Thursday, January 12, 2012

Planes, Trains and Double-Decker Busses

Got back yesterday from my Europe vacation, and barring the jet-lag... I'm a happy boy! As I type this entry, the sun is beginning to break open a new dawn, on the San Francisco skyline. My body is telling me that I'm still in London however, and it's tea time in the afternoon. Hence.... early morning blogging, when I should still be in bed. Well, gotta occupy myself somehow. Might as well do it in a productive way.
It's hard to believe that almost a month flew by, since I was last on American soil. I touched down in London in mid-December, over a week before Christmas. If it wasn't careening around London in my friends car (getting adjusted being on the wrong side of the road, yet feeling like I was on the driver's side with no breaks) to culture-shock me awake.... then the conversion from US dollars to pounds certainly did. The period of time, taking pictures around london, and having
drinks and eats in Soho... was a good warm up, as I fought my first days of jet-lag. After a couple of days in London, it was off to Berlin for the week.

The first day in Germany, I got to
shoot with Cazzo Films for the first time, and work with the very talented and hot Christian Herzog. The scene is fucking epic! We had a really hot connection that didn't end when the cameras stopped rolling. Then the rest of the week, was filled with touring historic monuments, and having lots of fun with the boys of Berlin. Dirty, raunchy, bunch.... Grrrrr! :) I spent Xmas evening dressed up at a club as a Sexy Santa, and then the following day. Zoom! Back on a flight to London.

The next 2 weeks in London was filled with shopping, touring around even more (had to ride the London Eye), and going to a couple of fabulous parties. Figured out the Tube and the bus system fairly quickly.... and would have to catch myself, trying not to take so many pictures while I rode the double-deckers... No need to stand out any more like a tourist. First party was at PlayTime hosted by Jay Roberts. Was hanging out with Jay, Will Helm, and Kriss Aston.... Mega hot pornapalooza! New Years Eve was spent hanging with Will and Kriss some more, before heading to the NYD party of Salvation. Great music, great vibe, hot, hot men! That filled my party quotient for awhile... later in the week I would shoot with UKNakedMen and have Jay Roberts fuck me over a kitchen counter. It was one of the most pleasurable work days I've ever had. Fucking goosebumps good!

Decided on my last weekend in Europe, to ride the speed train and go check out Paris. Couldn't stop gorging on the fine french cuisine, and had to stop myself from buying every pair of shoes, and articles of fashion I saw.... but I've decided I have to go back. With only the purpose of shopping. This trip was more about checking out the architecture, and the culture of Paris. Dinner at a fine restaurant near Pompidou, and a midnight bike ride around the city covered a lot of ground. Which left the following day for some walking and site seeing, brunch with Will Helm and Kriss Aston (I love those guys!), and viewing art at the Musee D'Orsay. Parfait! That left me with two more days in London before I left to come back..... Utilizing my time well, with a shoot with MenAtPlay.

I've been a fan of MenAtPlay's work, ever since they started.... which is pretty much around the same time I started doing porn. I was overjoyed that they wanted to shoot two scenes with me. One a solo, and the other with the stunningly beautiful french man, Issac Jones. The scene is nothing short of delicious from start to finish. Starting with a great office set-up, almost akin to "Swimming With Sharks", and ending with geyser cum shots from flip-fucking each other. HOLY SHIT! This is my job?? I had a great time with the crew, so friendly and easy to work with.... Looking foward to my next time with MAP..... And that finishes it. A whole month abroad. Now, back to reality. :)

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