Wednesday, July 13, 2011

RSVP Race Cooper #6

Holy shit, piglets. Has it truly been that long since I answered your questions??? Well, shame on me.... in fact feel free to call me a good-for-nothing-lazy-whore.... I mean it won't affect me, and i've been called worse by family, but you might feel better! Now... to extend those good, happy, vibrations... let's get going on answering your questions. Here. We. Go.

1. Was BoundGods your only BDSM bottom experience on camera?

To date... yes. Most of my BDSM on camera has put me as the dominating force.... guess it's just typecasting. However, I have been talking with Tony Buff a great deal to shoot another scene in which I'm the sub. Stay tuned!

2. You are a very handsome man. Do you ever travel to Chicago??

I do, and thanks. At least once a year for IML/Grabbys on Memorial day weekend I visit the windy city. I was just there, where were you?

3. Barca is your "boyfriend"? I thought I read that you were domestically partnered with someone else at some point. Did I miss something? GGT

Hey GGT... it's correct that Felix Barca is my boyfriend. And you were also correct that I was married. I just didn't mention it on my blog when I got separated and filed for divorce... because break-ups are hard enough, without everyone on the internet commenting on it. Although I love sharing my life with my fans, there are some things I am adamant about keeping private. Which includes the people I care most about.

4. Do you ever do any escorting?

Hmmm... you know I tried it for a short while this year. But can't say I liked it too much. It's easier to connect with someone on a sexual level when you're attracted to them. Don't know if I'll ever do it again... but at this point.... I don't think it's for me.

5. You need some pit action in your vids, are you ticklish? Any movies with your pits licked?

Really? I thought I had a lot of pit action going on... I'm sure there was licking of pit, in a great deal of movies. But I can't remember at this point which ones have it, and which ones don't. Also.... Not ticklish at all. Sorry.

6. I saw a movie with you enjoying piss. Is that something that you enjoy in your personal life, and can your participant in these activities kiss afterwards with no problem?

Watersports is something I definitely enjoy in my personal. And I never have a problem drinking piss and kissing afterwards... nothing like swapping spit and piss at the same time.

7. I would love to see you play Space cadet from Patrick Fillion's Boytoons... that would be f-ing hot.

Great idea! I'm all for it!

8. When will you do another performance at Nob Hill?

Have yet to book another appearance at Nob Hill... but I'm sure I will do it again. It was a great time, and everyone there was great to work with! :)

9. How often do you shave your balls?

Once a week... like to make them look smooth. Like eggs.

10. What is your favorite thing to do on a Friday night?

Smoke weed with my buds.... watch a movie, or go to the local watering hole for a drink. It's usually something low-key with my buds though.

11. How do you maintain your physique?

It's pretty much working out for an hour and a half, five to six times a week. I have a personal trainer who pushes me hard now, and luckily for me, my body responds because of my genetic make-up.

12. What can I do to have a BIG and long dick?

Surgery. But I'm no plastic surgeon.... so I'd have to defer to my friend who is one..... Oh, he says I'm right. Surgery.

13. Do you like German guys?

Yes, I like German guys.... They seem to like black guys a lot, and I can get away with anything when I'm with them.... those little German piggies are relentless!

14. Hey Mr. Cooper, my name is Coolcab out of Brooklyn, NY. I was wondering when are you going to be in the NYC area? I would like to meet you, if possible.

Usually make it to NYC twice a year. I was there recently in March for Black Party. Hopefully I will be there again this year for Hustlaball... stay tuned!

15. I'm a proud citizen of Durban, South Africa. You seem to be fond of weed, so I had to ask if you've ever tried some Durban Poison? Also, your body is stunning; what, and how much cardio do you do? Paul

Hey Paul! Thanks for so much for the compliment! I don't do a great deal of cardio. I'm lucky because my body has a fast metabolism... and I also tend to do a lot of running around work wise. As for the Durban Poison, never tried it. I sampled a lot of stuff when I was Amsterdam earlier this year, but Durban wasn't on the list. I'll have to try it at some point..... love my weed!

16. Have you ever turned somebody out without ever fucking them, man or woman?

Hmmmm.... Not familiar with that phrase of 'turning someone out'. But if I could guess at what you meant... does that mean I made someone fall for me, without fucking them? Yeah, I did. Not intentionally. A married guy I worked with long ago, confessed to me that he later divorced his wife, because he had had a crush on me for a year... and had to come to grips with his attraction. That... blew me away.

17. Would you have sex with an older man.... like 40, 50?

Sure thing. I'm not an ageist.... Hot is hot.

18. Have you ever had sex with a trans?

Nope, never did. Am I curious to? Yep.

19. Do you love bubble butts? Which pornstar has the nicest?

I do love bubble butts... When it comes to pornstars with the nicest... it's a toss-up between Ty Lebeouf and Shay Michaels.... Fucking Deelish!

20. Have you ever had sex in a public place.... unplanned?

Sure thing.... In fact, at Folsom or IML it happened at least 2 - 3 times per day.

21. Which race of men do you prefer to work with, or does it matter?

Race doesn't matter to me. What a coincidence, huh? Race doesn't matter to Race. I like hot guys of all colors... and when it's a work thing, the only thing that matters is attraction, chemistry, and a check at the end of the day.