Tuesday, June 22, 2010

RSVP Race Cooper #2

1. Ever been left in bondage overnight?

Nope. BDSM (outside of porn) is something that I only do with people I trust..... and overnights are out of the question. I prefer to be home and see my husband in the morning.

2. Favorite type of bondage?

Rope. It's the most versatile and fun. I'm getting hard just thinking about it.

3. Have you thought of doing something else besides porn?

All the time. Every porn star has a life outside of porn, aspirations and dreams. Some realized and some not. Mine is mainly as a writer. So, if I can author a book some day... I'll be pretty happy.

4. What do you do to recover after a couple of hard days fucking.... ur filming.... ummmm... fucking on film?

Usually just chill with my friends and my husband. Nothing is better than getting stoned with the people you love after a couple of days of hard fucking.

5. Are you doing another shoot for BoundGods? Love those leather pictures/videos!!

I don't thinks so. Even though I loved working with everyone at BoundGods, won't be doing anything with them now that I'm working and an exclusive with Raging Stallion. However, that doesn't mean you won't be seeing me in a RS leather production. HOT!

6. Race, you make me hard. What celeb makes you the most hard? (Please say it's Chris Pine)

The trekkie inside of me likes Chris Pine, but he doesn't get me hard. Chris Evans gets me hard.... 50 Cent gets me hard, too! But I reserve the hardest dream fuck for Prince Harry! Love my gingers!

7. Why does light travel faster than sound?

I believe in the terms of physics... the waves of light are more frequent in rate than the waves of sound. But I'm a porn star.... why the fuck are you asking me that?

8. What is the most difficult thing you've ever had to hear?

The most difficult thing that I've ever had to hear, is that my nephews and niece miss me.... and wonder when I'm coming back. Love those little guys!!

9. When are you coming to Minneapolis? We'd love to have you!

I don't know. I suppose when I'm contacted to do an appearance out there. :)

10. What videos do you recommend for someone who hasn't seen you in a movie?

I'd definitely recommend my first movie XXX, as well as Dirty! by Mustang. But I'm most excited about the just released Code Yellow and upcoming Steamworks movie by Raging Stallion. Best fucking shoots ever!!!!

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