Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oink ALERT! I take my first fist in BACK ALLEY!

Yes, I'm a twisted motherfucker.... no need to announce it really.
It's common knowledge. However, most of my piglets have only seen a fraction of the stuff I'm into sexually... on camera. Well, get ready for more... as I push the limits, and my prostate, and some of my lower intestines to the side... when I take my first fist on camera in BACK ALLEY! I've done some fisting privately, but have never been comfortable enough to do it on camera, until recently. The scene is with my ex, Felix Barca... and he works me over expertly with body slaps, and ball tortures, while I'm restrained and hooded. Then it moves to cock sucking, and drinking piss, before... I lick my cum off his boots, and he throws me over a barrel to finish me off with fucking me open with a dildo, and shoving his fist inside me. Just another well rounded day at the office. To check out the super twisted hot scene.... click here.