Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pounding the keyboard

Lately, I've had to put my writing cap on... a great deal more than usual. Writing upcoming scenarios for Edger9, but also... for the guys at Cybersocket, who asked me to write another review for them. Check it out... here!


  1. welcome back man. hope you had a great time. catching a 6.30 AM to San Francisco/Berkeley tomorrow to do a workshop.I went to Berkley once in the 80s but havent been back. will be there for 2 days doing a presentation at UCal.
    Race Hope you had a great vacation. Did you make it to Barcelona? what did you think of the place? Hey hope you weren't offended by my critique of your movie snippet, it came from a place of love man, you are in a position to influence others perception of you and I felt it may help to look objectively at the things we say and how others may see and react to it.

    I saw that Cybersocket in a book store here in Boston, in fact I have seen a couple articles featuring you in the past, however I never read them. wiil have a glance at this one..
    Plan to be back in San Fran/Los Angeles in late June for 8 days/NOT WORK/ maybe I will see you out and about.

  2. Your Cybersocket review was very informative. This info really helps us stay connected. Thanks man!