Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Really? I've got a mouth on me?

Finished my shoot with Hothouse for Skuff 4.  Gotta say it was a pretty fun shoot this time.  Had a hot little scene partner named Derrek Diamond.  Sexy fucker. Got to find out that I was a last minute replacement for a guy who called in sick, but I was glad that they thought of me first.  Apparently they like that I can be really 'verbal' when I'm having sex with a guy.  For those who know me, that's probably a given.  Not that I'm a blabbermouth that always has to be serenaded by my own voice, but I can be pretty loud when I'm telling jokes in a group.  That, and I like to laugh a lot.  So, Steven Scarborough was directing me this time... which is awesome, because he's been such a cool guy to know for a long while.  He quoted something that I said during Ass Pigs, that I forgot I had even said... My scene partner for Ass Pigs was Andre Barclay, and at some point when I was shoving some huge dildo up his ass he started saying "Mother-".  I cut him off directly with a little venom in my voice. "What boy??!!? Did you just call me motherfucker?" Shocked, he hesitantly tried to reply "no."  But it was too late.... I started to make him pay for it by fucking him harder.  I guess people at the Hothouse office seemed to like that..... I'm a sadistic bastard.   For Skuff I wasn't nearly as sadistic, but I did talk down to Derrek and fucked him pretty hard.  All good fun!  Didn't envision myself as a daddy, but if the Leather hat fits... 

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