Thursday, April 7, 2011

Schnitzel anyone?

So, I've been working my tail off and it's time for Mr. Cooper to get some R&R.... So, I'm heading across the pond in a couple of weeks to Germany! Never been before and I'm really excited to be there... I'll be with Felix Barca in Cologne... Berlin... Amsterdam... and then a couple of days in Barcelona, Spain. Can't wait! Totally looking forward to checking out the history, architecture, club scene, and the food.... Oh, the food! I'm sure the men won't be bad either, lots of schnitzel to go around. If you see me out, don't be afraid to say hello! :)


  1. Have a GREAT time man.... well deserved. Never been to either Germany, or Amsterdam..... Heard that Amsterdam is wild... NUFF WEED DE ROUND THE PLACE. be safe. Spain is nice.
    Happy for you man, RELAX AND ENJOY TO THE MAX. you haver to take care of EL NUMERO UNO. be safe man.

  2. Have a great time.....and don't be greedy. Leave some of the men for someone

  3. Oh, to be in a land a far! My FB amigo from Madrid liked Berlin very much. He gave me the names of some places to go, but I did not write them down since I had no future plans to venture there.

    Have a joyous adventure while in Europe!