Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Can this really be happening?

Hey there piglets.... I know it's been awhile. Forgive me. But I have good news..... Oh, soooooo good news! I've been nominated for best newcomer at this year's GAYVNS!!! Holy shit! I'm really stunned..... and I mean tazer-like. I think I got used to busting my ass, and no one really acknowledging that. Don't get me wrong. I didn't go into this business for the recognition. Curiosity was the main reason. But it is a trip to think that all you're doing isn't in vain. That someone wants to encourage you to do more.... I appreciate this nomination like you wouldn't believe! Too boot, my fellow noms are Alessio Romero, Spencer Reed and Conner Habib! Three of the most awesome and hard working guys in porn. I wish you and all the other nominees the very best. You guys ROCK! I'm looking forward to this GAYVN like never before.... Thanks to everyone at the GAYVNs for the nomination. That is truly a reward in itself. Now, let's celebrate bitches. UPDATE: I've been nominated as a fan favorite, for Best Versatile! Wooohoo!