Sunday, December 11, 2011

When London is Calling....

When London is calling.... make sure to tell 'em the Queen Bitch sent for ya. Yes, piglets.... It's time for an epic adventure this winter. I'm due for it. I'm packing my bags and off to London UK for some fun this week. I've always wanted to visit this city, and now I have the time and resources to do it. I'll be taking some short trips to Berlin and Paris while I'm there.... but the focus is to explore the history, architecture, clubs, bars, restaurants and the disciples of the Queen. Can't wait, it's gonna be bloody BRILLIANT!

I recently turned 38, and this trip comes at a time where some quiet reflection is necessary... before the big 40 rears it's ugly head. Plus, since Felix and I broke up last month, (long distance is not easy) it's a good time for me to discover men in foreign lands without the constraints of a relationship. Wish me luck, as I look to shag blokes in loos everywhere! :)


  1. why not copenhagen/denmark. u can stay at my plases for free

  2. Welcome to my home town, you will love it here. Enjoy all that we have to offer and much more....

  3. Welcome to the UK (now behave) lol