acquire props, coordinate events, organize office production files, schedule & assemble call sheets, etc... etc... etc.... I could go on, but the more I write about this, the more I think of asking for a raise.

3. Who's stomach is better? Yours, Taylor Lautner's or Kellan Lutz's?

I think Kellan Lutz's abs are nice... but they're not really in the running. So, it's between me and Taylor Lautner's. If I had my way, I'd cum on Taylor's abs before mine... but that's just me. Fans may feel differently about it. Okay, if we're gonna do a side by side comparison... I think I might have Taylor beat. I've been working on my abdominal muscles pretty fiercely as of late.... gotta get ready for the "Ab-off" with Phenix Saint, and Trent Diesel. Bring it.

4. When did you realize you were gay?

Hmmm.... I'm bi. So, that's a tough question. I went back and forth on it, starting at the age of 21... but it took me some time to get comfortable with the label. I always enjoyed having sex with both men and women, but prefer to be in relationships with men. I only starting coming to terms with the fact that I enjoyed both, about 10 years ago.

5. Will you be doing any more wrestling videos?

I'm doing wrestling in the upcoming BRUTAL with Park Wiley..... it's pretty hot! Won't be doing anything with Naked Kombat, but I'm sure more wrestling/fighting videos are in the future at Raging Stallion. Stay tuned!

6. Are there any thugs in the business that turn you on? I'd like to see you with Ace Rockwood or Nubius!

I've actually worked with both of them, on the BlackBalled 7 set. I've also been paired with Nubius a couple of times on some videos. Fun guys! As far as thugs in the business, that turn me on.... don't really have any. I don't have a thug mentality, and I think the whole thug look has been done to death. There is so much more to being black, and so many different hot versions of black on black sex... then thug. Isn't there?

7. Have you ever considered doing a bareback movie or scene?

Nope. Not really. Although I think it's hot, and I give kudos to studios that make successful videos in that genre, I'm not interested in starring in it. I think a great deal of gay men, mimic and do what they see in porn. Which is great when you want to open your sexual horizons. However, there's no dialog on safety, the relationships of the people in the BB videos, or their medical history. I wouldn't be able to take part in a scene without knowing that all measurements were taken to really inform an audience of all the consequences of bareback sex, and that people taking part should always have a frank and honest dialog before hand. I know, not very sexy... but that's the way I feel.

8. Were those Naked Kombat fights real, or predetermined?

Real. I have the Advil and Aleve in my medicine cabinet to prove it. I'm sore for a few days after every fight.

9. What does your workout regimen consist of?

I work out 5-6 days a week. Sometimes doing a double workout in one day. Abs are everyday, and I do a different body part for each day... Chest, back, arms... you get my drift. I do Kickboxing - Muay Thai for my cardio... and tend to do that twice a week as well.

10. Who is your fav pornstar you have worked with?

I actually have a lot of favorites. I really loved working with Ty Lebeouf, Tober Brandt, Scott Alexander, Derek Reynolds, and Drake Jaden. But I've also made some great friendships with guys I've done scenes with.... like Tony Aziz, Bryan Slater, and Alessio Romero. Can't pick just one... they all are favorites of mine for different reasons.

11. Would you ever do a scene, where you are being used by two big dudes at the same time?

Hell, yeah!!! Fuck, I dream about that on a daily basis!

12. Would you fuck a dude in a wheelchair?

If he's hot... fuck yeah! I've met some sexy mofos in wheelchairs... Cripple sex is hot!

13. Does piss taste good?

Yes.... yes it does. But it's an acquired taste. Like beer, or coffee.

14. What was it like working with Malik?

Lots of fun. He was nervous at first, which was very cute.... but after he started nailing me, he was right into it. I was a little spent by the end of him fucking me hard for that amount of time.... but it was pretty fucking awesome. His cock felt soooooo goood!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

On the set of BRUTAL

It's been a physically demanding shoot.... but we're having a blast shooting BRUTAL right now!
Cast of Brutal left to right.... Top: Ricky Sinz, Trent Diesel, Myself. Bottom: Angelo Marconi, Drew Cutler, Draven Torres, Alexander Freitas, Rusty Stevens, Hugo Milano, Park Wiley, Brenn Wyson.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm getting fucked BIG TIME!

So, time to get out your handy little calendars piglets and mark an event. I'm getting my ass majorly plowed this Sunday, August 22, at 8PM PT on I've taken a lot of big dick in my previous porn-life, and during.... but this one looks like the whopper of meat sticks, which belongs to Malik aka Ramon Soares. Hope the camera's big enough to catch it all sliding in... I mean look at it!


It's been out for a short while, and the reviews are nothing short of amazing. I can truly say this was one of my best, and most fun shoots..... You have to watch it. Cum. And watch it again! :) The movie stars myself, along with the sexy Derek Reynolds, Angelo Marconi, Austin Wilde, Topher Dimaggio, Alexander Freitas, and Diesel Washington. Go down to your neighborhood porn store and buy it now! I said NOW! Stop reading.... Okay, continue reading while you hit the movie link on the sidebar and purchase Steamworks!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Can this really be happening?

Hey there piglets.... I know it's been awhile. Forgive me. But I have good news..... Oh, soooooo good news! I've been nominated for best newcomer at this year's GAYVNS!!! Holy shit! I'm really stunned..... and I mean tazer-like. I think I got used to busting my ass, and no one really acknowledging that. Don't get me wrong. I didn't go into this business for the recognition. Curiosity was the main reason. But it is a trip to think that all you're doing isn't in vain. That someone wants to encourage you to do more.... I appreciate this nomination like you wouldn't believe! Too boot, my fellow noms are Alessio Romero, Spencer Reed and Conner Habib! Three of the most awesome and hard working guys in porn. I wish you and all the other nominees the very best. You guys ROCK! I'm looking forward to this GAYVN like never before.... Thanks to everyone at the GAYVNs for the nomination. That is truly a reward in itself. Now, let's celebrate bitches. UPDATE: I've been nominated as a fan favorite, for Best Versatile! Wooohoo!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mayhem ensues when RC is at the helm.

Okay, it's been awhile. I feel bad about leaving my lost little piglets to wander the internet without me... but I'm back! Yay!!! It's been crazy busy working on productions at Raging Stallion. If you've been following my tweets, you probably know I've been meeting tons of people coming by to shoot at the studio, and on location. But now, I can write about something I'm doing. I get to produce MenLive this weekend! How fucking awesome is that??? Yes, Race Cooper is behind the camera on our live show this Sunday, July 18th at 8pm PT. Be prepared. It will definitely be a hot show with my best bud Tony Aziz, and Sage Daniels going fuck wild, unscripted, for your pleasure. Watch, drool, jerk off, cum. Oh.... and ask your dirty questions, but remember... I'm not going to make this a threesome. Someone's got to fucking operate the camera. Jezus!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hey guys, I haven't forgotten about my blogging responsibilities... Just been swamped with coordinating productions at Raging Stallion. I will update with more goings on soon.... Promise! It's been fun though... meeting new people, and working behind the scenes more in porn. My life is now PORN 24/7. Getting excited for Dore Alley.... but until then.... Here's a picture of me at my desk.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pride n' Joy!

Holy shit, it's fucking here already! It felt like yesterday the month of June started, and now here we are.... Pride weekend! This is the first year in maybe.... I don't know 10 years, that I have absolutely no responsibilities during Pride weekend. I can actually enjoy myself, and just have fun with friends... Which is really what Pride is supposed to be about, right? You can get laid anytime of the year, but this is definitely the time to bring all our queerness together.... and show it off. Take Pride in yourself, have joy with the people around you. With that in mind, I'll be hanging with my peeps, Tony Aziz and Chris Porter at The Disco, Saturday night. If you're around for San Francisco Pride, say hello! Otherwise, I hope you have an awesome Pride wherever you are. Woot!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

RSVP Race Cooper #2

1. Ever been left in bondage overnight?

Nope. BDSM (outside of porn) is something that I only do with people I trust..... and overnights are out of the question. I prefer to be home and see my husband in the morning.

2. Favorite type of bondage?

Rope. It's the most versatile and fun. I'm getting hard just thinking about it.

3. Have you thought of doing something else besides porn?

All the time. Every porn star has a life outside of porn, aspirations and dreams. Some realized and some not. Mine is mainly as a writer. So, if I can author a book some day... I'll be pretty happy.

4. What do you do to recover after a couple of hard days fucking.... ur filming.... ummmm... fucking on film?

Usually just chill with my friends and my husband. Nothing is better than getting stoned with the people you love after a couple of days of hard fucking.

5. Are you doing another shoot for BoundGods? Love those leather pictures/videos!!

I don't thinks so. Even though I loved working with everyone at BoundGods, won't be doing anything with them now that I'm working and an exclusive with Raging Stallion. However, that doesn't mean you won't be seeing me in a RS leather production. HOT!

6. Race, you make me hard. What celeb makes you the most hard? (Please say it's Chris Pine)

The trekkie inside of me likes Chris Pine, but he doesn't get me hard. Chris Evans gets me hard.... 50 Cent gets me hard, too! But I reserve the hardest dream fuck for Prince Harry! Love my gingers!

7. Why does light travel faster than sound?

I believe in the terms of physics... the waves of light are more frequent in rate than the waves of sound. But I'm a porn star.... why the fuck are you asking me that?

8. What is the most difficult thing you've ever had to hear?

The most difficult thing that I've ever had to hear, is that my nephews and niece miss me.... and wonder when I'm coming back. Love those little guys!!

9. When are you coming to Minneapolis? We'd love to have you!

I don't know. I suppose when I'm contacted to do an appearance out there. :)

10. What videos do you recommend for someone who hasn't seen you in a movie?

I'd definitely recommend my first movie XXX, as well as Dirty! by Mustang. But I'm most excited about the just released Code Yellow and upcoming Steamworks movie by Raging Stallion. Best fucking shoots ever!!!!