Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hey Piglets! I'm excited.... not just because my HOT NERD night is taking off, but because the buzz is happening faster than I can hype it myself.... God bless the internet, and all the godless things that are on there! Today I got a surprise that I had to share.... a friend of mine who loves hot nerds, told me that his brother had a clothing company in New York that produces HOT NERD t-shirts....Fucking RAD! So, this morning I got my very own HOT NERD t-shirt thanks to friends at! Also, I'm having a blast making new images for HOT NERD, they keep getting better and better as time goes on.... Major thanks to Michael Smith for all his hard work on them.... And Piglets... if you're in SF on the first Saturday of the month, you don't want to miss HOT NERD... It is in my humble opinion.... fucking amazing ass shit!