Friday, April 13, 2012

This lil' pig went wee, wee, wee... all the way to Berlin!

Okay, I'm back. And barring the jet-lag... I'm not too bad still. It was a great ride spending the last ten days in Germany. Met up with some old friends, and made some new ones. What's
more important is that I took time for myself to recharge, reload, and have a blast while I was doing it. First of all, the weather in Berlin sucked. I mean cold sleet, rain and snow, mixed with howling wind... sucky. But nevertheless, I made the most of my situation, by staying indoors at cafes, and walking around to the monuments, and architectural achievements of Berlin, when it wasn't raining shit outside. Shopping on the rainy days made me smile too! :) I also shot with Cazzo Films while I was there, and shot a crazy ass three-way fisting scene! For you mega-pigs out there, you will LOVE it when it comes out. The shoot was with European players Sylvain Lyk, and Ale Tedesco. Closing my last weekend in Berlin, I was joined by friends from Paris (Will Helm & Kriss Aston), Barcelona, Toronto, and Australia, while we danced the night away at the club Berghain. Fucking Amazing! I hope to be back some time soon... I fucking love BERLIN!!!


  1. Wonderful, nice city and... some (3) nice men too...