Saturday, March 17, 2012

Who wants my Badonkadonk?

The Grabby Nominations are in, and guess what piglets? I've been nominated for two categories, Best PornStar Website ( and for Hottest Bottom! It's interesting that after all of this time in porn, my bottom skills are getting recognized... Guess I really nailed that fisting video, huh? ;-) I'd like to also congratulate some of my friends that are in my hot bootylicious category.... Christopher Daniels, Marc Dylan, Andrew Jakk, Kyle King, Cavin Knight, Dean Monroe, Craig Reynolds, and Jesse Santana. They are all worthy competition in the butt-off category! Love these guys! To check out all the other categories that were nominated, click here! And don't forget tickets for the Grabbys go on sale, Tuesday April 3rd!


  1. Congrats. Would love some of your hot ass. Fuck!