Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I see my name in LIGHTS!

Hey piglets, trying to keep up on my blogging... but things are going at a frantic pace now. With the new merger of Falcon and Raging, my work load has kinda doubled. Plus, I'm starting to work on a lot of side-projects of my own. Of course there's the new season of Edger9 that's starting... and it's going to be sooooo fucking awesome! First up is a scene with the Uber-HOT man, and GayVN Performer of the Year.... Wilfried Knight! I'll actually be shooting two scenes with him next week; one for Edger9 and one for Fetish Force, directed by Tony Buff! HOLY FUCKING HOT! Have been doing a great deal of photo shoots lately. Fashion photographer Ruben Jimenez and I are working on a photo book of yours truly, which will be a mixture of sexy fashion and erotica.... But I also have had a wonderful shoot
while I was in New York, with Isauro Cairo. I love his eye when it comes to photography, and he has a serenity in his images, that are also super masculine.... Case in point with the picture of me with the leather pants. It actually is in my top 5 pictures of myself.... I'm pretty shocked at how good he made me look. Baffling to say the least ;-) But beyond that, one of my friends is opening a new bar in SF, and asked me to promote my own monthly party there! How fucking cool is that? Stay tuned for it, and I'll give you more information. But trust me, this party is going to be F-U-N! Lastly, with all that in mind, I had to give you piglets something to sink your snouts into.... So, wait for it... Wait.... Okay, here goes. I'm performing live at the Nob Hill Theater this weekend! And when I say perform, I mean get plenty dirty on stage and with the audience.... You perverted freaks don't want to miss it! Check out all the dirty details below, and then come... with your wallets. Mama's out to make major bread that night, and the oven is HOT!


  1. Race it has been a while since you have posted ... That pic of you above is SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL... you look GREAT with a beard, moustache etc. and your body is perfectly perportioned. so when is the book going to be out?... I will be right there to get a couple of copies..
    Take it easy on the work my Yute, can imagine it must be hectic BUT find a balance... dont burn yourself out.
    Will be in Berkley/ San Fran in late May for 3 days to do a panel presentation at UCLA. Berkley. details are still being worked out so ... Hope I will run into you again if I have some time to head over to San Fran. NO EXPECTATION AT ALL. LOL.
    Again man you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL IN THAT SHOT ABOVE.

  2. Oooooooo....I'll be watching for your new Edger9 stuff and anything else you're going to be featured in! I know it will be a HOT time at the NOB HILL with you there! YOU ARE ON FIRE!!

  3. Hey Race hope its ok to solicit here for another blog... It GAY BLACK MENS BLOG.COM. HOPE YOU WILL CHECK IT OUT. ITS NOT A PORN BLOG HOWEVER VERY THOUGH PROVOKING. Hope you and yours are are doing OK.
    Will be in Berkley from May 17-19 midweek. looking ahead to it although its work. hope the weather is PURE NOICENESS. I Plan to be back in San Fran in June for 4 days and then head to LA. to see my Jamaican guy....What by the way is Dore Alley? is it like Fulsome st fair..Had such a good time at the fair last September.

  4. sorry my bad its "black gay mens