Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's like Xmas for Piglets!

Well, it's finally here.... GAYVN/Folsom weekend.... Sex so thick in the air... you don't even need a knife and fork to eat it. Just use your face.... no one will mind. Coming off the Superstar studded shoot in Russian River last week, I didn't have much time to shop and get my outfits ready for this weekend.... but somehow I pulled it all together. My weekend started last night, with having drinks with my buds, Drew Cutler, Phenix Saint, Trent Locke, Mike Dreyden, Leo Forte, Element Eclipse and Nick Moretti. Ran into more porn people on the street in the Castro, like Samuel Colt, Chris Porter, and Logan McCree.... I'm truly excited for this weekend to be porntastic!

Tonight the fun starts with the Prison Break pub crawl, and I'll be appearing with a lot of other Raging Stallion models at Chaps bar. Friday, is the GayVNs... and not only am I nominated for three awards, but I'm presenting. Wow! Can't fucking wait to heckle people.... Saturday is the Raging Stallion "Man Of The Year" party, which will be jam packed, and then Sunday, I have booth signing at the RSS/Naked Sword booth from noon-1pm. I'm fucking tired already! If you see me out, say hello! Unless I'm busy fucking or getting fucked by someone in a dark alley.... then you should just take pictures and video. Oink!