Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pain Piggies Unite.

One of the things I miss about Toronto, is being able to sit on any front stoop, and within 5 minutes seeing someone I know. It's great on summer days when there's nothing to do, and all you want is to people watch anyway. I was going over ideas in my head on what Sam Swift and I could do for our scene, and within the span of looking at my iPhone to check the clock, Sam Swift walked by. I called out to him. No response. Shit, fucker's wearing his earbuds. I jumped off the steps, and grabbed his backpack. He spun around, looking like he was ready to hit a crackhead, and then smiled when he saw it was me. We walked over to the shoot location, and by the time we walked to the end of the block, had a rough plan for our shoot. Both of us agreed the director/cameraman didn't have enough experience in BDSM to script the scene out, so it was up to us to do it. Boy, did we ever! Gut-punching, choke holds, nipple clamps, fucking against the window class, and all over the bed, with a release of feeding me a boat load of cum. More than that, we got to joke around during the shoot, and finished in 2 hours flat. Love it! Sam Swift (pictured here) is not only one of coolest dudes in Toronto, he's turning into one of my favorite scene partners to work with. Plus, he's off the chain HAWT!!! Afterward we grabbed a beer, and hung out with his girlfriend (also very cool) at a patio nearby. Others passed by to say hello, including one of his girlfriend's deaf friends... who taught me sign language for "Fuck Off" "Asshole" and "Pain Piggy". Couldn't have asked for a better shoot..... seriously. One more to go today, with Mark Williams and another dude..... But it's gonna be hard to top yesterday's. Oink!