Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let's get ready to rumble....

Brutal is in stores now.... and to celebrate me and Ricky Sinz are throwing a cock fight on Jan. 22nd at Club 8 for Pornstar! Seriously, no fighting will be allowed, but there will be plenty of cock. I'll be performing onstage with Ricky Sinz, and DJ Derek Monteiro spinning some serious melodies.... boy knows how to tear up the vinyl! Check out all the dirty details here.... and while you're surfing on over there, open another window tab and fucking go buy 'BRUTAL'! It's fucking amazing.... no lie.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Porn Star's B-day week

Wow! That.... was amazing! Truly and utterly amazing. It started the weekend of my birthday, and didn't end until this past Monday. Thanks for the love, from fans, friends, and colleagues... this was definitely a birthday week to remember. Last weekend started the festivities by going snowboarding with friends, at Alpine Meadows in Tahoe.
Fantastic.... Me and my BSP (Black Snowboard Patrol), piled into my SUV and jammed all the way to the hills. Great conditions, lots of laughs, lots of alcohol, lots of weed..... Great times. Then when I got back to SF, a number of friends took me out for lunch and dinner... at some fantastic restaurants throughout the work week. Saturday, was the Pornstar Birthday Party, with friends coming in from all over. Chi Chi LaRue DJing, and Sister Roma spreading the love to me and my fellow B-day pornstars celebrating; Samuel Colt, Chris Porter, and Spencer Reed. Also, had lots of other friends show up, like Conner Habib, Element Eclipse, Nick Moretti, Logan Scott, Wilfried Knight, Alessio Romero, Tony Vega, Morgan Black, and Roman Wright. Didn't go as hard on the tequila as Chris Porter did, but it took me awhile to recover..... Thanks everyone for an awesome week! Looking forward to next year..... For more pictures of the Pornstar Birthday Party.... click here.