Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Pics for my blog!

Just got back some sample pictures, from the photo shoot this weekend.  I only have a few now, but will look forward to a whole slew of great photos to update the look of my blog....   I've been friends with Louis LaSalle before I moved to San Francisco, so he was the first person I thought of to really make my muscles pop in these.  What can I say.... the man knows lighting!!!  Check out one of the samples, and tell me what you think. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Really? I've got a mouth on me?

Finished my shoot with Hothouse for Skuff 4.  Gotta say it was a pretty fun shoot this time.  Had a hot little scene partner named Derrek Diamond.  Sexy fucker. Got to find out that I was a last minute replacement for a guy who called in sick, but I was glad that they thought of me first.  Apparently they like that I can be really 'verbal' when I'm having sex with a guy.  For those who know me, that's probably a given.  Not that I'm a blabbermouth that always has to be serenaded by my own voice, but I can be pretty loud when I'm telling jokes in a group.  That, and I like to laugh a lot.  So, Steven Scarborough was directing me this time... which is awesome, because he's been such a cool guy to know for a long while.  He quoted something that I said during Ass Pigs, that I forgot I had even said... My scene partner for Ass Pigs was Andre Barclay, and at some point when I was shoving some huge dildo up his ass he started saying "Mother-".  I cut him off directly with a little venom in my voice. "What boy??!!? Did you just call me motherfucker?" Shocked, he hesitantly tried to reply "no."  But it was too late.... I started to make him pay for it by fucking him harder.  I guess people at the Hothouse office seemed to like that..... I'm a sadistic bastard.   For Skuff I wasn't nearly as sadistic, but I did talk down to Derrek and fucked him pretty hard.  All good fun!  Didn't envision myself as a daddy, but if the Leather hat fits... 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Woohoo! Skuff 4!

Well, this has turned out to be a nice feather in my cap.  Hothouse director Robert Drake, just called me to express how great my recent scene was for Inferno's Ass Pigs.  Which was pretty nice of him to say so.  I mean it's totally unexpected.  I always assume people will tell you how good you are as a way of lip service.  But it seems like the people at Hothouse really mean it.  Yeah, for me!  Apparently the editor is having a HARD time concentrating on the edit.... ;-p  Anyways, Drake also asked me if I was available to shoot for Skuff 4 this weekend! Woohooo!  I saw the second Skuff flick with Alex Collack a long time ago, and was enthralled with the style of the video (not to mention Alex), so to get to be in a sequel of it, is fucking awesome!  Can't wait to tell you more about the scene after I shoot.  In the meantime, I have a photo shoot in Sunnyvale with a good photographer friend of mine.  Figured it was time to get some new nude photos, so I  can spruce up the old blog, and start working on some fan sites.  This weekend is already awesome, and it's not even quitting time on T.G.I.F.! 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunshiny day.....

It's been almost a month since I first started my venture into porn, and it's been pretty good so far.  Have gained some interest from studios to work with, started the blog and generally have started figuring out how to carve my own path in this industry.  I'm starting to realize that I pretty much like all kinds of sex, and there's very few limits that I have.  So, it naturally makes sense for me to extend that towards my porn shoots.  There doesn't seem to be too many men of color, with my physique in the porn world.  I don't want to sound arrogant when I say that, but I do recognize that I have assets, and I'm freaky! It's just a matter of being able to sell my assets in the right way.... I think.  I'm still figuring it all out, but I'm finding the ride pretty interesting.  

Had a nice, quiet Valentine's with my husband, and friends.  Yes, I'm married.  Yes, he's fine with everything I do.  That's why I'm married to him.  That's my man.... Mr. Wonderful!  Decided it was a great time to shower him with flowers, and cook dinner, with my friend and his boyfriend, on a double date.  The next couple of days I spent doing the usual work, and catching up with friends over the long weekend.  Outside of Valentines, it was a pretty gloomy weekend.  The rain here was heavy.  Nothing makes San Francisco more depressing than rain.... because there is virtually nothing to do, and you don't want to drive anywhere with the assholes that don't know how to drive in the rain.  I made the most of it, but I'm sure glad it's sunny today.  Yesterday, I had a couple of people who work for Hothouse tell me how pleased they were with my photos, and my performance in the shoot.  I guess that means that good things are around the corner, and the sun is shining.  :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dildos, butt-plugs, and buckets of J-lube..... make for a tasty treat!

So did my second shoot yesterday, and boy am I tired.  It was  with Hothouse for the Club Inferno line of videos.  Dirty, dirty!  I had the pleasure of being a top-fister and cram some ungodly pieces of rubber (as shown here) into a boy's ass.  I felt like there was a Fire Marshall outside of the club, saying "It's too crowded in there!", but not listening and still shoving to get inside.  I expected it to be a pretty long day, but man that was loooooonnnnngggg!    Glad I had the easy job.  Had a great time with the crew and abusing my scene partner (insert Rihanna/Chris Brown joke here).  I think I have a sadistic side....   The video is called Ass Pigs and I'll post a link to the video when it's available online later.  xxx

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The First Shoot

So, I've finished my first adult video for Mustang, called 'XXX'.  I gotta give kudos to my buddy Steve Cruz, for giving me the first opportunity to show my stuff.  He fucking rocks!  It's been a weird road to get to this point of being a porn model.  And although it isn't what I envisioned myself doing at this point and time, I have no regrets.  Not a single one.  I've always been curious about porn, and being the sexual deviant that I am.... this looks like it could be a great experience.  Granted, I'm bound to have my limits tested... but isn't that what life is supposed to be about?

My first scene was with Scott Alexander.  YUM!  All I can say is, I'm pretty damn lucky to have met him before hand and able to become fast friends.  We have a great comraderie, evident in our chemistry on camera, and in how we go ballistic on each other in an intense flip-fuck. I'm ecstatic that not only is he a really great guy to hang with, but he's sexy as all FUCK!!!  I'm sure you'll enjoy us having the brutha-love, as much as we did.  Oh, and there's a great article already out highlighting our scene on  Go here to check it out: