Sunday, November 7, 2010

RSVP Race Cooper #4

It's been some time since I last answered your questions.... and the questions keep coming! Sweet. Even better, your questions are like fuel for my soul. Thank you guys, piglets, followers of the Can-African movement for asking such wonderful and thought out questions. Okay, enough chit chat....

1. Will you work with Ty LeBeouf again? Your scene in "Dirty" was like.... DAMN!!!!

I would love to work with Ty again! He's a very cool guy, and a total professional... plus, fucking HOT! I'm not sure if he's actually doing videos anymore, but if he ever wants to do another... I'm right there.

2. Your bondage sessions from are HOT! Was there video shot to be released in the future, or just pictures?

Yes, there was video shot of those scenes. I'm not sure of when EbonyD will release it. Actually working with Sam Swift was the most fun I've had doing bondage! Would do it again with him in a heartbeat!

3. Some of your incredible abs must be genetic, the rest hard work. What is your abdominal routine like?

You're correct that it's partially genetic. But I have been working on them for a very long time. To explain what I do, you'd have to watch me for about a week. I work on my abs every day, and I change it constantly. They are a mixture of weighted crunches and leg lifts, explosive boxing movements, and core holds. Don't ask if I'm going to do a training video, my friends already want me to.

4. Do you have any degrees?

I have an applied arts degree... and before you roll your eyes on how useful that is... I'm one of the few who actually works in my field of study. I did Media Arts, specializing in film, video and digital art. I went directly from school to working in Television and Film.... now I do porn. So, it's all in the family!

5.Have you ever been to bed with someone transgendered?

I have not. Am I curious to? Yes.

6. Do you have a religion?

I don't have a religion. I grew up Pentecostal, but I'm pretty much agnostic, bordering on atheist. I think religion has done more harm then good. However, everyone needs some sort of spirituality in their lives.

7. Do you think you will ever have a family?

I hope so. I've always wanted to be a dad. Kids make me laugh a lot.... and for some reason they seem to listen to me, and like me too!

8. Do you ever do photos with dress socks on?

I have not.... but that's a fucking great idea for a photo shoot!

9. Race, are you a male escort too?

No, I do not escort. However, I have many friends that do. I think it's great if you enjoy doing it, and can make decent moolah.... but it's really not for me.

10. I heard you mention that you are married. Does your husband (or wife) share your sexual appetite?

My husband does not. However, our marriage isn't based on sex. We're open because we know that one person can't always be everything you need physically. I'm very lucky to have someone in my life who let's me be as freaky as I want to be.

11. Which of these do you enjoy more? Being given head, or being rimmed... and why?

Hmmm.... so many conundrums. I love when someone chokes on my cock, and I can fuck their throat until I cum. But getting my ass rimmed by a bearded man, can do weird things to my body (multiple orgasms). Do I have to choose? Really? Okay.... I'll go for skull fucking. Because it's always a good start, and a good finish when someone gives you head.

12. If you have a husband, then I guess it puts an end to all the ladies. No more bisexual then?

Not at all. My husband and I are open... which means exactly that. I've had a girl fuck bud for a couple of years during our marriage. I do love fucking the females.

13. Do you like when a guy drinks your cum?

??? What? Who doesn't? I pity that person.... truly and sincerely.

14. You more top or bottom, and which makes you cum harder?

This is almost like the getting head, versus rimming question. When you're really versatile... you can't judge which one makes you cum harder. They just make you cum different. Both make me cum hard.

15. Would you ever take a fist?

Yes, and I have. With a fuck bud a couple of years ago. If I ever did it again, it would be with someone hot, that I trust.... who had small hands.

16. So in your heart, which is sexier and more powerful to you emotionally? Beating a man, and making him your bitch, or being beaten by another man and being made his bitch?

Both are very sexy.... but since I have a high pain threshold, and I get turned on more with pain.... I'd have to chose the latter. Now, does that mean men can start lining up to whip me, spit on me and call me a faggot... No. Has to be with someone I trust.

17. Have you ever been gang-banged? Will you do it on film?

I've been gang-banged. It was a group party that somehow, ended up with a lot of guys taking turns fucking me. Very HOT! Would I do it on film?.... Mmmmmm.... YES!!!

18. How come I don't see more blacks with nine inch cocks, and beautiful asses, being spanked in videos?

Have no idea. Let's ask another question I can't answer now.... Why are there fat personal trainers? Have no idea, again. If you can figure those two questions out.... I'll be happy. The more the merrier, I say.
19. Are there any black men in the business you'd like to work with? Not thugs. I agree that the whole thug look has gone into overkill. Black men can have hot sex without "acting" a certain way. Which is why I think you're mad cool.

I've pretty much worked with the ones I wanted to. Ramon Steele (aka Malik) and I did a live web show together... so he's still someone that I'd like to do a movie scene with. We got mad chemistry.

20. Will you be doing anything else for your website, Or are you totally devoted to Raging Stallion? Either way, I'll be watching!

Cool. Glad that you're a good disciple. Well, it's definitely in the works to produce more content for Edger9. We haven't set any dates yet, however. Presently, the existing content is going through a revamp as a DVD release under Raging Stallion. I definitely have some ideas for continuing the Edger9 story... stay tuned. Getting nominated for a second year, from Cybersocket is getting my brain working overtime! In the meantime, there's tons of me on Raging Stallion to look forward to... I'll let you know, what's coming up.

21. Having done what you have done, where do you go from here?

I'm not sure. I do know I have my sights set pretty high. Doing what I've done so far in porn has been great, and a fantastic ride. Is there room in this industry for me to stamp out my own brand?... sure. But the industry is changing, none of us really have a fair grasp of what it will become. So, my thinking is to go beyond it... bring porn to the mainstream in some way. Because... I looooooooove a challenge.


  1. I hope you find the right guy you trust to fist fuck you in a Raging Stallion flick. Your butt and hard dick make me hard just thinking about them. Have to be careful when I'm grocery shopping. Don't want any old ladies to notice it....LOL.

  2. Thanks for being so open and honest! It's very refreshing.

  3. hey my dear, please add my blog:
    it is so nice that i across ur blogs which added to be my friend too. thanks in advance.

  4. hey my dear, please add my blog:
    it is so nice that i across ur blogs which added to be my friend too. thanks in advance.

  5. Race hope you received my note of support via mail. was unable to send by this avenue before... Was in San Fran for 3 days returned lst night. BEAUTIFUL CITY. my 4th trip this year. coming back in February on business..
    Thought I saw you out and about but decided against making contact...
    As far as Black models go,Hey I thought it would be great if you could get Ace Rockwood to Raging Stallion studios. I think He ia a BEAUTIFUL Bredda. Absolutely stunning . Loved your interview on Dunkins playground. That Fart story is FUNNY... LONG time past used to be a Flight Attendant for Air Jamaica/later United Airlines and I could tell you some stories about passengers letting lose on board...
    Anyway man keep it coming you are a gem.

  6. Race making my 1st trip to Canada in 2 weeks to visit fam. my Cous. own/founded Rapid Money Transfer Corp. am going to visit them... Hope there's a lot to do and see there, Never been but was told that its COLD. Been in and out and laid over there years ago when I flew with Air Jamaica but this will be my first time there. heard they have a few GOOD Jakan restaurants... cant wait.

  7. Have you ever done a scene with Aaron Ridge. NICE guy.. saw him at Fulsom in Sept and a couple times in La/ West Hollywood at Starbucks on Santa Monica in June... I have seen Nubius around Boston... but I have never spoken to him.
    I often wonder what its like being in the business.. is there a lot of pressure being in such a public career? I also wonder what kind of responses you get from people when they know you do porn.... I ADMIRE your courage. YOU TOTALLY INSPIRE ME AS A BLACK MAN... I am 48 years old and when I read your blog it makes me REALLY PROUD to see someone with such drive, conviction, and determination to succedd? sp. said it before you will always have my support. CANT WAIT FOR THE AUTOBIO....