Friday, April 29, 2011


Hey Piglets,

Enjoying my vacation with my man Felix Barca.... Went to Amsterdam yesterday, and smoked weed until I couldn't anymore... took lots of pics of cool architecture. Went by the Anne Frank museum... but the line-up was crazy long.... so, just meandered around with my baby, and checked out some cool shops. Here's a few pics... more to come from Germany soon. Might go back to Amsterdam for Queens Day tomorrow....


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Schnitzel anyone?

So, I've been working my tail off and it's time for Mr. Cooper to get some R&R.... So, I'm heading across the pond in a couple of weeks to Germany! Never been before and I'm really excited to be there... I'll be with Felix Barca in Cologne... Berlin... Amsterdam... and then a couple of days in Barcelona, Spain. Can't wait! Totally looking forward to checking out the history, architecture, club scene, and the food.... Oh, the food! I'm sure the men won't be bad either, lots of schnitzel to go around. If you see me out, don't be afraid to say hello! :)