Saturday, August 11, 2012

The evolution

I recognize the time I've taken away from blogging.... but my piglets, you must understand.... that sometimes even I, who loves to write.... needs a break every once and awhile.  And this break came at a good time.... Not only in mourning the loss of Erik Rhodes, but for me to make some decisions about my own life and where I wanted to go, and the person that I want to be. Now, don't stress.... I'm not out of the porn game yet... but I am pulling back to reset things and change focus. For too long I've been putting porn as a priority... and while it is highly entertaining to be in.... it lacks the ability to strengthen bonds and make healthy relationships with the people around me. Too much flash, not enough substance and meaning. So, I've decided that in conjunction to continuing porn work on occasion.... to embark on a new journey. One that I hope all of you will join me on. I've enrolled to become a certified personal trainer, and to hopefully help others reach their fitness goals. I mean for as focused as I've been on my body over the years, and the benefits that having this body has given me... it's time to pay it forward. Well, so to speak. Obviously I'm not training for free... LOL! But I do believe that anyone who has the determination to change and evolve.... CAN.... and I'd like to help. That is all piglets.... be happy... be healthy!