Saturday, September 10, 2011

Porn Star Advice.... Uncle Sam likes gay porn too!

I was a little surprised by the reaction I got, on the last time I posted on my 'Dear Race'. Seems like not only did fans love it, but models, and some industry insiders. Both TLA, and Gay Demon wrote some wonderful articles on my porn advice blog post! Thanks guys! You rock! :) Best part is, the questions keep on coming from models.... So, let's get to answering one.

Hey Race,

I'm curious as to how I go about filing taxes as a model, any advice?


Dear EO,

Good on ya for thinking ahead, and not waiting until the last minute on this one.... Because Uncle Sam will get you one way or another. A 1099-Miscellaneous form will be mailed to you from the studio or studios that you work with. Will usually arrive in the mail at the end of the taxation year or the beginning of the new year. Hold on to these forms for when you are about to do your taxes. Whether you are using QuickTax or H&R Block, as a model you will file the income from these forms as an independent contractor, and specify the occupation as 'model'. Now, it's important to remember that as a model, you are entitled to make deductions on things related to your work. Gym memberships, clothing, supplements, haircuts, travel expenses for appearances.... I can't stress enough for you to SAVE THESE RECEIPTS!!! These will help in the long run, and will add up to large deductions from what you may owe Uncle Sam. The best thing to do is have a basket by your desk, and drop these receipts in there whenever you've made a purchase. Organize the receipts before tax time in folders for travel, gym membership, supplements, clothing, food, and cosmetic, and enter the totals for each folder into the deduction lines of your tax form. You should save a great deal on what you owe, or possibly get funds back! Yay, for you! More shopping!!

Christmas for Piglets... comes only once a year!

Hey Piglets, it is that time.... the time when gag-balls are tied to the salivating pig-boy with care. Large parcels of fisting lube, and play sheets arrive from the magical UPS man.... and everyone delights in singing the praise of Nasty Pig. Ahhhhh..... Folsom Fair!!!

Okay, so it's time to give you the low-down on where I'll be and what I'll be doing.... but firstly... I'm on the cover of the Gloss Magazine Folsom Fair program guide. Awwww.... Yeah! My second magazine cover! I guess my mug is going to be all over the place this year.... fuckin A! I'll be starting off the weekend when my man Felix arrives in town.... so, don't plan on seeing me out much before Friday.... wink, wink.

Saturday, Sept 24th I have two events.... I'll be at Mezzanine for Twisted - Falcon / Raging Stallion Men of the Year Party! DJ Ricky Sinz will be spinning, and I'll be there with Felix from 8pm to 11pm.... and if you wanna be a part of the fun, click here! Afterward, we go from there to Folsom Fair's Official Magnitude Party. Woohoo! Sunday Sept. 25th, is of course the Folsom Fair, and I will be at the Naked Sword/ Falcon / Raging Stallion booth with Felix Barca from 1pm to 2:30pm.
Come by and say hello, or bare some skin for me to autograph your private parts. After the day of enjoying the fair, I'll be going to Real Bad..... to dance the night away. :) Look forward to meeting and seeing all of my piglet fans.... Can't wait! The countdown has begun!