Friday, June 1, 2012

RSVP Race Cooper # 7

Piglets, friends, followers of the Can-African movement... I have ignored your questions for too long!!! So, it's time for another edition of RSVP Race Cooper! You set up the questions, I knock 'em down. Let's do this!!!

1. Race I really found this site by chance and I think your so hot, would you have sex with big bear types?

Yes. Yes, I would. But it depends on the bear.... Muscle bears like Bronson Gates! Grrrr! Fuck yeah!

2. When did you want to work with Issac Jones again?

Whenever I'm back in London :)

3. Hi Race I'm a big fan of yours. Which top would like to work with again? and with which top you would like to work with whom you havent worked before?

Just worked recently with Tim Kruger, he fucked me GOOD!!!! Wouldn't mind riding on it again. The only top.... or rather vers person I'd like to work with that I haven't... is Francois Sagat.

4. You are so super vers, how did you become that way, I consider myself supervers too, but people can't hang!! love your work.

Hmmmm... how did I become super vers.... I think it's really an openness towards trying new things, and not being afraid of challenges.

5. Do you do my age, I am 19

Sorry, kid. I tend to like my guys between the ages of 27 and 50.... not set in stone, but I do have strong affection for being able to enter a bar with the guy I'm presently fucking.

6. Hey Race I did see your last movie in Menatplay... man you are hot especially in your sheer OTC-socks, want to know if you do like sheer OTC socks and why you do like these socks.... and will we ever see you also in a a hot scene wearing pantyhose or stockings?

Thanks man! The sheer OTC socks were very comfortable and luxurious.  However, I'm mostly a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy... so dressing up really isn't much my thing. Unless it's a costume party.  As for doing a scene wearing pantyhose or stockings.... don't know. Not up to me, but up to the director in charge that casts me. I'm not opposed to it, though.

7. What makes you very hot is the fact that you have that guy next door look. Have you ever considered surgery to modify any part of your body like we see many porn stars do?

Really? Guy next door? I thought I was a bit edgier than that.... Oh well. Thanks. As for surgery, it's funny... 'cause I was just talking about that with one of my best friends just a few days ago.  There's really nothing that I would change about myself. I've worked very hard to get my body to where it is, and have grown to appreciate all my features. So, no.... NO need for nip/tuck here.

8. Do you work with other black actors? I've yet to see you with one.

So, I'm guessing you're not really a fan of my work. Otherwise you would've seen the large number of black actors I've had scenes with... starting with my very first shoot. Please, take a moment and look through the "My movies" sidebar on my blog..... and then come back with more appropriate questions. It'll save us both a lot of time.

9. What do you eat on a daily basis, to get toned.

Normal stuff. Oatmeal in the morning, sandwich at lunch, big dinner.. snack a little bit, but try to avoid stuff with added sugar, and gravitate towards foods high in protein.

10.  Are you into armpits?  Would like to see yours being licked in a scene.

I am.... and I've done that in a number of scenes, but that part doesn't always make the edit. Can't remember which scenes I've licked pits in. Sorry.

11. Hey can I chat with you thru Facebook?

Sure. Like my fan page on Facebook, or subscribe to my updates on my personal Facebook profile.... But be warned, I don't have a great deal of time to chat. Prefer to answer messages, so that I can get to communicate with all of my fans.

12.  How deep can you take it?

Deep. Watch my fisting videos. Next question.

13. This answered my own question about Atlanta, but another question... would you come back for a tall beefy Atlanta man like me? Greg Allen

Yeah, tall and beefy are good.... but it depends on the individual.... Refer back to question #1.

14.  Where can I get an an autographed picture of you man?

Just have to email me at

15.  I'm a guy. Would you let me give you head?

Of course. I get head from anybody with a penis between their legs, no matter how carnivorous a cannibal they might be, or crazed psychopath.  I just can't get enough of it. No need for physical attraction, having something in common personality wise, or needing a pulse. Step right up!

16. Are you single?

Yes, I'm single.... and enjoying it!

17. What male/female celebs would you make a sextape with?

Well, first of all... wouldn't be a sex tape, because I'd want to get paid.... but the male celebs I have crushes on are Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.... Grrrrr! That would be the ultimate superhero threesome... and I would be in the middle with a villanous boner!!

18. How old were you when you lost da v-card to a female/male?

I was 19 when I lost my virginity to a girl, and 21 when I lost it to a guy.

19. Hello, do you rub your cum on your nipples?

No. I rub other people's cum on my nipples. What sort of a narcissistic asshole do you think I am?

