Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I see my name in LIGHTS!

Hey piglets, trying to keep up on my blogging... but things are going at a frantic pace now. With the new merger of Falcon and Raging, my work load has kinda doubled. Plus, I'm starting to work on a lot of side-projects of my own. Of course there's the new season of Edger9 that's starting... and it's going to be sooooo fucking awesome! First up is a scene with the Uber-HOT man, and GayVN Performer of the Year.... Wilfried Knight! I'll actually be shooting two scenes with him next week; one for Edger9 and one for Fetish Force, directed by Tony Buff! HOLY FUCKING HOT! Have been doing a great deal of photo shoots lately. Fashion photographer Ruben Jimenez and I are working on a photo book of yours truly, which will be a mixture of sexy fashion and erotica.... But I also have had a wonderful shoot
while I was in New York, with Isauro Cairo. I love his eye when it comes to photography, and he has a serenity in his images, that are also super masculine.... Case in point with the picture of me with the leather pants. It actually is in my top 5 pictures of myself.... I'm pretty shocked at how good he made me look. Baffling to say the least ;-) But beyond that, one of my friends is opening a new bar in SF, and asked me to promote my own monthly party there! How fucking cool is that? Stay tuned for it, and I'll give you more information. But trust me, this party is going to be F-U-N! Lastly, with all that in mind, I had to give you piglets something to sink your snouts into.... So, wait for it... Wait.... Okay, here goes. I'm performing live at the Nob Hill Theater this weekend! And when I say perform, I mean get plenty dirty on stage and with the audience.... You perverted freaks don't want to miss it! Check out all the dirty details below, and then come... with your wallets. Mama's out to make major bread that night, and the oven is HOT!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dirty fun in the city.

I'm headed to NYC for this weekend.... time to get my freak on at no other, but the Black Party. I'll be hanging with a few of my porn buddies, Alessio Romero, Roman Wright, and Dominic Sol..... But before I lose my head in whatever intoxicant I can find, while eating a guys ass on the dance floor.... I'll be making an appearance at Splash! Come by, drink with me, and stuff wet bills in my crack.... I promise, I'll appreciate it. :) And by golly.... so will you!

Nominated for the Grabbys!

This was a sweet bit of news to get today.... I've been nominated for 3 Grabby awards! Best Ethnic Movie - Steamworks, Best Pornstar Site -, and the icing on the cake... Performer of the Year!!!! Holy shitballs, piglets! Holy SHITTT!!!!! :) I gotta give some appreciation to everyone at the Grabbys for nominating me... it's really an honor! Also, have to express congrats to some of my other nominees for Performer of the Year.... including my buds, Samuel Colt, Landon Conrad, Drew Cutler, Steven Daigle, Conner Habib, Wilfried Knight, Adam Killian, Angelo Marconi, Landon Mycles, and Austin Wilde! Congrats guys, you rock! For all the other nominees information... click here.