Friday, February 20, 2009

Woohoo! Skuff 4!

Well, this has turned out to be a nice feather in my cap.  Hothouse director Robert Drake, just called me to express how great my recent scene was for Inferno's Ass Pigs.  Which was pretty nice of him to say so.  I mean it's totally unexpected.  I always assume people will tell you how good you are as a way of lip service.  But it seems like the people at Hothouse really mean it.  Yeah, for me!  Apparently the editor is having a HARD time concentrating on the edit.... ;-p  Anyways, Drake also asked me if I was available to shoot for Skuff 4 this weekend! Woohooo!  I saw the second Skuff flick with Alex Collack a long time ago, and was enthralled with the style of the video (not to mention Alex), so to get to be in a sequel of it, is fucking awesome!  Can't wait to tell you more about the scene after I shoot.  In the meantime, I have a photo shoot in Sunnyvale with a good photographer friend of mine.  Figured it was time to get some new nude photos, so I  can spruce up the old blog, and start working on some fan sites.  This weekend is already awesome, and it's not even quitting time on T.G.I.F.! 

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