Wednesday, March 28, 2012

German chocolate is a tasty treat!

Well, piglets... I pack my bags today for yet another trip, to the place where the wall came down.... Berlin! This is mostly just a fun trip for me, but I'll be picking up shoots while I'm there. When you start making your living from modeling, you can't exactly take long periods of R&R without working a bit along the way. It just makes more sense from a financial point of view. I was in Berlin earlier in December over Christmas... and while that trip was fun, I felt like I missed out on all that Berlin has to offer with so many things closed over Christmas. Germans take their Christmas very seriously! It will be interesting to see how they interpret Easter.... I don't imagine they'll be a Easter festival in the downtown with a chocolate Jesus on a cross.... but ya never know! Incidentally, the period that I'm there will be Leather Pride week in Berlin. OINK! So, I expect to get into lots of trouble with some of my piglet followers and friends.... JA!!!


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