20. Beyonce gave birth last nite and named the baby either Blue Ivy Carter or Ivy Blue Carter. Anyway how do you feel about the name?

Um... it's kinda irrelevant to me. It's not my baby. I think that baby is pretty lucky to have two parents that seem pretty grounded, despite their fame....  and as long as that baby is loved, that's all that matters.

21. Do you ever have sex with any other people than people in porn?

Of course. My sex life would be pretty boring if all I did was have sex on camera and no where else.

22. Wats yo favrite thing to do when you have down time from skool/work?

My down time consists of hanging with friends, cooking, or writing at home.... very easy going, and low-key.

23. God your the best and so hot would be heaven to feel you.... can i fantasize about you forever?

Sure you can. But you might get tired come the year 2078. Just sayin.

24. Will you ever do a bisexual or str8 scene?

Again. Not up to me, but the directors that cast it.  I would like to.... I enjoy females almost as much as I enjoy males. Getting both together and getting paid would be a fantasy come true! :)

25. Hello tell me are you happy?

Of course I'm happy. Now, what about you? Are you happy? Nevermind. I don't really care, and it's none of my business.

26. You are stronger than Brenn Wyson & Jack Hammer, but they are more aggressive & faster than you. Do you think that you need to be more aggressive or you are trying to win but in a clean way & without injuring any opponent?

Yeah. The fights for Naked Kombat are pretty tough... but throughout, I'm pretty focused on fighting clean, and not giving into being overly aggressive. After all, it's a production focused on fighting and sex, and broken limbs are not sexy.

27. You performed 3 scenes with Sam Swift and in all these amazing scenes you were a slave. Do you always like to be dominated by Sam?

It's just the way the director sets it up with me and Sam. I have a high pain threshold, more than Sam. It's not about what I like, it's about how we perform together better.

28. Please don't think I'm racist, but it seems to me that black men have more muscular bodies than white men in general. And I LOVE those bodies.

Okay. It's hard not to think that's racist. Saying black men have more muscular bodies is a sweeping generalization. Just as much as saying that black men are good at sports, or have bigger dicks.... It's not always the case. I'm glad you appreciate the bodies of black men, but all races have something to offer when it comes to muscular and defined male species.

29. What did you do before your career in porn?  What do you plan to do after your career in porn? How much longer do you think your porn career will last? How long have you been in porn? You seem like a cool guy -- in and out of your videos.

I've been in porn now for 3 years. At this point, I'm pretty much considered a veteran porn star.  I have no idea how long it will last... I expected to be out of it, within a couple of years. I'm just going along with things, and appreciating the luck and support that I'm getting. Before working in porn, I worked as a television producer/director.  I'm not sure if I will return to being behind the camera, in that medium... but ya never know. As for what I'm focussing on in the future, it will most likely be some aspect within media. Possibly as a writer, or model agent, or fitness instructor... or all of them at the same time. Stay tuned.

30. First, I'd like to say that your enthusiasm makes your scenes SUPER hot, and I especially love that you delve into the more experimental. With that in mind, have you ever considered sounding? I've never done it myself, but it seems intense. Mike

Thank you very much! I just recently completed a sounding video for Chris Ward at Raging Stallion Studios.  It was the most intense, prostate play, and cum shot I've ever had.... and yes. I'd do it again!

31. Do you like eating cum?

Yes. I thoroughly enjoy it. It's the best way to show someone you love them, without having to say the whole "I love you" bullshit.

32. When you listed the best "bubble butts", did you omit Derek Reynolds by mistake?  I saw a scene you did with him and that guy has to have the finest "bubble" I've ever seen!

You sir, are correct. It was an error on my part to overlook Derek.  He has to date probably the finest bubble butt i've eaten and fucked on camera, next to Shay Michaels and Ty LeBeouf.

31. Hey, Race just wondering if you've dumped the piercing?

Yeah, it was time to let that go.  It kinda got in the way with the kick-boxing training, and the occasional Naked Kombat fight.... so I removed it and let it grow over. Plus, without it... I tend to have a more versatile look as a model.


  1. Hi Race, I'm French and am writing from Guadeloupe, French Caribbean. Iread that you're from Canada and that you speak French very well. Is this true? So... Comment vas-tu? Je te souhaite une bonne année ainsi que beaucoup de succès dans ta carrière. J'espère aussi que tu me répondras en français. (sorry for the dudes who don't have a good command in French!)
    Bisous from