Friday, May 3, 2013

OINK ALERT! 6 Movies to get you Race-ing!

Soooooooweeee! Soooooowweeeeeeee!!! That's right piglets, the piggy siren has sounded.  That means more filth from yours truly, courtesy of Raging Stallion Studios, Fetish Force and Fisting Central!  Ready for some filth to be dropped into your piggy troughs to swallow? Ok. Here it is. Eat it up children.

Just released from Raging Stallion, and directed by Bruno Bond is "Militia".  It's a hunky epic of men, in a secret military camp, getting their aggression out with each others assault rifles.... So true to life! I star along the hunky Markus Ruhl, and give him a sweaty, hard, ass fucking that is unbelievable. You will love how angry we get while fucking! Also from RS, is director Tony Buff's "Backyard Boys".  Set in the back lot of a circus, I tie down my fellow carnie Preston Steel, and show him how to really pitch a tent... bonus scene is hammering rods into our penises. Yup... another sounding scene. I'm a freak!

As we wind our way down the dirty slope of seduction, Fetish Force offers me up in two very fun and hot scenes.  In "Hoodies", I get to smack, choke, CBT, and fuck fellow player Brian Bonds.  God, I loved fucking that soulless ginger! Then it's on to abusing one of my favorite blonds in the biz, Adam Herst, in "SafeWord". Adam wasn't used to being tied up and tortured usually... and of course my twisted mind didn't tell him what he was in for, when we started the scene.... Those screams of his, are real. Yay for me!

Now, to move down... way down.... where you can find magic in my butthole! In Fisting Central's "Barefoot & Fisted", I star along Sebastian Keys.  We perform a hot switch hit of fisting on each other, directed by Tony Buff.  Delight in the cramming of meaty hand hooks into each others holes, all while licking and sucking each others feet. OINK! Say it with me piglets.... OINK! But that's not all you filthy swine.  There's also, "Dude! Where's My Watch?" directed by Steve Cruz.... Where Josh West pushes deep down to retrieve gold? silver? plutonium? his watch? Who knows! He's mining for something in my ass, and I'm loving every minute of it. If this plethora of smut doesn't get you blowing a load soon... I need to get out of this business. You can check out all these movies on my movie sidebar, or go to your neighborhood slut outlet. 
Later piglets.... :)